Hugh – One Of These Days

Hugh just don’t seem to quit and keep bringing new tunes to our ears this year. It’s definitely nothing to complain about because this talented group have something that is so effortlessly cool, we can’t help but love having a bit more. “One of These Days” is their latest track and it’s got a soft yet edgy vibe that’ll have you bobbing your head for the full 3 minutes. It seems as though new music from them will be arriving again soon, but for now listen to this lovely one below.

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[MP3] Hugh – Look Back In Laughter (Paper Tiger Remix)

Hugh recently made us marvel at their newest track “Look Back In Laughter”, with it’s slightly dark yet beautiful vibe, it reeled us in. Now Paper Tiger have taken the tune and created something a bit edgier with it. It’s still got it’s original beauty peeking out, however this version is a bit lighter. Let’s just say both versions are a must-hear so don’t miss out either way, it simply wouldn’t be right.

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[MP3] Hugh – Look Back In Laughter

A few months ago Hugh wowed us with their debut tune “Not Fair Too Far”, and now they’re back yet again with another beautiful gem. “Look Back In Laughter” is a bit haunting, pretty slick and just has a sparkle that is clear to hear.  The fusion of female and male vocals twisting together right from the start is quite gorgeous and the smoothness of the slight spoken-singing texture is one to die for.  Hugh is one to watch this year, so don’t miss out on something this lovely.


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Songs of the Week : September 2 – September 8

School is in session but at least we’ve got some serious jams to look back at, right? Yeah!

1. [MP3] Hugh – Not Fair Too Far…

(Posted by Alicia)

Hugh randomly popped out this week with a somber, chilling track. “Not Fair Too Far…” is a twist of female and male vocals and a dash of darkness. It’s really something else and is the perfect debut.


2. [MP3] Seekae – Another Girl

(Posted by Lydia)

What a hauntingly beautiful track Seekae has created. It’s one of those songs that just put you into a trance, that you simply don’t even want to get out of. “Another Girl” is gorgeous in possibly the saddest way, but we’re loving it.


3. [MP3] Magic Man – Every Day

(Posted by Lydia)

“Every Day” is an upbeat electronic pop jam that’ll get you in a damn good mood. It’s fun, light and simply addictive as can be.  Can’t go wrong with that, right? Go ahead, groove around to this one.


4. [MP3] Vaults – Cry No More

(Posted by Alicia)

This is by far my personal favorite track of the week. “Cry No More”  gave me chills on first listen with its pure emotion and unique elements. It’s a bit dark yet it’s so incredibly catchy at the same time. It’s a gorgeous combination that makes this track the special piece of art that it is.


5. [MP3] alt-J – Breezeblocks (RZA Remix)

(Posted by Dusty)

RZA + Alt-J? Weird, but I’m down.  This RZA Remix of Alt-J’s hit “Breezeblocks” is definitely a bit odd but it works out. It’s a fresh, unique take on the tune we all fell in love with. Can’t argue with that one!

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[MP3] Hugh – Not Fair Too Far…

I’m not entirely sure where Hugh came from, but they’ve appeared with a track that has us interested in what’s next. “Not Fair Too Far” is  a dark pop tune with a lot layers to it. There’s a bit of male vocals that sound very King Krule-esque and then there’s a dash of beautiful female vocals on top of that. Hugh bring an unusual sound that’s definitely it’s own special flavor and it’s a good thing.  We’ll keep out eyes peeled for more from them to share with you.

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