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[Premiere] Elseware – Drifted

New Elseware!

You may remember Elseware from their whimsical, almost Bleachers-esque debut “Anxious.” The duo now has a follow-up track that I think is a much better song. “Drifted” has this darkness and depth and heat to it that was missing from “Anxious.” It feels like a more fully realized track with its beat switches, rap verse, and seamless transitions — almost like the making of it was a project in itself.

I met you freshman year, I was too afraid to talk to you.


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[Music Video] Jazz Cartier – New Religion

[Music Video] Jazz Cartier - New Religion

As I’ve said before, I’m always here for some new Jazz Cartier. And, finally, we have the video for his recent single, “New Religion.” The track originally dropped just a few hours before Drake famously dropped his If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late album, and I’ve  been listening to it track just as much. The Fantavious Fritz-directed video finds Jacuzzi running through the Six, sans woes, and keeping the turn up confined to the living room. Check out the video, and come back here for Jazz’s Marauding In Paradise, due this April.

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Pell – Runaway (ft. White Sea) [Remix]


NOLA rapper Pell teamed up with Morgan Kibby (of White Sea and M83 fame) to flip his song “Runaway” off of his album Floating While Dreaming. The somber song with that chorus line “out in the cold you told me it would be fine, now you’re alone struggling for a place to call home” suddenly sounds like an unbeat pop record. It’s a transition sonically and emotionally, but I find both versions beautiful in their own right. SO MUCH GOOD NEW MUSIC TODAY.




Original Version:

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[Video Premiere] Marc 7 – Buckshots


Today we have the pleasure of premiering the video for Marc 7′s “Buckshots” which showcases one of the more venomous flows from his new EP, When Sounds Attack (Vol. 1).  The song and accompanying visuals capture the hypnotic fusion of 90′s East/West coast rap – an aesthetic that is embedded in 7′s musical DNA. Having carved out an uplifting niche in the rap game over the course of a few decades and several fantastic releases with his crew, Jurassic 5 (who have announced a much anticipated come back this year), Marc 7′s name is now synonymous with LA underground hip hop. The MC has been busy of late, dropping his full length debut last year and following it up with this current series of potent EP’s. When Sounds Attack (Vol. 1) is out tomorrow and can be grabbed here on iTunes.


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Best New Songs of February 2015


First, if you’re reading this, it’s because I’m way too late and I apologize for the slight delay in getting this to you. Second, without out further delay, here it is! A great group of 22 songs from the short month that is February. Soundcloud and link and below! Enjoy!

Download Best New Songs of February 2015


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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: BAD 4U

New Tape Tuesday!

Based on probability alone, most people are bad for you. The problem is my generation is so antisocial that they cling to any semblance of familiarity. Familiarity, oftentimes, is also bad for you. This mixtape documents that internal struggle between the comfort of familiarity and the drab of routine. I miss new feelings. In order to experience newness, you first have to acknowledge how damn easy it is to be sucked into unhealthy but familiar tendencies, and then you have to fight those urges. Progress comes from the fight for novelty.

On a different note, “Vic Mensa sang beautifully on a Kanye West song” is not a thought I ever imagined I’d have. But on “Wolves” Vic croons, “I’m just bad (bad, bad) for you,” and it’s the most affecting part of the song (along with the haunting sounds that follow his verse). This mixtape is in part an ode to the perfection of that song. It’s my attempt to channel the same energy of “Wolves” into an entire mixtape that doesn’t include the song itself.

By the way, this is the 40th Tape Tuesday. We actually celebrated the anniversary a few weeks ago and a lot of celebrities came out to support. Check out the footage from that here.

And I was only trying to make it

*SoundCloud mix missing track 7 (“Home” by Heems), track 8 (“The Death, The Funeral” by Sean Leon), and track 19 (“Stay Down” by Big Sean) — so basically, download the entire thing below.



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[Video & MP3] YONAS – TMTC (Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.16.08 PM

It’s that time again for another YONAS remix where he takes on “Take Me To Church.” The video was shot during his performance with Wale in Knoxville, Tennessee. His production continues to be on point with his verses. Plus that concert looks like a great time. You can download the MP3 here.

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[Premiere] Pause – Have You Seen

Photo by Jeff Farsai

“I’m footin’ to putya’ way down in the groove”: so says the bluesy voice on the intro to this slinky gem – and within seconds Venice Beach MC/Producer Pause makes good on this promise. With its poppin’ bass line, baritone raps and soul crooning, “Have Your Seen” hits the mid-tempo sweet spot; sounding like an unlikely collaboration between Scarface and Mayer Hawthorne. The track certainly has that undeniable West Coast hip hop flavor which is naturally informed by influential 70′s funk and clouds of marijuana smoke. Its sleek production and syncopated groove is a fitting canvas for Pause’s charismatic low intoned flow and relentless self-aggrandizing punchlines. “Have You Seen” is off Pause’s upcoming LP, No Small Order (out March 17th), which is can be pre-ordered here.

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[Video] YONAS – Centuries (Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.17.08 PM

Man, oh man! YONAS and his production team absolutely kill this Centuries remix. YONAS continues with his “remix every other week” with Fall Out Boy. You can download this bad boy here. Add this to your workout playlist, pump up playlist, weekend playlist, all the lists!

My reaction when that beat drops towards the end though…video below Andy Samberg.

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[Video] Joey Aich – Smooth Hardcore


The young Cleveland rapper, Joey Aich, adds visuals to “Smooth Hardcore” off of his College D.egree project, which you can check out here. He nonchalantly flexes (is that still a thing these days) over the 90′s influenced instrumental. Sometimes simple is better.

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[Download] Jazz Cartier – New Religion

[Download] Jazz Cartier - New Religion

Jazz Cartier‘s had himself a hell of a few months. Having taken a while off from dropping music, Jazz made a run through the fall with a few hot singles, and keeps that momentum going with the trap-inspired “New Religion.” I’ll tell you right now, as a fan of tracks that make me want to jump on a couch and belt them out, this one is going to be in heavy rotation for the foreseeable future. Jazz’s sophomore effort “Marauding In Paradise” can’t come soon enough.

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Lais – Distance (ft. Skizzy Mars)

New Lais!

The story of Lais began on Reddit where he posted his debut project Session One and instantly garnered a small, loyal fan base. From there, SITR favorite Skizzy Mars discovered him and convinced him to join the Penthouse Music roster. Together, they remixed Session One standout “For You,” which now has nearly a million plays on SoundCloud. That collaboration closed the Session One chapter of Lais’s short career, and began the Place in Time, which is the name of his upcoming EP, segment of his career. As Lais tweeted last night, it’s only fitting to start the new EP where he finished the last.

Here’s what Lais told Noisey about the song:

“The idea behind the song came from this one night where I was faded out of my mind partying in Montreal. Then after the party me and this girl went back to the hotel room and she wanted to hook up but she was trying to figure out if I was even conscious. So the whole time she kept asking me shit and all I could say was, “baby don’t worry, I’m still here” because the only thing I could understand her saying was my name. It was still a fun time but the song was just to let her know sometimes I’m gone but I’m still not that far away.”


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