[Video] Just Blaze & Baauer Speak on “Higher” Collaboration

Recently, Just Blaze and Baauer teamed up to drop the massive, dubby “Higher.” Two of the most influential producers in their respective genres, this track had big expectations and, in my opinion, delivered. It’s interesting seeing Just Blaze dabble in the heavier electronic scene–only one more sign that hip hop is moving that direction.

The two spoke to Pitchfork about the collaboration, which you can see below. I think Baauer really sums up the effect of the collaboration in that Just Blaze comes at it with a mastery in beatmaking, and Baauer comes at it with a unique catalog of sound. The combination of the two is very, very dope, and the video and the full song can both be streamed below.


Dream Big

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“Problems” – J. Cole

If yall haven’t gotten on board with J. Cole yet, I’m telling you…get on now. You’re already behind, but because we’re really seeing a master in the making, I’ll give you another chance. But this is it-get on now or else I’ll be laughing in your face when you come to me in a couple of months saying “OMGZ HAVE U HEARD J. COLE?!” I don’t want any of that. The lateness or the tween talk.

North Carolina-born and raised, I had a thing for J. Cole since the first day I heard his stuff. Especially because the first song I heard was called “Simba,” which is a word in Swahili (a language I used to speak pretty fluently), I knew he and I had a reason to be connected. Another reason the two of us (J. Cole and my ears, I suppose) can get along so well is because he loves to use catchy piano tunes in his beats. Give me some hip hop with some catchy piano, and you’ve basically offered me a recipe for extreme happiness. 

I hope you and J. Cole can turn out to be as close of friends as he and I are. 

Hey, Dear Mr. Policeman, Am I wrong or aint you supposed to keep the peace, man? I could have sworn that I was driving pretty peaceful, so why the hell is you pulling over me for? Is it this black Mercedes? [Oh no, I get it, I get it, I get it] Or cuz I’m black, hm, maybe? [laughs]

Download “Problems” [via]

A few other J. Cole features on Sunset:

“Who Dat”



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“Higher” – J. Cole

Brand new joint from J. Cole, homie from Fayetteville, NC. One of the most versatile, fun, talented new players in the game, in my opinion. This beat is fun, and J. Cole uses the perfect flow to match the energy. This dude’s career is going to be really fun to watch. Hop on the train now!

Download “Higher” (mp3)

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