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Madeintyo – Uber Everywhere (Swell Remix)


Atlanta rapper Madeintyo’s “Uber Everywhere” was a bona fide hit in 2015, earning nearly eight million views on YouTube and earning the MC a place in his city’s rising crop of left-field, off-kilter MCs.

His track has been remixed by the likes of Travis Scott and Tory Lanez, but we’d wager that the latest incarnation of “Uber Everywhere” is the best spin since the original. Australian producer Swell, who recently had a breakout hit of his own with “I’m Sorry,” gives the track a 4/20 suitable spin, cloaking it in a mellow, yet moody haze.

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Saint ft. Miss Julia – Funk’d Up


This is just some, in the words of Derek Zoolander, really, really, really, ridiculously good hip-hop. Sweden based artist/producer, Saint, recruited the lovely Miss Julia for “Funk’d Up” which incorporates a little jazz, a little this, a little that, to give you all types of funk. Vibe to this one, and enjoy the rest of your 4/20.

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Patch – Interlude (My Love)


London rapper, Patch, just dropped his second EP (which you can stream here), and “Interlude (My Love)” is one of the standout tracks. Over a smooth backdrop, Patch slices through this like a Swiss army knife with ease. You can tell many emotions and thoughts went into creating this honest piece.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: What Now?

New Tape Tuesday!

These days everything’s in constant motion. Music, technology, and culture are moving furiously at breakneck speeds, which is equal parts frightening and exciting. Locked inside the echo chamber, it can be easy to feel lost, depressed, or lose sight of your goals, as you are constantly informed of other people’s achievements. In two weeks, I graduate college, and suddenly even life seems to be moving at a rapid pace. My friends are preparing to move on to the next stages of their careers, most following the path paved for them the day they chose their majors. I am taking a different route. And even though everything will likely work out in the end, I am scared. For practically the first time in my life, I have no real plans: no school after summer, no shitty internships, no job. So, with the last Tape Tuesday ever (!), I am asking: what now? And if someone has the answer, please let me know in the comments.

Thank you to everyone who has ever listened to a Tape Tuesday over the years. It has been a great honor to have a platform to put out these personal projects. If you ask me, that is all anyone could ask for, and if people listen, it is an added bonus. <3

And we can turn back the clock, making moves that I thought I wanted back at 21, 22, 23, 24 / Never wrong, thought I was never wrong and better off just wanting less but I knew all of me wanted more. -”Untitled” by Matthew Chaim


  1. Sway Clarke – Champagne Supernova
  2. Matt Champion – Punks
  3. Asaiah Ziv – Here (ft. SPZRKT)
  4. Alex Young – yrstruly
  5. Rostam – Gravity Don’t Pull Me
  6. Tunji Ige – War
  7. Broderick Batts – Fuck the New Kids
  8. Matthew Chaim – Untitled
  9. Richie Quake – Irresistable (Ice Cold)
  10. Mndsgn – Camelblues
  11. Rome Fortune – All The Way
  12. DJ Dodger Stadium – I Don’t Love You
  13. Ny Shallah – #PassOut
  14. Elijah Fox – Komodo
  15. Lil Uzi Vert – 1987 (Edit)
  16. Ricky Anthony – GHOST
  17. Babeo Baggins – Things I Forgot to Do (ft. Drake)



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Best New Songs of March 2016


The crew over here at SITR put together quite the unique playlist this month. It’s my understanding that we have a lot of new talent on here, but that’s why you’re here. You want to hear the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. So you keep coming back for more, and we keep giving you exactly what you need. Download link, and playlist below. Hit the jump for full list of tracks!

Download Best New Songs of March 2016

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[Download Album] Herrick & Hooley – Texoma

New Herrick & Hooley!

Since the release of their debut album Herrick & Hooley’s Famous Honey, the Dallas three-piece has grown: as artists and as people. They have built relationships with other rising stars like Mallory Merk and -topic. They have learned how to play new instruments and use other music-making devices. They have lived another formative year in Texas and have a bevy of new experiences from which to draw.

So gradually, they are discovering new colors to paint with, and that is the type of growth you can expect on their second full-length album Texoma. It is an exercise in growth, an expression of growing up, and a sundrenched trip with a lover. The guys have refined their sound, while maintaining the versatility that interested me in the first place. Stream it below, and download it here.

Additionally, you can support the band by paying whatever you want for the album on Bandcamp. Unless of course, you pay zero dollars, then that is not supporting the band at all.

Album highlights: Beach, SeaSide (ft. -topic), Texoma, Sleep Wheel (ft. Cameron McCloud), Please Don’t, 100 Proof (ft. Rakeem Miles), Wildfire


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[Album Stream] Beau Young Prince – Until Then

New Beau Young Prince!

Beau Young Prince has been a friend of this site for a long time. We even sponsored his 2011 mixtape The Reverse Effect back when blog sponsorships were still a thing. BYP continued to release singles and projects throughout 2012 and 2013. Then, it seems he came to a crossroads where he decided that in order to make the dream work he was going to have to lock up and make an album that is better and more innovative than his competition. Perhaps, he even decided to compete with himself rather than worry about what other artists were doing. Working closely with his producer YalaMusiq, he shaped a sound and crafted Until Then. The album is full of so many unique flows and sounds; if Travi$ Scott made this album, everyone would immediate herald it as a classic. As a completely independent artist, Beau Young Prince has put in the work and forced his name into conversations generally reserved for major label artists.

Stream Until Then on Spotify or download on iTunes.


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Alan James ft. SmackLouis – Recognize


Let me introduce you to Alan James, just a guy trying to figure life out in Santa Barbara. “Recognize” is one of those tunes that you can vibe to before a big game, or while you’re lifting, especially when the production chorus hits. It’s got that workout type of vibe, and it was definitely unintentional. I asked Alan how this song came about:

“I was traveling throughout the islands in Thailand, and I was inspired by how free and chill life is there. I came up with the idea on the long plane ride back, then sent it to my boy (SmackLouis) who came up with the vocals.”

Check it out, and let us know what you think!

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ELHAE – Doesn’t Matter Feat. Kehlani


It’s been a couple of days since the release of ELHAE’s hot new project All Have Fallen, but it’s only the beginning for the Atlanta-based artist. He’s got the fusion of hip-hop and r&b on lock and he manages to mix his talents with another current r&b leader, Kehlani, on “Doesn’t Matter”. The two artists seem to mesh perfectly together and create one undeniably smooth, edgy track. Both artists bring their fresh, rawness and it’s a beautiful thing. Listen to “Doesn’t Matter” below and be sure to check out ELHAE’s latest work, All Have Fallen.

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Allan Rayman ft. Jessie Reyez – Verona The Hellcat


Allan Rayman has made his way onto many “Best of The Month” playlists, so it’s  no surprise to see this coming from his latest single, “Verona The Hellcat.” Over gritted drums, and a grated melody, you can feel the emotion from Allan, who’s arguably at his best. You can feel the story he’s telling. It’s safe to say this will also make Best New Songs of March, as well. Check out the tour dates after the jump!

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I’m not sure what it is, but XUITCASECITY, comprised of rapper Cam Young, and singer Mike Gomes, is unique in a great way. The Hip-Hop/Pop duo bring a different sound to the game. “Bout You” is about as catchy as it comes. Let this one marinate for a little bit, and you’ll find it stuck in your head with no intention of getting out.

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Louie Knuxx – Dear God, Who Don’t Exist (Feat. Fortunes)

Louie Knuxx

Louie Knuxx is a rapper from New Zealand who had his shot at the hip-hop scene back in 2006. Within the last couple of years, after a bit of a hiatus, he’s stormed up with some new material and is now prepping for the release of his newest album. Tiny Warm Hearts is the name and “Dear God, Who Don’t Exist” is the latest offering from it. The track is incredibly chill and has a mesmerizing vibe. With the help of Fortunes, there’s also a dose of soul to give the song an extra bit of style. Check out the hip-hop, soul team up below and check out Tiny Warm Hearts when it’s out tomorrow.

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