High Rule – Someone Else


High Rule returns since the release of their debut EP with their new single, “Someone Else.” Sticking to their fusion of hip hop, electronic, and pop sound, they mysteriously return and touch on the culture that dating has become in 2017. The duo, Seis and Buoy, are something to look out for the rest of the year.

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Cait Fairbanks – Digging My Own Grave


There’s something about women with powerful voices that I love. That’s Cait Fairbanks right here. Don’t get me wrong, the production on “Digging My Own Grave” is smooth, but Cait is the reason I’m posting this. The unique genre of dark-indie pop is not an easy genre to take on, but Cait does it flawlessly with her latest single. I’ve had this one on repeat for some time now, and it’s hard to not stop what you’re doing and give in to these vocals.

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Pretty Sister – Come To LA


Pretty Sister is bringing the funk back with “Come To LA!” Random side bar: with the new age of Marvel movies, it was a question of how can Captain America be modernized with no wars. Well, Pretty Sister is reincarnating funk in the modern times with a Marvin Gaye-esque tune. It’s pretty blunt, but the message is clear in this one. I’ll let you figure that out, though, instead of telling you.

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MS – Boomslang


MS, a duo of best friends out of LA, just like to make great music. Meeting in college, the duo combines their unique tastes together to create something to sink your teeth into.  Think of them as an alternative group to Alt-J, with a hint of Jack Garrett, and that’s what you have. “Boomslang” is a tremendous effort off of the groups debut EP, “Tracey Was Here.” Everything just seems right about this.

It’s kind of scary how much it sounds like Alt-J, but you still know it’s someone different. That’s not bad by any means.

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Allan Rayman ft. Jessie Reyez – Verona The Hellcat


Allan Rayman has made his way onto many “Best of The Month” playlists, so it’s  no surprise to see this coming from his latest single, “Verona The Hellcat.” Over gritted drums, and a grated melody, you can feel the emotion from Allan, who’s arguably at his best. You can feel the story he’s telling. It’s safe to say this will also make Best New Songs of March, as well. Check out the tour dates after the jump!

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The Wild Wild – When We Were Young


The Wild Wild, also known as Benjamin Dunn, is just a simple man with a simple message. The 80′s synth inspired, “When We Were Young,” is that ode to your youth growing up, and the timing could not be perfect with the wonderful weather that has blessed us today if you’re in the Midwest. The Wild Wild’s story is interesting. He started hitchhiking when he was 18, ironically leaving the Midwest for LA. His wandering spirit, which influences his music, eventually landed him New Orleans for a bit of time. He now finds himself residing in the isolated, rural, forest of Pennsylvania in hopes to further hone his artistic expression.

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Lostboycrow – Love Won’t Sleep


Lostboycrow returns with “Love Won’t Sleep,” his latest emotional offering in a slew of indie-pop songs that have graced the internet this past year. With a strong 2015, Lostboycrow looks to start 2016 with a bang as his debut EP, Sigh For Me, drops January 13th. Get ready!

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POWERS – Loved By You

Taken from Powers' facebook.

August is the Sunday of the summer, and with the time I count down to for months starting to wind down, I was ecstatic to bump into “Loved By You”, a record from POWERS that does a perfect job catching the essence of my favorite few months.

POWERS is a fairly new duo composed of Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru, and you may recognize the name from last year’s “Classic“, a hit song from The Knocks. “Loved By You” does a great job leading mellow verses into an energetic, exciting chorus in an unquestionably smooth fashion that, judging by their other songs, is a staple of their work.

Check out “Loved By You” here!


-Kyle Copier

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[Download MP3] One T – All I Wanted

One T standing on a beach.

Los Angeles-based One T has made some unbelievably infectious music this year, and his latest single “All I Wanted” is the catchiest track yet.

Powered by clean guitars and sleek synthesizers, the track is reminiscent of Dornik‘s work, and there are even some shades of early Miguel. “All I Wanted” is soulful and introspective while still being danceable.

A producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist, One T claims a heritage in funk and classic rock, and his background is certainly on display here. His excellent guitar work and powerful vocals are what elevate the track above the deluge of MIDI-sequenced indie R&B that floods your newsfeed every hour.

While his earlier tracks had much more of an EDM quality,  ”All I Wanted” is incredibly organic and well-crafted. It doesn’t need the big swells to capture your attention simply because you’re hooked from the opening tones.

The 21-year-old artist is still coming into his own, and “All I Wanted” proves just how bright One T’s future is.

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MIYNT – Civil War

Black-and-white shot of singer/producer MIYNT.

“Dark pop” is a term that gets overused in music nowadays, being applied to every track with minor chords and pounding drums, but MIYNT‘s latest single “Civil War” truly warrants the description.

The Stockholm singer/producer is a recent signee of B3SCI, home to artists like Jungle, Zella Day and Body Language, and she certainly gels with their unique brand of electronic music.

Her single, “Nick Drake,” made a splash a few months ago with its dizzying vocal cadence and frenetic mix of piano and guitar, but “Civil War” is the kind of sledgehammer anthem that should put her on the map.

Pulling double duty on the boards and behind the mic is always a commendable task, and it works particularly well for MIYNT because she knows exactly where her voice fits in with her production and how to make the two work symbiotically.

Often pop singers either have their voice overpowering the instrumental, or are relegated to a supporting role by a limelight-hungry producer, but that is not the case here.

There are shades of Purity Ring here, but “Civil War” is even more lurid and creative. The song is constantly shapeshifting; it begins by moving slowly under a wall of synths, but livens as it goes before settling as a chaotic blur.

MIYNT is releasing a 7″ of “Civil War” and “Nick Drake” on August 21st , which is surely just the beginning for such a fresh-voiced talent.

Give “Nick Drake” a spin as well:

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[MP3] SchulKid – Wildest Promise ft. Valair

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 11.32.04 AM

This might be one of the weirdest sounding songs I’ve ever heard, but that’s a good thing. It’s like a good movie with so many plot twists that one second you’re like oh my, and you think it’s great, then boom! RKO outta nowhere! Things change real quick, and you’re like what just happened?

Pretty much what goes on in Wildest Promise from a young London producer who goes by SchulKid. It’s an orchestral and tribally fused track with added vocals from 19 year old singer, Valair (SchulKid wrote the lyrics). One second it’s orchestral driven, then those drums hit and you can’t stop moving. It’s a constant weird switch throughout, but it works. Touche, Schulkid.



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[MP3] Day Wave – Nothing At All

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.21.56 PM

Jackson, from Carousel, has gone off to do a little project of his own calling it Day Wave. This is the first track under Day Wave, and it’s more guitar driven compared to Carousel’s music. Has that indie-rock vibe to it. Check it out below!

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