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99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – Aloe Blacc

99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – Aloe Blacc

So this is really awesome. Aloe Blacc, the old school, vintage soul man of our generation recreates Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothin'” and mixes it with Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” If you don’t know Aloe, check out his “I Need a Dollar,” which is a super dope song itself.

He performed this at BBC along with a few other choices. This was definitely the most interesting. Kind of like his version of a mash-up. His band does an awesome job recreating Kanye’s instrumental, and Aloe’s voice is as kick ass as always.

I really hope Aloe’s talent becomes recognized on a wider basis. I’m talking Grammy’s level. Multiple. I’d love to see him work with hip-hop artists as well. Everyone seems to have their own version of “I Need a Dollar,” and it would be awesome seeing him do original stuff for rappers.

Ye I’m looking at you.

Download “99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin'”

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I Need a Dollar – Aloe Blacc

MUSIC VIDEO: “I Need a Dollar” – Aloe Blacc

This song is incredible. The music video not as much, in my opinion. It’s too hard to watch two things at once. I can’t focus. But yeah, so this is the theme song from “How to Make It In America,” that HBO show that Cudi is in. This song has gotten incredible feedback from just about everyone. And for good reason-it’s spectacular. Looking forward to more music from Aloe Blacc.

And if I share my story with you, will you share your dollar with me?

Download “I Need A Dollar”

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