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Tape Tuesday: Teenagers

I’m graduating on Saturday. I think graduation is a time when people want you to be both selfish and selfless. They expect you to want stuff–whether it be a whole graduation party or a freaking overly emotional parting gift. They say that this is your time, and it is. But also half of graduation is for other people. It’s a time when you let your mom fix your graduation cap for one last time. It’s a time when you endure a really boring ceremony just so your parents can have a picture of you accepting your diploma framed and sitting proudly on the mantelpiece in the family room.

My point is that I made this mix for you as much as I did for myself. I’m really kind of scared of graduation, so I stuck a lot of (new) songs that for one reason or another remind me of a specific memory from the last four years–I guess so I don’t forget. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You got a young heart and you’re afraid to break it off to a slow start but don’t worry I can take it, you are worth the wait and I’ve got the time

  1. Mouth’s Cradle – Sparks
  2. iFFY The Bad Man – Triumph
  3. Russ – Serenity
  4. N.A. – Sheep & Wolf
  5. A.Dd+ – Shit Got Crazy
  6. Jon Hope – Cashews
  7. Unouomedude – Buildings
  8. Carousel – Let’s Go Home
  9. Jesse James – Opposite
  10. Left Boy – Your Song (Daft Punk Rejected Mix)
  11. Slow Magic & Beat Culture – Once
  12. Trails and Ways – Nunca
  13. Fast Years – Young Heart
  14. Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger – Spinning on Fire
  15. Fletcher C. Johnson – Messin’ Up My Mind
  16. Torches – I Want Something
  17. Dante – Next to You
  18. Tough Guys of America – SALE
  19. Saint Motel – 1997


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Gun Song – Jesse James

Gun Song – Jesse James

Jesse James is a name most of you may have not heard. He’s a 19 year old out of Southern California with a really unique style, which changes almost entirely from song to song. He recently released a beautifully titled project–Truth Hurts, Truth Heals. This is my favorite song off of the project.

I call it a project because I am hesitant to refer to it as a mixtape, but it is not really an album either.

What it is, though, is an extremely impressive body of work that deserves to be heard. Completely self-produced and recorded, music is Jesse James’ life, and this is his byproduct.

He’s got a dope flow and strong lyricism, and I really like his production style as well.

Fuck anything and everything besides this music

Because without it my whole heart is useless

I use it as a weapon

As a question, it’s the answer

It’s a blessing

Download “Gun Song”

Download “Truth Hurts, Truth Heals”

Jesse James || Facebook

Dream Big

D Prep || Twitter

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Youth – Jesse James and Reef (of Fortune Family)

Youth – Jesse James and Reef (of Fortune Family)

Since the recent success of their mixtape “Paradox,” Fortune Family has been gaining some serious momentum. This feature is their first new material since “Paradox,” and the duo of Hop Hobson and Sherif Hamid have a lot of new projects, collaborations, features, and videos that will be coming out going into the summer.

This track is a collaboration with Jesse James, a very unique and talented artist out of Southern California. With really neat production, this track has a dreamy, chilled vibe. Trading verses, Jesse and Reef both go in, and Jesse’s voice on the hook really compliments the song as a whole.

With a carefree, laidback, and somewhat nostalgic feel, this song celebrates youthful exuberance; being young and having fun. A great song for the upcoming warm months, this one could become an anthem.

“They steal my thoughts/ But I caught the thief/ Fam on the mic write it down cause it’s Reef/ They just pissed I bridged the West and the East”

Jesse James || Facebook || Tumblr

Fortune Family || Facebook || Twitter

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