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Reef of Fortune Fam and Dylan Owen – Dreams


Last night, Reef of Fortune Family and Dylan Owen released a video for their newest collaboration, entitled “Dreams.” With video production by the notorious Jon Kilmer and audio production by the relatively unknown, albeit really skilled, August Coupe, this is one of Fortune Family’s best releases to date, and Dylan Owen has gained a new level of respect in my mind as well. The track centers around insecurities and issues found in relationships, with both rappers speaking very honestly and openly about their experiences and feelings–something I unfortunately am seeing less and less with up and coming rappers. Grace Kelly, the singer on the hook, also provides an amazing hook, supplementing the sound of the rappers with her honeydipped vocal chords.

The video is also particularly impressive. While most rap videos these days center around landscape shots simply for the sake of being visually appealing, this video centers around a more conceptual theme, as is evident by watching it.

Perhaps I’m biased, but I think this track really cements both Reef and Dylan Owen as some of the most promising up and comers in the blogosphere.

Sound off in the comments if you agree/disagree.

I’ll never let her go, and she’ll never be forsaken/ If the dreams don’t pan out, fuck it I still tried/ Me and hip hop, forever you and I

Reef of Fortune Family and Dylan Owen – Dreams by sunsetintherearviewdprep


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