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Dreezy – Body (ft. Jeremih)


Dreezy just dropped her debut single ‘Body’, with a guest appearance from Jeremih. The tune features light production, with sizzling snares perfectly complementing the two singers’ airy voices. Dreezy’s interplay with Jeremih sounds exceedingly natural – I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear this collaboration again. The Chicago newcomer adds a lighthearted and bouncy vibe to Jeremih’s characteristically sultry approach; check out this refreshing R&B tune below.


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Best New Songs of January 2016


New year, new music. All new. Everything new. Everything is always new in our monthly “Best of” series, so nothing has changed there. Who will be the next breakout artist this year? Will Chance The Rapper finally release his next project? Will Kanye West’s newly titled “WAVES” be the greatest album of all time? So many questions, so stay tuned…2016 is here.

Download Best New Songs of January 2016

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: A Long Strange Trip

New Tape Tuesday!

I am a month into my final semester of university. Obviously, this is a very reflective couple of months in my life, but like my peers I am also looking forward, trying to attain a job, stability, and some sense of control over my own personal roaring ’20s. My path in particular is unclear, as if I am climbing a mountain where the fog is not clearing from the top. This mix is about holding onto youth, facing doubt about the future, and persevering through the challenges of transition.

P.S. The next Tape Tuesday will be the 50th and final Tape Tuesday I produce for Sunset. Thank you to all the people who have listened over the years. Hopefully, the change will allow me to explore other avenues of music coverage for this site.

Tell me when to stop, tell me when to stop feelin’ for you / Tell me when to flop, tell me when to flop so I can make you feel better



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IshDARR- Time Shawty


Ishdarr had a pretty big year in 2015, especially coming from a city that isn’t exactly known for big stars (Milwaukee). He has toured throughout the U.S. and even made his way overseas, yet hasn’t even released an official album yet. It’s been a pretty good start for IshDARR and from here it can only get better. He’s starting off 2016 with his first new track, “Time Shawty”. It’s IshDARR’s anthem about those silly chicks that want attention for the wrong reasons and how they’re not worth the time. Listen to the track below and keep an eye out for IshDARR in 2016.

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Kelela – Rewind Feat. Goldlink (Remix)


Kelela and Goldlink are two artists that rose last year, so it only makes sense that they combine their talents into one. “Rewind” is originally a mysterious, sexy track, but this Louie Lastic remix turns it into more of a feel-good dance tune. Although the drastic change may not sound like it makes sense, it works flawlessly in the end. Not only is “Rewind” suddenly filled with a new catchy beat, but there’s also a verse from Goldlink to give it that extra edginess. You can listen to the reborn version of “Rewind” below, premiered last night on Annie Mac’s radio show.

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[Video] Hoodie Allen ft. Megan Tonjes – Are U Having Any Fun Yet?


Hoodie Allen is releasing a free album on January 22nd. Fun fact of the day. Here we have the first single from said fr-ablum “Are U Having Any Fun Yet?” Reminiscent of 90′s hip hop, Hoodie Allen takes us back to the music that originally got him hooked on the genre. Hoodie describes the new release as “think De La Soul meets Scott Pilgrim.”

The answer is yes, I’m having fun. The video is dope, the song is cool, and Hoodie is just doing Hoodie things. Enjoy the video!

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WSTRN – In2 feat. Kehlani (Remix)

kehlani wstrn

WSTRN has been turning heads for the last few months because they simply have an edginess and likability that no one can deny. They fuse together hip-hop, pop and a little bit of soul within their material and it ends up being an undeniable sound. “In2″ is a complete hit in the UK and it’ll only be a matter of time before they explode around the world. “In2″ is already extremely catchy on its own, but this new remix features none other than the Grammy nominated r&b darling Kehlani (another artist that seems to be getting bigger every day). It’s a match made in heaven and adds just that extra spark to an already flawless jam. Check out the remix below and keep an eye out for what’s next with WSTRN.

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Best Projects of 2015

Best Projects of 2015

By now you have probably read 5-10 “Best Albums” lists compiled by your favorite music conglomerates. This list is different for several reasons. First, this is a list of my (Arjun’s) personal favorite projects from the year. I did not have to dilute my taste through a group dynamic. This is my unfiltered opinion, which I think makes for a more honest list. Secondly, I did not include any artists for political reasons, which larger sites are prone to do. Lastly, this list is a bit unusual in that it combines albums, mixtapes, and EPs under the blanket term “project,” which in the age of long EPs, free albums, and high quality mixtapes is a necessity.

I am not going to write about every album on the list. Nobody has time for that. Instead, let’s hit the highlights and the lesser known projects.

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Boy – Wait (ft. Indica)


Enigmatic Providence rapper Boy has been quietly building up a solid discography of dark, atmospheric hip-hop, and he’s back with one final single before the year wraps up. With a sing-song flow and a nice melodic ear, he’s similar to versatile MCs like Tunji Ige and Tory Lanez.

“Wait” is moody and brisk, with Boy’s voice filtered to sound even more distant and detached. Chad Desjarlais provides the production, and the synth-centric beat serves as a nice compliment to Boy’s delivery. It particularly kicks into gear on the woozy outro, which sounds like vintage OVO.

As a bonus, Boy also released an extended Desjarlais remix, which features some different quirks and harsher industrial tones to give “Wait” a new dimension.

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Most Anticipated Albums of 2016


2015 came and went, some albums gave us chills, others made us want to party like it’s 1999, and then there were ones that just never seemed to arrive at all. While Adele made her surprising reappearance into the music world, Frank Ocean was probably off on an island far, far away laughing at us all as we impatiently wait for his sophomore album. He was most likely chillin’ alongside Rihanna and Kanye West, who have also been taking their precious time to release their next albums. Before we get too bitter about this, it’s important to think about all the great works of art that are likely to flood our ears in 2016. Here’s a list of albums that will (hopefully) arrive in the new year and fill our musical needs.

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Dave B – Yes

Dave B

Seattle MC Dave B is a pretty gifted rapper with a tremendous ear for beats. His tracks are routinely elevated by his ability to smoothly ride moody, incandescent instrumentals like the vibraphone-powered, enigmatic “Rain” or the musty basement bounce of “Cheap Sofa.”

His latest track, the brisk, spacey “Yes,” highlights B’s charisma on the mic over a crisp beat that pairs warm percussion with synths that sound like they’re running in reverse from the first bar.

B isn’t reinventing the wheel in terms of subject matter, but he’s a confident lyricist with a winning personality and a pleasing, diverse flow. Like many Seattle MCs he’s clearly a skilled, knowledgable rapper, though fortunately he doesn’t traffic in the overly earnest style that makes some Washington hip-hop a bit tough to sit through.

He’s reminiscent of Sunset favorite Skizzy Mars, except not as focused on the meticulous lifestyle that dominates Skizz’s bars. Another fitting comparison might be Pell, another new name on the scene who’s unafraid to switch up his delivery and experiment with a wealth of soundscapes.

B’s record Punch Drunk was an impressive, compelling debut, and if “Yes” is any indication he’s clearly picking up momentum as he goes.

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Gnash – Closure (ft. Skizzy Mars) [with lyrics]


I have a strong feeling 2016 is going to be a huge year for both Skizzy Mars and Gnash. They’re going on tour together in the first quarter of the year – that’s definitely a show to catch. They released a song together a couple days ago called “Closure” and while it’s short, it embodies the spirit of the two artists perfectly. Skizzy perfects his harmonic verses and Gnash smoothly covers the hook and a verse of his own in his signature clear and relatable style.

Can’t tell you how big I am on both of these guys – they’re on the brink of something really big, and they’re both great characters, which makes it all even more exciting to watch. Hit the jump for the lyrics.

Listen to more from Skizzy Mars // Listen to more from Gnash

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