Gypsum – Disappear

It’s been a minute since we last heard from the LA-based ladies of Gypsum. However, they’re officially back with “Disappear” and they’re here to hook us in. The track begins with a gloomy softness, but eventually builds up with undeniable energy. It may be 6 minutes long, but each moment is crucial to the whole (musical) picture. There’s a certain sweet darkness that consumes the track, which seems to be the Gypsum way. If you’re in need of a sound that’ll be keeping you warm on a cold fall night, this is one that’ll fit perfectly to that scenario. Check out Gypsum’s newest track “Disappear” below.

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[Premiere] Gypsum – Follow Me

Gypsum may be fresh to the music scene, but the LA-based post-rockers have plenty of promise. They’re sharing their art with the world today by premiering their soul-stirring debut track “Follow Me”. The song opens up with a mystical sound and continues to build with a pure and mesmerizing darkness. It has a haunting, eery feel to it, which is no surprise when discovering what the song is about. As the band’s drummer, Jessy Reed, explains, “The song is about running from something that’s hunting you. Something that’s hunting you just for existing.” This track is just one of many in the works for the Gypsum ladies, so it’s only the beginning of what’s to come. For now, check out the premiere for “Follow Me”, the debut track from Gypsum.

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