Saturday at Sunset: Epic

People call things “epic.” That’s just something that happens now. You’re probably one of those people. The overuse of words like “epic,” “hilarious,” and “amazing” is a real problem. Humans need balance. That’s why we invented God. Humans need balance, and humans are constantly fucking up that balance by making everything way too dramatic by using these words. Just ask Louis CK. Basically, what I’m trying to say (This wasn’t supposed to be offensive; if it was, blame Obama) is that these songs aren’t actually “epic.” But you, my forty-year old fat friend, would call them “epic.” That is all.

  1. Anthony Green – Only Love (ft. Nate Ruess)
  2. Porcelain Raft – Unless You Speak From Your Heart
  3. Way Yes – Important
  4. Guillemots – I Must Be A Lover 
  5. Adventure Galley – Addict
  6. The Big Pink – Rubbernecking 

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