Wafia – Heartburn (Jarami Remix)


When it comes to recreating a track into something shiny and new, Jarami know exactly how to go about it. This time, they’ve put a different life into the gorgeous Wafia tune “Heartburn”. Although the original is soulful and raw, the Jarami remix takes a totally different turn with the track. It goes from being a nighttime chill track to a summer day jam. Jarami still keep the sparkles of soul, but turn it into a catchier version of the original. Needless to say, it’s addicting. Check out Jarami’s remix of “Heartburn” from Wafia below.

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Jarami – We Go Back ft. Skizzy Mars (CHINAH Remix)


Remixing a song like CHINAH’s “We Go Back” isn’t an easy task. Reworking the shimmering single, with its intricate guitar and warm vocals, requires an understanding of what makes the initial track so compelling in the first place.

Luckily, Stockholm production duo Jarami prove that they can handle the task, imbuing the original with bouncy energy and woozy synths. Their flip of “We Go Back” is certainly uptempo, but it doesn’t sacrifice the emotional resonance of CHINAH’s original.

Skizzy Mars breezes in for a quick and enjoyable verse, but the main attractions here are Jarami’s manipulation of the track’s vocals and the mellow guitar solo on the outro.

Make sure you get “We Go Back” in your rotation, because once you emerge from winter hibernation this will be a record you want locked and loaded.

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