Jamie Woon

Krrum – Morphine


Krrum hails from England’s Dark Peak regino, which is a fitting place of origin for the broody, mysterious singer-producer. The 20-year-old musician cites Justin Vernon and Jai Paul as influences, and there’s definitely a murky indie R&B quality to “Morphine,” his intoxicating debut single.

Over a backbone of warm synths and clean guitar, Krrum shines both technically behind the booth and inside of it. His soulful, raspy voice is a fantastic tool, as he pitch bends and distorts it to give “Morphine” even more drama and darkness.

The song and Krrum’s overall style are reminiscent of fellow U.K. boundary pushers like Royce Wood Junior or Jamie Woon, and there’s a pleasing confidence to the newcomer’s soulful sound.

With a debut EP dropping in 2016, expect Krrum to be among the next crop of English artists overtaking the blog world.

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Jamie Woon – Sharpness

It’s been a long minute since Jamie Woon shared music with his fans, about 4 years to be exact. He had people swooning over his sensual, soulful debut album Mirrorwriting in 2011 and even had a feature on Disclosure’s debut album Settle. Since then, he’s been somewhat non-existent. However, he’s officially come out into the spotlight again with a new a single. “Sharpness” displays the Jamie Woon everyone loves. His soulful, r&b-esque vocals shine above all and help create a smooth, catchy track. His second album will be hitting stores later this year and is bound to be one to watch. For now, check out the fresh tune below.

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[MP3] BANKS – This Is What It Feels Like


I’m starting to wonder, is Banks perfect? Her smooth, passionate vibe continues to impress and it’s just another reason to crave a full length album from this incredible songstress.  For now we’ll have to enjoy her newest EP, which will be out tomorrow. It includes this gem, “This Is What It Feels Like”.  Once again she’s teamed up with other loved artists such as Lil Silva and Jamie Woon, who both happen to be producers of this exact track.  Still not sold? Just give her first EP a listen and you’ll never go back.

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The Features: Disclosure – Settle

New The Features!

Disclosure‘s debut album Settle will be in stores tomorrow. To celebrate their release we invited one of our Internet friends Alicia Ortiz to write a bit about the features on the album. Each guest appearance seems to have been chosen very particularly for their musical style and uniqueness, resulting in an album of very different sounding tracks. With this project the brothers also break some new artists, revealing them to the mainstream. These sort of reveals help us with the music discovery process, so we got Alicia to write about each artist and tell us her favorite solo song from the artist.

Hit the jump to learn more about the features from Disclosure’s debut LP… Continue reading “The Features: Disclosure – Settle” »

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