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[Download Mixtape] Sunset Selections of 2013

New Sunset Selections!

Sunset Selections is a curated collection of original songs written exclusively for this mixtape by our favorite breakthrough artists of 2013

A lot of people contributed to the making of Sunset Selections, so I decided to write this post as a thank you note. It feels dumb writing it, so if you feel dumb reading it, understand that that is okay. First and foremost, I would like to thank the artists who were a part of this mixtape for being so accepting of this idea and all-in with this project. You guys surpassed my expectations on that front and then met my expectations with the awesome songs you sent (my expectations were really high okay–that’s why we asked you to contribute). I would also like to thank the Sunset Fam for working their asses off for me and this idea. Without getting too sentimental, I love these people more than my own family. Just kidding. But they are cool, and it’s cool how Lydia set up a submissions page, Eric made a legendary trailer, Alicia let me use her collages, Jordan and Andy got artists on board, and they all listened to me vent about all the bullshit and awesomeness that took place while heading up this project. I really think the mixtape does its job of capturing this moment in time, but more than that, pieces of it are timeless. Oh God, that was ‘cheez‘-y. Fuck, I can’t stop. Just… let this mixtape soundtrack your 2013 and then your entire life.



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[Sunset Selections] Jon Waltz – Crew Initiation

New Jon Waltz!

Two minutes and 25 seconds. That’s all it takes for Jon Waltz to piece together one of his most confident tracks to date. “Crew Initiation” sounds like if Drake was in the NWTS phase of his career at age 18. It is yet another display of the gradual realization of the Memphis rapper’s full potential and a perfect addition to the collection of songs by the breakthrough artists of Sunset Selections.

Our all-original mixtape will be here this Thursday (10/10) for free download.

RELATED: Catch up with previous Sunset Selections singles.

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[Download MP3] Jon Waltz – Bang

New Jon Waltz!

From the first sound of the final version of Jon Waltz‘s “Bang,” you get locked in. I mean, this song is made of pictures. “Left my home with a dream and a cigarette” sounds like the beginning of a fucking Tarantino film, and the whole song plays very cinematically. I sincerely hope this gets a massive video treatment, but until then, I’ll be playing this on repeat and imagining what that video could be.

[via P&P]

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Songs of the Week: August 5 – August 11

1. The Head and The Heart – Shake (Posted by Lydia)

I have seen The Head and The Heart twice now, and each time, they have completely blown me away. The first time was in Chicago’s Millennium Park when they opened for Iron & Wine, and the second time was in Houston earlier this summer. They’re one of those bands who truly put a spell over their audience; their music is so gripping, emotive, and, to put it simply, damn good. This one is a little less folky and a little more rock n’ roll, but certainly has the signature H&H sound to it. The Head and the Heart’s new album, Let’s Be Still, will be released on 10/15/13.

Even if it was a mistake, I won’t forget your face

2. Dillon Francis ft. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Without You (Posted by Alicia)

So when this track came out, people had said that Dillon Francis was crying at the end of his set as he dropped this song for the first time, which caught my attention. Rarely is electronic music able to instill emotion in such a powerful way. In his own words: “This song is very meaningful to me because as TEED and I were working on the song, I was having relationship problems of my own. He ended up writing the song about the whole situation I was going through.” This is certainly a break of pace for Francis, and one he has said he wants to continue in. I think he should…what he has created here is as moving as it is catchy. While indie kids are going to listen to Bon Iver when they break up, EDM kids are going to listen to this.

If only you could see the future, it’s all yours now

3. Jon Waltz – Somewhere Else (Posted by Arjun)

Jon Waltz is clearly heavily influenced by ASAP Rocky, as his style sounds pretty much directly derived from the ASAP movement. That being said, he does it well. The trippy, trap production he raps over in Somewhere Else compliments his flow, and Waltz goes hard throughout. He gained a new fan in me with this song, even though what he’s putting out does not seem to have a particularly unique sound at this point. It will be interesting to seem him evolve going forward.

4. SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse (Oliver Nelson Remix) (Posted by Arjun)

SomeKindaWonderful‘s debut track “Reverse” was an absolute jam in its own right, and got me really excited for them to release new music. Oliver Nelson‘s remix really just brings the track to a whole other level, though, and gives it an awesome disco-dance vibe. Tough to not bob my head to this and do a little chair dance as I sit down to type this. Definitely a track I will throw on at a party, this one has huge mainstream potential.

5. Denitia and Sene – It’s Your Fault (Posted by Alicia)

I’m not really sure how it happened, but this genre really snuck up on me and now I can’t stop listening to it. Each week, I seem to be including more and more glitzed out, laid back electronic music, a genre I really never listened to very much until recently. Now I seem to not be able to get enough. I think Disclosure was what got me into it in the first place, but now it seems to almost be an obsession. It just puts me in a different place, and I’m digging it.

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[MP3] Jon Waltz – Somewhere Else

New Jon Waltz!

On “Somewhere Else” Jon Waltz‘s modern influences bleed through. You hear glimpses of Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky–all through the kaleidoscope viewpoint of an 18-year-old on a mission. I seriously think this is the most confident the Memphis MC has sounded on the mic (2:10 is my favorite part).

Also, add this to your party playlist as soon as possible.

[via P&P]

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Best of July 2013

The “Best of Series” is a playlist generated every month providing you with quality, sounding music across all genres that were released during that month. Whether you’re too busy to visit daily, or just need some music, this is our way of helping you stay current.

July came and went, while music entered our computers to stay. Here’s the best songs from the month of July. Download link, my top 5, and track list all below!

Download Best of July 2013

Jordan’s Top 5:

Sam Smith – Safe With Me

He’s going to blow up. He will be a name that everybody knows. Sam Smith is setting himself up nicely to be a recognized singer in this industry.

Skizzy Mars & Jon Waltz – Coming Down

Jon Waltz proves he can rap, and really good as him and Skizzy Mars together created a dope-ass-turnt-up track. Very nice.

Dylan Owen – The Window Seat

A last minute addition to Best of July because it deserves it. This is the first new sound we’ve heard from Dylan Owen in a long time, and damn, it’s great to hear him again. #pause

Andy Bull – Baby I Am Nobody Now

This is just music done right. Andy Bull gives us one of the catchiest hooks this month, and will keep you singing along. Be on the lookout for this being in Best of 2013 because I have a good feeling it’ll be there.

as†ronomyy – Things I’d Do For You

The things I would do for an as†ronomyy EP, or LP right now. I’m thirsty for it as he’s 2/2 with only two songs making “Best of” top 5, not once, not twice, not three times, four, five, six, or seven. Okay, it’s actually twice, but I suspect that he’ll be here at least another five times.

Hit the jump for the track list Continue reading “Best of July 2013” »

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Songs of the Week: July 22 – 28

I’m sorry I missed last week’s “Songs of the Week,” I was in Edinburgh for the British Open and couldn’t get back in time to put it together. Thankfully, my man Jordan was able to come through in the clutch and put together a killer list for you guys. This week I’m back in London and ready to recap the best songs released in the past 7 days.

1. Skizzy Mars – Coming Down ft. Jon Waltz (Posted by Jordan)

One of Sunset’s longstanding favorites, Skizzy Mars dropped a new track this week with collaborator Jon Waltz. “Coming Down” is almost a trap beat at heart, but with less aggressive, more melodic synths on top. Like ice cream with chocolate sauce on top, it’s tasty. I honestly think it’s just a matter of time before Skizzy really gets noticed, so show him to your friends and be the cool one in the group who knew him before everyone else.

2. The Naked and Famous – Hearts Like Ours (Posted by Lydia)

I first heard of The Naked and Famous when they released their hit “Young Blood,” which is still an absolute jam. Interestingly, Lydia compared them to another band I really love, the Head and the Heart. I have to be honest, outside of the girl’s voice, I can’t see a connection…outside of the fact that I love them both and find it difficult not to sing along to them both whenever I hear them. The Kiwis deliver another jam with “Hearts Like Ours,” a single off of their upcoming album In Rolling Waves which is set to drop September 17th.

3. Icona Pop – All Night (Posted by Lydia)

You guys are going to make fun of me for this but like honestly whatever I don’t like you either and I feel no shame announcing to the world that Icona Pop is my ish. “I Love It” is as infectious as music comes, but as Lyds pointed out, it was losing a certain…je ne sais pas. Probably a result of the fact of its rampant overplaying on every radio station in every city in every country in the world? As soon as I thought Icona Pop was a one hit wonder and a thing of the past, they released this speaker breaking killer of a song. It’s kind of like the same song but different, listen and you’ll understand.

4. Kapitals – Ms. Heartache (Posted by Arjun)

This song is quite difficult to get out of your head, so I apologize in advance if you spend the next month humming it to yourself and annoying everyone around you…remember I warned you. A young band out of Ireland (shouts out to the clan holding it down in Cork County), Kapitals really does sound like they could have been a classic 90’s band, somewhere in between Arjun’s on point comparison to Tal Bachman’s “She’s So High” and Deep Blue Something’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Just listen and hum it forever, you guys, because that’s what I think I’m going to do.

5. The 1975 – Sex (Posted by Arjun)

To be fair I only posted this song because it’s called “Sex.” Just kidding, that’s only half true…it’s also a song that is a straight up throwback to my 8-10th grade self, a fan of bands like The Kooks and The Fratellis and The Wombats. Obviously these guys are from Manchester (listen to the song, where else would they be from?), and is about potentially fornicating with a girl who has a boyfriend, which often never works out for anybody. The girl is a tramp, the boyfriend is cuckolded, the guy is punched in the face, a proper mess all around really. I do like the song a lot, though, and not just for the title, I’m not that immature come on guys.


Dream Big

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[Download MP3] Skizzy Mars ft. Jon Waltz – Coming Down

Skizzy Mars and fellow Penthouse Music rapper, Jon Waltz, link up for this brand new sound for your ears, Coming Down. Both of them respectively lay it down, as even though Skizzy has the more recognized name, Jon Waltz holds his own quite well.

Imagine if Arjun and myself got together and created a track…this would be the result. Something that’s very dope, and something that you can listen to a consistent basis.

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Ramsay Almighty – Vampire [Video + MP3]

New Ramsay Almighty!

Ramsay Almighty is an artist from Waterloo, Ontario, and just like Skizzy Mars and Jon Waltz he sounds like his music inspirations. But like his counterparts, he takes the best features from his heroes and adds pieces of himself to the mix. You hear Drake’s fast rapping and Cudi’s half-rapping, half-singing, half-moaning thing (I know), and you also hear Ramsay Almighty belting the hook and adding quirks to his verse. Anyway, “Vampire” is a (summer) jam, and the video is pretty dope, too.


Speaking of those guys above, check out his collaboration with Jon Waltz, who recently joined Skizzy Mars‘s Penthouse Music.

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NP #6: Jon Waltz, Neeon, Austin Paul

New Now Playing!

Remember when people cared about how many Facebook friends they had? And some people sent out friend requests to strangers just to get their number up? Well, some people do that with music. They thoughtlessly download tons of songs from obscure artists and then brag to their friends about how cool their selections are. Well, yeah, sometimes I’m that guy, but I also make a conscious effort to avoid being that guy. These Now Playing posts act as my filter because about once a month I choose three artists with more than one good song and usually whole projects of quality material. This month is no different. Let’s try to stick with these three artists.

Hit the jump to discover who is Now Playing (#NP6) on my iTunes… Continue reading “NP #6: Jon Waltz, Neeon, Austin Paul” »

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