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[EP Stream] Mallory Merk – MM & HH

New Mallory Merk!

We have been big supporters of Herrick & Hooley ever since last year’s eclectic debut Herrick & Hooley’s Famous Honey. Today, I am proud to share another stunning debut. MM & HH is the debut project from Mallory Merk, a singer-songwriter and model based in New York. The EP, produced by Hunter Lewis of HH, is basically the audio equivalent of melted butter. On each track of the EP, Merk finds the right pocket and attacks it with eloquence and purpose, gliding over the instrumentals with a certain smoothness that can only be analogized to butter. Her sound falls at the intersection of jazz, hip-hop, and R&B. It’s Lana del Rey embracing a trap flow. It’s Mallory Merk creating what she calls “trap-jazz.” I recommend you play these six songs at high volume in your apartment now.

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[Download Album] Herrick & Hooley – Texoma

New Herrick & Hooley!

Since the release of their debut album Herrick & Hooley’s Famous Honey, the Dallas three-piece has grown: as artists and as people. They have built relationships with other rising stars like Mallory Merk and -topic. They have learned how to play new instruments and use other music-making devices. They have lived another formative year in Texas and have a bevy of new experiences from which to draw.

So gradually, they are discovering new colors to paint with, and that is the type of growth you can expect on their second full-length album Texoma. It is an exercise in growth, an expression of growing up, and a sundrenched trip with a lover. The guys have refined their sound, while maintaining the versatility that interested me in the first place. Stream it below, and download it here.

Additionally, you can support the band by paying whatever you want for the album on Bandcamp. Unless of course, you pay zero dollars, then that is not supporting the band at all.

Album highlights: Beach, SeaSide (ft. -topic), Texoma, Sleep Wheel (ft. Cameron McCloud), Please Don’t, 100 Proof (ft. Rakeem Miles), Wildfire

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: The Flower

New Tape Tuesday!

I am not going to talk about flowers in this writeup. The name of the tape is more of a feeling. This is morning at the beach music. You can start your day with any of the first 13 tracks — preferably in the arranged order. After track 13, the mix veers into darker territory. It is like when the high wears off, and you realize that the summer is coming to an end.

And the flower is dead. Sorry, just needed one flower reference for it all to make sense. And the beginning is like the flower of love, blooming. Ugh, gosh, sorry… two.

I know enough about being high to know you my ultimate drug


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[Download MP3] Herrick & Hooley – Beach

New Herrick & Hooley!

The Dallas trio come through with a midsummer jam in one of their strongest releases to date. I am definitely biased to their more rap-heavy tunes, and this is one of them. The rapping on “Beach” veers between the newer Earl Sweatshirt material and the melodic rapping of Jules Henley or Mic Kellogg. The texture on the beat is proof of the work these guys put into creating new sounds from classic instruments. This is just another indicator that these guys are a group to watch.

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[Introducing] Herrick & Hooley

New Herrick & Hooley!

I was having this conversation with my smartest friend the other day. I asked him if he thought one’s legacy is determined by how many people he or she influences. He said not necessarily and wouldn’t elaborate, so obviously he’s an idiot who won’t indulge me in a thoughtful conversation when I’m inebriated and he’s not. I think influence is a big part of one’s legacy. For example, a big part of Kanye‘s legacy is his sheer influence over the entire generation of rappers that came after him. Likewise, a big chunk of Tyler, The Creator‘s legacy is how he has influenced a legion of loyal fans to fearlessly create art.

A few of these fans comprise the band Herrick & Hooley.

Herrick & Hooley is three kids from Dallas: Hunter Lewis, Ian Olney, and Michael Barnes. The trio produces their own sounds, which borrow from jazz, hip-hop, and R&B — really anything the guys are digging at the time. Despite the wide array of genre pulling, the group has their own overarching sound. It seems like they are still in high school, which is impressive and intimidating. I included some of my favorite tunes from their already vast discography, but if you like instrumental jazz fusion, I would definitely recommend diving headfirst into their most recent album Herrick & Hooley’s Famous Honey.

And yes, Tyler has tweeted about them.

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