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Kygo – Nothing Left (The Golden Pony Remix)

Another addicting deep house / summer vibe jam from the prodigy producer duo hailing from NYC, The Golden Pony. These guys have got their shit together. Every time I see these guys in my feed, I feel the urge to play the damn track until it gets old. As a DJ, I also see great potential in every release these guys have dropped as far as live mixing goes, as well!

In my opinion, these guys should drop an EP of some sort. I’d like to see them branch away from the 4-on-the-floor house scene and maybe do something a bit slower – maybe some hip-hop / Odesza styled sounds. I think that they could pull it off.

Check it out, and tweet your thoughts on this one to us! @SunsetRearview

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SAINT WKND Feat. INGLSH – Lost (Runaway) (Original Mix)


I can’t believe summer’s winding down already. Time for overcoats, windy afternoons and colourful trees. I’ve been on the hunt for vibes that will let the vibe sink in smoothly – and once again my feed is filled with SAINT WKND, the prodigious “kid of ’94”. I can’t stop listening to this jam!

The tune dropped yesterday via Spinnin’ Records – and I must say that this is the first time in a while that I’ve jammed out to a Spinnin’ track. Not gonna lie, I find a lot of their tracks mildly cringey – this one, however, hits the spot.

Check it out!

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TÂCHES – Prints Of Whales (Ft. PB Kaya)

The king of underground tech-house is back with another blazingly catchy DJ friendly heater of a tune – made with a beautiful sense of composition and a wonderful melody, the way good house music should be. This mysterious young producer brings the vibes, all the time.

You may remember the name from the remix of ZHU that he released not too long ago; I must say that I’m very pleased to hear more from him, even though it’s been a while since the last release.

Dig it:

From the artist himself:

“Give a little ♥ on Hypem

Here’s a new one that took 14 million years to complete due to poor wifi connections and getting hungry every hour. Shoutout to Prince Charles.

Pip pip old bean.”

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The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (The Golden Pony Remix)

New Yorks finest are back with a bang. The Golden Pony are known for their driving beats and mind melting catchy-ness; this jam is sure to light up clubs all summer long. iPod feeling a bit dry? Grab the free download – I can’t speak enough about how much I appreciate artists putting their hard work up for free, when literally hours of work goes into it – these guys are consistent on that front, as well. Make sure you check out their library of rad tunes! I might just be a fan-boy, but I can’t express how down I am with this tune.

What’s better is the boys’ note at the bottom of their Soundcloud upload – I love little personal details like this:

“We met the Chainsmokers 3 years ago when they Dj’d a warehouse party we threw in Brooklyn. They played for $500, which at the time was about half their normal rate….. I imagine now that wouldn’t buy us an autograph! (just kidding) We really loved their latest song “Let You Go”, so we reached out for the acapella to do a remix, and here it is!”

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SAINT WKND – Positive Vibe

When I think Germany, I don’t necessarily think “bouncy, awesome beats made simultaneously for sunny days and late nights at the club. This fresh young producer fell into my lap (inbox) recently and I’ve honestly been killing his remixes ever since. Anyone who remixes Chet Faker is good in my books, basically. SAINT WKND is killing it these days.

Another good aspect of this tune is that you can purchase it now via Beatport – throw this heater into your DJ set for sure.

“I wrote that track in the early spring days in 2014. I was messing around with my synth and damn. It just went with the flow. I really loved the message of  positive vibes ya know?“ This sound is not meant to be dead serious. It’s a sound reflecting on those beach days, just simply having a good day.


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[Video] Avicii – Levels

Wait, what?

Best song of 2011 goes to Avicii by far.

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Best Songs of October 2011

Download Best Of October 2011

Hope your Halloweekend was a blast!

This is monumental for me. This marks the three year anniversary since I started the “Best of” series. From my days running DatNewMusic to being apart of something special at Sunset In The Rearview, each month since October 2009, I’ve provided with what I feel to be the best songs of that month. I’ve had playlists to where there would be over 100 songs, and playlists now on Sunset where they have 25-30. Overall, it’s been fun, and I’m glad I’m still doing it.

I won’t lie to you, October sucked, in terms of the quantity of songs. The quality though? Top notch. I had a hard time with the top 5, as I usually do, because of the quality of these 26 songs.

25 songs + a bonus track (not really, just sounds cool). Enjoy!

Download Best Of October 2011

Jordan’s Top 5:

Hulkshare: Timeflies – iTribute

This was a no brainer. By far, one of the best tracks (and Timeflies Tuesday) that Timeflies has done. A dedication to Steve Jobs sampling the iPhone ringtone, Steve Jobs voice, and other sounds, followed by a catchy chorus and clever lyrics, this was by the best song of the month by a mile.

Hulkshare: Common – Blue Sky

This track served as the title for one of Arjun’s Tape Tuesdays “Mr. Blue Sky.” This track also serves as one of my favorite tracks of the month. This is the second single off of Common’s upcoming album. God damn, I missed his shit.

Hulkshare: 5 & A Dime – #BASSMOB

D. Prep gets credit for this one. What happens when you combine Levels with almost anything? Greatness. But with Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass?” Can’t even say anything. 5 & A Dime does an awesome job with this mix.

Hulkshare: The Fray – Heartbeat

The Fray? Yes, The Fray! Maybe not the genre you were expecting on this playlist, but just like Common, I missed The Fray too. The Fray have been absent for a few years and this is the first taste off of their next album slated for February. Probably my second favorite on this playlist behind iTribute.

Hulkshare: Wale ft. Big Sean – Slight Work

Crazy. Bananas. Diplo on the production. This instrumental sounds like a Big Sean track, which is why it was a smart move for Wale to recruit him for the feature. Watch me go nuts if this ever plays at the bars/clubs.

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Avicii & Loona – Vamos A Los Levels (Friendly Giant Mashup)

I’ve heard my fair share of remixes for “Levels” but this beats them all. Like I break out and dance, fist pumping all over the place, doing crazy shit with my feet…you get the point. I have a challenge for you, find me a better mashup then this one! Go!

Avicii & Loona – Vamos A Los Levels (Friendly Giant Mashup)

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Avicii & David Guetta – Sunshine

First, Avicii itself should give you a reason to download. Second, Guetta as well should give you a reason to download. Therefore, by the transitive property. Download.

HulkshareAvicii & David Guetta – Sunshine


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[Mixtape] Best of May 2011

Well, it’s that time of the month! June is right around the corner (actually in a few hours) and I’ve been given the ok to do drop this mixtape here at I present to you the “Best of May 2011” mixtape featuring 95 songs that were downloaded in May. The genres vary from hip-hop to rnb, from dubstep to house music, even some music that I couldn’t even classify with a genre. The point is, is that these are all the songs that deserve a listen and in my opinion, the best ones for the month of May. You can preview all of the songs below in that nice little widget and the download links are below as well.

*Side note* – For some reason, 4 songs didn’t make the widget, but they’re included in the download links. Those songs are LMFAO – Champaign Showers, IYAZ ft. Travie McCoy – Pretty Girls, Jon Solo & The Incomparable Shakespeare – Edge of My Seat, and Chris Webby ft. Gorilla Zoe – WDGAF.

Download Best of May: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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