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Hailing from a small town in Oregon, bedroom producer THECLECTIK boasts a big, bright melodic pop sound that was forged in the furnace of rave culture and new jack swing.

His bubbly debut single, “I Found You” ft. Ze Rox & Jay Tablet, calls to mind the sparse purple vibes of Prince, paying homage to his retro roots while pushing the R&B sound into poppier territory. The track’s simple yet alluring sense of space and rhythm evokes both THECLECTIK’s ties to the underground and his love for the glitzy sheen of early 90’s urban pop.

The resulting combination is deeply alluring, assisted by the gorgeous, layered vocals of Ze Rox and a supreme off-the-cuff flow from Jay Tablet. It’s a bouncy, earworm that will have it’s claws in you after one listen.


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TIDES – I Found You

Upstart TIDES, a bicoastal R&B duo, have just released their latest single called “I Found You.” The song, which is about a long-distance relationship, blends together uplifting church organs (reminiscent of Chance The Rapper) with DJ Mustard-inspired trap drums to silky results. A love song at heart without ever being too forced, “I Found You” will certainly bring some warmth to your cold, December day.

Stream TIDES’ “I Found You” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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