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Best New Songs of August 2014


Yesterday, I turned 22. Today, no classes because of labor day. Tonight, the best new songs of August, and just like this month (for most), it was a scorcher of a month. Genre jumping, and feature hopping, the best new songs of August are here! Just a great weekend.

Download Best New Songs of August 2014

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Logic ft. Childish Gambino – Driving Ms. Daisy

Childish Logic

Logic and Childish Gambino come together for an epic collaboration. What do you expect when you have two rappers hungry to make moves in the hip hop world. Love love love the flow, the beat, and the verses in this track. Look out for Logic’s debut album which will drop sometime this fall. Cheers!

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[Music Video + Download MP3] Jazz Cartier – Set Fire

[Music Video + Download MP3] Jazz Cartier - Set Fire

WOOOOOOO. Jazz Cartier has been quiet for a while now, but today he decided to blow up the spot with his latest single “Set Fire.” The visuals show Jazz doing his favorite (or favourite, since yer boi is from Toronto) thing, and that’s blowing up with his friends, the Get Home Safe crew. Jazz’s frequent collaborator, Lantz, is all over the beat and turned in one of the eeriest efforts you’ve heard in a long time.

Everything’s pointing towards this being the start of something huge for Jacuzzi, so make sure you keep tabs on him and all of Get Home Safe (and if you’re in TO try and get to one of their parties, it’s on my list).


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[Download MP3] Skizzy Mars – Come Over

New Skizzy Mars!

Today was a bizarre day. It was one of the last days before my junior year starts, and my friends and I did stuff we have never done before. We made tacos. We fucking canoed. We broke into our college football stadium and sat on the field and took in the silence of the normally explosively loud venue. We then explored this probably haunted, abandoned mill. I saw a devil drawn on the wall of the basement, and there were bats and just gaping holes in the floors and steps. And the constant factor through all of these strange activities was this song. The artists that matter make the music that soundtracks your life. So, Skizzy Mars matters.

And by the way, the song samples “Touch” by Shura, which is one of my favorite songs of the year. I posted it below.


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[IRL Interview] Kevin Abstract & Romil

New IRL Interview!

Kevin Abstract makes it well known that he has a lot of heroes. In attempt to emulate his heroes while also discovering his own sound, his producer Romil and he turned in the 12-track MTV1987 LP that I consider the year’s best album. So during this live interview (that you may be viewing after the fact when it’s not live), I will be talking to Kevin about his heroes, his album, and his quest of becoming the most popular artist alive, and I will be discussing in depth the making of MTV1987 with the suddenly iconic duo.

Related: Stream and Download Kevin Abstract and Romil’s Extraordinary Album “MTV1987”


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Download Olu’s New Single “Work”


Cleveland rapper, Olu, is back with his latest buzz single “Work.” It’s been a little over a year since we last heard from him, but man, he hasn’t skipped a beat. I can’t really describe Olu’s music other than it sounds and feels right. You probably don’t even understand what I’m trying to say. I don’t even know what I’m saying. Just listen.

Be on the lookout for not one, not two, not three…but TWO projects from Olu in the coming months.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Rare Occasions

New Tape Tuesday!

This is the last Tape Tuesday before school starts back up again for me. Every summer I try to make that one mix that the few of you who religiously follow my mixes will look back and say, “That music defined my summer.” I think Rare Occasions is that mix. Looking at it from a strictly musical point-of-view, you can clearly see that R&B ruled summer 2014. It’s not even a question. From my personal point-of-view, I am hoping this mix will remind me of the rowdy nights in my new apartment that I only partially remember now. I hope it will remind me of the moments I shared with the people in my life. I hope in the future I will know which moments were significant and which were insignificant because in the moment, the view can be blurred. Maybe I will listen to this assortment of songs in ten years and regret something–or feel some type of way. That’s the beauty of songs. They are like vials for your bottled up emotions that can spill over at any given time. For example, when you are at the perfect level of drunkenness and “0 to 100″ comes on at your own party or when you are driving in the rain and a song comes on and you suddenly feel like you are the main character in a TV drama. In the moments when the rhythm of the music syncs up perfectly with the pace of your life, you get flooded with lost emotion and develop a true connection with a song. Those are the moments that will stay with you forever and give you perspective on the rest of stuff going on in your life. Those are the rare occasions.

For realla, baby

*Missing track 1 (“Her” by Majid Jordan) and track 3 (“On The Way” by Kilo Kish), not available on SoundCloud.


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Jon Waltz – Home (Southside)

New Jon Waltz!

There are two ways to listen to Jon Waltz‘s new track “Home.” One is the surface level, where it sounds good–maybe reminds you of Drake. Cool. The second way is if you actually listen to the lyrics and realize that every line is quotable. There is no wasted space on this song, which is a feat accomplished by only the most competent songwriters.

In his own words:

“I wrote this in an empty apartment in Missouri, not Home. Because Home only looks nice from a distant view. It’s a strange euphoric feeling that I get when I visit Home, and I want to translate that feeling to my listeners in hopes that they can relate to it. This song kind of embodies that feeling of being inside your head when you’re at a party and you’re drunk, having the accepted misconception of “fun”, but you still feel really, really alone. But I’d rather have fun to this instead.”

I was on one, fuck it I was on two or three…

S/O to Hypetrak for the premiere.


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[IRL Interview] Allan Kingdom

New Allan Kingdom Interview!

There are ebbs and flow in the vortex of music on the Internet: times where you spend hours searching for new music and get nothing but the same vapid raps and overly cheery indie rock jingles. Right when you are about to give up, fate throws you an artist like Allan Kingdom, and suddenly, your sleep deprived mind feels revived again. The artist that matters makes you pay attention, and St. Paul native Allan Kingdom matters. I had the privilege of talking to Kingdom last week. In our interview, we discuss the making of his new Future Memoirs EP, the booming St. Paul music scene, and his team made up of the legendary Plain Pat, DJ Kaslow, and Ben Hughes.

Hit the jump to listen to and/or read the interview… Continue reading “[IRL Interview] Allan Kingdom” »

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Best of July 2014


Man, oh man was July a hot month for music! I’ve talked with several of our writers and we all agree: this was one hard month to pick songs for! Fortunately for you and me, we did it. 23 songs put together in a convenient playlist, ranging from a bunch of different genres. Happy August everyone!

Download Best of July 2014

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Check Out “Already,” A Collaboration Between Allan Kingdom and Kevin Abstract

New Allan Kingdom!

Allan Kingdom and Kevin Abstract, two Sunset Selections and leaders of the future regime of hip-hop, join forces on “Already.” The title of the song is fitting because both of these guys just dropped their own projects super recently, and they’re already in the studio making moves. The most impressive part of this collaboration is how both artists maintain their own sound, while working towards a greater, collaborative sound. The biggest challenge for young artists is finding your own sound, and these guys have done it at such a young age, which is part of the reason we are so excited to watch them flourish in their careers.


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[Download MP3] Skizzy Mars – Lucy (Olivver Remix)

New Skizzy Mars!

Remember in like 2010 when Big Sean remixed “Too Fake” by Hockey and like Chiddy Bang was thriving with Xaphoon Jones on the boards? With his past two releases, Skizzy Mars is kind of bringing back that moment in time. The real difference is that producer Michael Keenan and him are doing it better. “Lucy,” which remixes future/current indie sweetheart Olivver, sounds less like a sample and more like a feature, which is kind of a miracle if you understand how sampling works. Somehow, these guys have a sound so original that their spin on another song sounds uniquely theirs. And lyrically, Skizzy is just getting better and better at expressing the realest shit, picking up on the subtle intricacies of the most minute moments.

Damaged from the last, so I’m focused on the first, probably settle with the next, ’cause it just couldn’t be worse


Check out the original if you haven’t yet.


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