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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week [Halloween Edition]

I know, I know. Halloween was yesterday. Does that really mean you’re not gonna continue the celebration this weekend? No, didn’t think so.

Another week, another reason to get freaky with a playlist making up some of the best from the world of EDM this week. Be sure to check out the two sandwiching tracks, which I’ve made especially Halloween-friendly.

Nothing like some reworkings of Ghostbusters and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to get your juke juke on, amirite?

Happy Halloween from the #SunsetFam.

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Holy Ghost! – Hold On

Holy Ghost!

Apparently once you’re dead (Ghost!) and blessed (Holy), questions become a thing of the past. There is something to be said for an unapologetic declarative sentence. And Holy Ghost! says it, again and again and again, in “Hold On”.

“Be still; now move like this.”

MP3“Hold On” – Holy Ghost!

The whole song is give-and-take; ghosts of echo children jump on trampolines near a canyon until they drift too close to the edge and fall in. Their screams reverberate all the way down. But their screams never stop. They never hit bottom. Because ghosts never fall.

“I love the city but I hate my job, and this whole city loves me back.”

Hold On. I’m getting word that Some Children are asking if they can Do It Again. Guess we’ll just have to Wait & See. Right now I’m using the trampoline, and it’s gonna be awhile.

MP3“Some Children” – Holy Ghost!

MP3“Do It Again” – Holy Ghost!

MP3“Wait & See” – Holy Ghost!


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