Potatohead People – Luv Ya (Exmag Remix)

I feel bad for people that haven’t heard about the Exmag crew – but at the same time I’m so glad that they’ve linked up with Montreal’s finest in this jizz-jazz hell of a banger. After having the privilege of seeing Exmag a couple of times in Illinois this past month, I’ve come to the conclusion that they kick some serious ass. It was when I randomly asked Mike if he had heard of Potatohead People from Montreal that he responded “yeah, we just finished a remix for them”. My jaw dropped and I became a true fan for life.

Check it out now:

Also be sure to catch their most recent full length release with BRANX here.

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Cash Cash – Overtime (The Noisy Freaks Remix)

Can’t get enough of these guys – french funk masters the Noisy Freaks are back with another HUGE sound. Carefully crafted into a beauty of a banger, this producer duo are unstoppable with their rhodes-laden sex music. I can see it now – you’ll be cruising off into the night with the sunset in YOUR rearview blasting this smooth groove with your significant other.

The guys have gotten a ton of support from Gramatik in the recent past, it’s not wonder that they’re taking off in such a huge way – 2015 here they come!

Catch the boys on the web:

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The Best Five Dance Songs of the Week

If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.

-Emma Goldman

1. Gramatik – Extraordinary Magnitude Vs. Blackstreet (No Diggity 2013)

2. The Hood Internet – Magic Adventure (Future x T.I. x Clicks & Whistles)

3. The Black Keys ft. Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, Mos Def – Little Black Submarines (VOODOO FARM REMIX)

4. Ellie Goulding – Explosions (Gemini Remix)

5. Attracting Flies (Shift K3Y Remix)

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The Best Five Dance Songs of the Week

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.

-Wayne Dyer

1. Gramatik – Bluestep

2. Dune – Heiress Of Valentina (Alesso Mix) (Aylen Trap Re-Fix)

3. Moullinex – Darkest Night (Xinobi Remix)

4. The Hood Internet – So Many Climaxes (Usher x Toro Y Moi)

5. AraabMuzik – Never Have To Worry

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Friday at Five [Weekend Music]

New Friday at Five!

What up ya’ll? Sorry I’ve been on a blogging hiatus lately. I moved to Chicago last weekend so my time has been spread a little thin. But, it’s all in the name of progress, right?

Anyway, happy Good Friday and Easter weekend. I’m sure gang loads of you guys will be spending time with amigos and fam alike. What is everybody up to? Whatever the answer may be, have fun and be safe. And like always, bump these jams below during your weekend adventures.

1. The Night Out (TheFatRat Remix) – Martin Solveig

2. Let It Go (The Knocks Remix) – Dragonette

3. It’s Only Knuck (Crime Mob x The Shins) – The Hood Internet

4. FUCK UP THE FUN (Prod. By DIPLO & DJ MASTER-D) – Azealia Banks

5. Talkbox Intended – Gramatik

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Monday Morning Music

Here’s a pick-me-up quick mix for your first Monday after the famous Thanksgiving of 2011. You’ve set aside the turkeys stuffed with ham stuffed with chicken strips; it’s time to get back to work, school, school work or work school.

Get ready to get ready!

MP3: “Mother Protect” (Goldroom Remix) – Niki & The Dove

MP3: “Heretics” – Andrew Bird

MP3: “Hit that Jive” (Original Mix) – Gramatik


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