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Hannah Lou Clark – Don’t Sweat It

Ever since the band FOE came to an end, Hannah Lou Clark has been hard at work with solo material. The grunge-pop princess has released two great EPs and is bracing for her third. “Don’t Sweat It” is oozing with Clark’s signature sound, so long-time fans definitely won’t be disappointed. It’s rock with pop sprinkled over it. You’ll basically want to play air guitar while singing along to every sweet catchy word. Hannah Lou Clark is the rock-pop princess we’ve been missing in these times (where have you been old-school Avril?!). Check out the track below and keep an eye out for her EP coming soon!

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Hannah Lou Clark – It’s Your Love

Hannah Lou Clark has had many sides, from her grunge-pop FOE days to her calming solo EP Silent Type. She can bring it all to the table, but it seems she’s leaning more towards her rock days for the time being. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Hannah Lou Clark, but she’s back with her forthcoming EP,  It’s Your Love. The title track, “It’s Your Love”, has some serious traces of her FOE days. The guitar drowns the song in its roughness, but gets combined with the angelic vocals of Hannah Lou Clark to create a perfect rock-pop recipe. It’s Your Love, the EP, will be released April 22. Until then check out the title track below.

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Hannah Lou Clark – Calamity

Hannah Lou Clark was once known as FOE, with a rock edge and angst coming out of her pores. It was a great time but now she’s simply going by her name and making music that’s something quite different from her previous work. She’s treated us with her new track “Calamity” and it’s got something truly special to it. It’s beautifully haunting yet doesn’t try too hard to be. We can only hope she’ll bring her pure sweetness to us with more material soon.

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