Javelin – Hi Beams [Album Review]

Javelin Hi Beams

Do you have those days where you need something to listen to, and you’re not feeling like going back to that same playlist you’ve been playing over and over again for the past couple weeks, heck maybe even months? You need something a little bit different, but not too radical. It’s happened to me before, many times. And the weird thing is, I’m always finding and consuming new music. But sometimes you just need something consistent and refreshing to listen to. Recently, I even pledged to listen to Skrillex for an extended period of time because I was so in need of something new. Well, Skrillex didn’t really do it for me with the exception of a handful of songs (go figure), but over the past couple of weeks, one song I kept revisiting, which I’ll admit has been on my playlist that I’m needing an escape from, is “Nnormal” by Javelin. There’s something about that part “sentences winking in the stars, how I wonder just what you are” that really intrigues me. Suddenly the background music drops out and the lyrics are the focal point. But also the dark intro that makes me feel like it might be a hip hop song I’m listening to, but eventually it’s that computerized blend of voices that’s all so familiar after watching Ryan Gosling’s Drive. Just like that, Javelin has slapped me in the face and sucked me into his crazy vortex of a world, sending me spinning around this imaginary notion of “nnormal” that’s almost normal, but just a little bit off.

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Future Islands – Crish (Javelin Remixxx)

Future Islands On The Water

“Crish,” from Future Islands’s album On the Water, gets remixed by Javelin. If you’re into synthy-pop music with a catchy melody and a beat big enough for dancing, you’re going to need this one in your collection.

Future Islands – Crish (Javelin Remixxx) by thrilljockey

[via Pitchfork]

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Javelin – TRYOUTS (Brenton Duvall Remix with Childish Gambino)

Brenton Duvall TRYOUTS

Brenton Duvall does it again. GOTDAMN. A Javelin beat remixed with Childish Gambino vocals? Part of me wants to say that if you choose the right ingredients, you can come out with a dank ass piece of pie, but that’s just not the case. It takes skill, and Brenton is overflowing with that. Go ahead, tell me that I’m all up in Brenton’s jam. Fact is…I’m okay with that. I like it there. Brenton makes music that matters. It makes me dance. Every single song he puts out is a banger. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

Yep, Brenton Duvall has the official Sunset in the Rearview cosign. But that’s old news. Homeboy got that with the first track he ever released.

In other news, Childish Gambino is blowing up. Let’s start a movement! Let’s get Brenton to produce an original Childish Gambino beat. Official hashtag: #BrentonGambino. Seriously, tweet the hell out of that…let’s make it happen! Make sure to include @MrDonaldGlover in the tweet so Gambino sees it.

Here’s an example tweet:

I WANT TO HEAR A #BRENTONGAMBINO COLLABORATION! Featuring @BrentonRules and @MrDonaldGlover!

Alternate Download Link (Mediafire)

Artwork Credit: Original art by Swampy, remixed by Angela Nicholas

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