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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week [Halloween Edition]

I know, I know. Halloween was yesterday. Does that really mean you’re not gonna continue the celebration this weekend? No, didn’t think so.

Another week, another reason to get freaky with a playlist making up some of the best from the world of EDM this week. Be sure to check out the two sandwiching tracks, which I’ve made especially Halloween-friendly.

Nothing like some reworkings of Ghostbusters and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to get your juke juke on, amirite?

Happy Halloween from the #SunsetFam.

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Songs of the Week: July 22 – 28

I’m sorry I missed last week’s “Songs of the Week,” I was in Edinburgh for the British Open and couldn’t get back in time to put it together. Thankfully, my man Jordan was able to come through in the clutch and put together a killer list for you guys. This week I’m back in London and ready to recap the best songs released in the past 7 days.

1. Skizzy Mars – Coming Down ft. Jon Waltz (Posted by Jordan)

One of Sunset’s longstanding favorites, Skizzy Mars dropped a new track this week with collaborator Jon Waltz. “Coming Down” is almost a trap beat at heart, but with less aggressive, more melodic synths on top. Like ice cream with chocolate sauce on top, it’s tasty. I honestly think it’s just a matter of time before Skizzy really gets noticed, so show him to your friends and be the cool one in the group who knew him before everyone else.

2. The Naked and Famous – Hearts Like Ours (Posted by Lydia)

I first heard of The Naked and Famous when they released their hit “Young Blood,” which is still an absolute jam. Interestingly, Lydia compared them to another band I really love, the Head and the Heart. I have to be honest, outside of the girl’s voice, I can’t see a connection…outside of the fact that I love them both and find it difficult not to sing along to them both whenever I hear them. The Kiwis deliver another jam with “Hearts Like Ours,” a single off of their upcoming album In Rolling Waves which is set to drop September 17th.

3. Icona Pop – All Night (Posted by Lydia)

You guys are going to make fun of me for this but like honestly whatever I don’t like you either and I feel no shame announcing to the world that Icona Pop is my ish. “I Love It” is as infectious as music comes, but as Lyds pointed out, it was losing a certain…je ne sais pas. Probably a result of the fact of its rampant overplaying on every radio station in every city in every country in the world? As soon as I thought Icona Pop was a one hit wonder and a thing of the past, they released this speaker breaking killer of a song. It’s kind of like the same song but different, listen and you’ll understand.

4. Kapitals – Ms. Heartache (Posted by Arjun)

This song is quite difficult to get out of your head, so I apologize in advance if you spend the next month humming it to yourself and annoying everyone around you…remember I warned you. A young band out of Ireland (shouts out to the clan holding it down in Cork County), Kapitals really does sound like they could have been a classic 90’s band, somewhere in between Arjun’s on point comparison to Tal Bachman’s “She’s So High” and Deep Blue Something’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Just listen and hum it forever, you guys, because that’s what I think I’m going to do.

5. The 1975 – Sex (Posted by Arjun)

To be fair I only posted this song because it’s called “Sex.” Just kidding, that’s only half true…it’s also a song that is a straight up throwback to my 8-10th grade self, a fan of bands like The Kooks and The Fratellis and The Wombats. Obviously these guys are from Manchester (listen to the song, where else would they be from?), and is about potentially fornicating with a girl who has a boyfriend, which often never works out for anybody. The girl is a tramp, the boyfriend is cuckolded, the guy is punched in the face, a proper mess all around really. I do like the song a lot, though, and not just for the title, I’m not that immature come on guys.


Dream Big

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Icona Pop – Girlfriend

New Icona Pop!

Icona Pop has been on the brink of a global takeover for a minute now. I most recently revisted them when they soundtracked one of my favorite TV moments of the past year (“I Love It” in that club while Lena Dunham’s half-naked Girls character danced after snorting cocaine). Now the duo is back with a sort of cover of Tupac’s “Me and My Girlfriend”/Jay-Z & Beyonce “”03 Bonnie & Clyde.” I think it’s absolute flames.

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Live Review – Passion Pit

Passion Pit Live in San Francisco

Passion Pit, Matt & Kim, Icona Pop. All performing together in San Francisco on March 7th. What more could I ask for on a rainy Thursday night? Oh, right. Cards Against Humanity. Duhhhh. Yep, it was one of those nights. Pregamed with some wine and whiskey and then made the short trip to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to catch the very end of Matt & Kim and the entire Passion Pit set. Read: I missed Icona Pop, and only saw 2 Matt & Kim songs. Rookie mistake, I know. But hey, I had never played Cards Against Humanity before! I tell yall, that game is my CALLING! I am so good at being inappropriate. Shit, I swear I was making box jokes while coming out of the womb. It’s just…my thing. I apologize if it’s crude. No, but I don’t. Anyway, while I was a little sad to miss Icona Pop entirely and only catch the very last bit of Matt & Kim, we did get there in time to see all of Passion Pit’s set.

I heard a rumor before the show that lead singer Michael Angelakos is bipolar. That isn’t a joking matter, so I was legitimately wondering if it was true. I still don’t know the answer, but I haven’t even searched Googlebing for an answer, so…oh well. But as he got on stage, I started thinking how hard it would be to actually be bipolar and be a successful musician. You’re always touring the world, having to pretend that you’re feeling 100% every single night. Singing, dancing, looking like this is your best show yet. So maybe I should give him a break that he definitely didn’t seem like this was his best show ever. In fact, at times he seemed a little slow on stage. There definitely wasn’t anything he was doing physically (other than singing…I do love his voice) that was getting me pumped up. Really it was in the music itself. And the drummer – homeboy was rocking out back there!

Alas, I still managed to dance my ass off (literally might have shed some of that rump by the end of the night), sing along to the words I do not happen to know, and have a pretty good time. I’ll hand it to their set designer and light and sound engineers. The flickering balls of light hovering at varying heights over the stage were a pretty cool thing to see, and when they dropped the confetti during the “Little Secrets” encore, the room nearly exploded. The entire auditorium was packed full of young bucks who were out on the prowl, hungry for some dance music and, apparently, lots of drugs. Needless to say, it was a party.

They played a good repertoire of songs. I was very pleased with their set list. The major missing piece was the energy from Angelakos. But he made up for it somewhat by talking to the crowd, shouting out San Francisco and the last time they were here (for Outside Lands), and by singing like a champ. All in all, it was a good night. Far better than when I saw Passion Pit at Coachella years ago. I’d happily go see them again, even if it’s in an attempt to continue the rump shed.

[Photo Credit: Ashley Law]

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Icona Pop – Sun Goes Down (ft. The Knocks)

Icona Pop

This post was a no-brainer for me. On the vocals, we have star-bound all-girl Swedish pop duo Icona Pop (who gained notoriety with blog hits “Top Rated” and “Manners,” which was sampled by Chiddy Bang), and on production, we have Heavy Roc Music founders and Neon Gold Records mainstays The Knocks. This track will be featured on Icona Pop’s upcoming full-length album Nights Like This.

Sun Goes Down (ft. The Knocks) by Icona Pop

And just since that song doesn’t have a download link (yet), I’ll give you a free Captain Cuts remix of a song by none other than Icona Pop. Captain Cuts, you may remember, was featured twice on Sunset in the Rearview’s “Recreation” mix.

MP3: “Manners (Captain Cuts Remix)” – Icona Pop

Have a Swede weekend. (Bad joke)

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