ISLAND – Dreaming Of

ISLAND may not be a name you know now, but they’re anticipated to be one of the top acts to watch in 2017. This indie-rock outfit has been turning heads, selling out shows in the UK, and also has their fair share of high streaming numbers. “Dreaming Of” is their latest track off of their upcoming EP A Place You Like and it really sets the stage for what ISLAND is all about. It’s a love song that’s intertwined with tenderness and dream-like sounds. However, it doesn’t stray from that pure indie-rock vibe. Check out the track below and keep an eye out for more ISLAND in the near future!

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ISLAND – I’ve Been Searching

ISLAND was a name totally unknown to me until about 20 minutes ago when I bumped into their newly released “I’ve Been Searching”, and I’m typing this in the middle of one of my classes just to make sure you get the news. The London group, made up of Rollo Doherty, Jack Raeder, James Wolfe, and Toby Richards, released “I’ve Been Searching” as the third single from their upcoming EP, “Girl”, due out soon.

“I’ve Been Searching” blends a simple alt-rock instrumental with somber, haunting vocals for a perfectly sad soundtrack to the montage of a movie where the main character starts packing up their stuff to leave. Smooth guitar work dominates the well-crafted soundscape and the drum work is top-quality.

Check Out “I’ve Been Searching” here:

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