[Introducing] Buck

New Buck!

Sam Buck Rosen is a openly gay bro-country singer-songwriter and painter from a small town in Massachusetts. While I have a relatively limited knowledge of country music, I did grow up in a small Southern town so I went through a brief* Corey Smith phase. Buck’s brand of hometown blues reminds me a lot of Smith. His songwriting is his strength. With his latest two releases “Faces” and “Tuesday Night Lights,” he paints a picture of youth and promiscuity that you cannot help but relate to.

*but important to my confusing development as a young, Southern brown boy

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[Introducing] Astronaut Troy

New Astronaut Troy!

Astronaut Troy is an 18-year-old artist from Tallahassee, Florida. His track “Ghost” was featured on our mix A Long Strange Trip in February, but his work warrants its own write-up. Troy reminds me of an MTV1987-era Kevin Abstract with his fearless execution of high-concept art, driven by a DIY mindset and an abundance of emotions. While so many internet artists seek a comfortable numb behind barred out raps and heavy use of autotune, artists like Troy and Kevin (and ‘Ye and Cudi, for that matter) set themselves apart with their embrace of raw, unfiltered emotions and their acceptance of the imperfections that come with being human. Astronaut Troy is out here teaching himself how to play guitar and piano, producing emo ballads, and challenging the idea of the modern rockstar. These moves can only be lauded, and the work he is doing now will undoubtedly help him achieve his dreams in the long run.

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[Introducing] Ali Coyote

New Ali Coyote!

The terms “rapper” and “singer” are great blanket terms that help you understand an artist before you press play on their music. The problem is in 2016 the rappers are singers and the singers are rappers. Miami artist Ali Coyote is kind of both and neither. He has that Young Thug vocal versatility where he sounds so different from track to track yet is instantly recognizable. Like Thugger, he uses his voice as an instrument that bends and warps with the beat’s trajectory. The seemingly limitless nature of his vocals is like a superpower. Best of all, he uses this superpower to convey emotion (see his best song yet, “Brothers & Sisters”), which ultimately should be the goal of all music.

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[Introducing] TRACE


TRACE is an Asian-American pop singer-songwriter with an uncanny ability of cutting through the clutter of emotions and harnessing the essentials for her songs. The one act in my mind that holds a similar ability is the Canadian indie pop group Stars. Both of TRACE’s recent releases, “Honey” and “Low,” have garnered massive exposure on Spotify’s popular Chill Vibes playlist. They both execute simple ideas to maximum effect with lines that seemingly come out of nowhere and hit you in the chest and make you feel things. With an EP scheduled for 2016 and two viral songs under her belt, this is bound to be a huge (*Bernie Sanders voice*) year for TRACE.

I prefer better, no I prefer you

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[Introducing] Ricky Anthony

New Ricky Anthony!

Ricky Anthony is an LA-based singer-songwriter-producer. Last October he released “Ghost,” which is still probably his best solo song to date (it’s crack). That got him a lot of buzz along with some choice collaborations with Drake’s credited “ghostwriter” Quentin Miller and the legendary producer Hit-Boy. But you know–it’s 2016. This is an era of music that requires quantity until you are an established voice. So Ricky dropped three songs in 10 days, including one that features SITR favorite Allan Kingdom.

It can be easy on first listen to dismiss Ricky as another Soundcloud artist overdoing the autotune and pill references. But if you actually listen to the music, you will notice that these tracks are completed visions. These are carefully considered productions and arrangements. Furthermore, a mark of a great artist is the ability to collaborate well, and it seems that Ricky is consistently able to get the best out of his collaborators.

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[Introducing] Yeek

New Yeek!

Yeek is not a band. He is an LA transplant named Sebastian (?), originally from Jersey City and then Florida. His music is an outsider’s take on Los Angeles. Last month, he released a free album* titled Love Slacker, which is a documentation of his experiences with romance on the west coast and features a mishmash of influences from Frank Ocean to The Clash. His art spotlights the internal struggle between a nostalgic longing for love and acceptance and a self-destructive path in the face of depression and isolation in a lonely new city.

You may not be immediately drawn to Yeek’s sound. Admittedly, I wasn’t. But if you sit with these tracks for a second and slow down your high-volume music devouring regimen, you will discover the gold in these songs. He’s my new favorite artist. To make matters even cooler, he dropped two of his finest songs a few days ago, less than a month after releasing an album.

*He calls it an EP, but it’s 10 songs and 31 minutes. That’s just a concise album.


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[Introducing] Yumi Zouma

New Yumi Zouma!

I think the sign of a true artist is if their work instantly transports you into their fantastical world. I can’t tell if Yumi Zouma‘s world is in the past or future. Maybe it’s the future L.A. in Spike Jonze’s film Her. But whatever world it is, I want to live in that world. Their press release says the group is comprised of friends from New Zealand who live between New York and Paris. And their music sounds like that: worldly and intuitive and carefree and often, timeless.

Pre-order Yumi Zouma’s upcoming EP here.

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[Introducing] Bel Heir

New Bel Heir!

After six years of name changes and member switches, Philadelphia’s Bel Heir finally seems to have it all figured out. The band has sleekly designed cover art, a sound reminiscent of current blog favorites The Neighbourhood and Sir Sly (the latter of which mixed two of the four released tracks), and a plan to release a single (A-side and B-side) on the first Tuesday of every month. This is simply quality rock music from a band that is ready to turn the corner.

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