Gnash – Wake Up (ft. Chelsea Cutler and Goody Grace) [with Lyrics]

Gnash continues to prove to me why he’s one of my favorite artists of 2016 with his latest track “Wake Up,” featuring Chelsea Cutler and Goody Grace. What stands out to me the most is the versatility of his sounds and yet consistency of his message. His lyrics are ones that anybody who has ever gone through love and heartbreak can relate to, but his sonic compositions have ranged from electronic, quasi-hip hop, and a pure indie songwriter sound with his recognizably smooth voice, as heard in today’s release. Fact is, no matter the approach, the outcome is always beautiful, which is why I’m incredibly bullish on Gnash.

Hit the jump for the lyrics.

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Gnash – Closure (ft. Skizzy Mars) [with lyrics]

I have a strong feeling 2016 is going to be a huge year for both Skizzy Mars and Gnash. They’re going on tour together in the first quarter of the year – that’s definitely a show to catch. They released a song together a couple days ago called “Closure” and while it’s short, it embodies the spirit of the two artists perfectly. Skizzy perfects his harmonic verses and Gnash smoothly covers the hook and a verse of his own in his signature clear and relatable style.

Can’t tell you how big I am on both of these guys – they’re on the brink of something really big, and they’re both great characters, which makes it all even more exciting to watch. Hit the jump for the lyrics.

Listen to more from Skizzy Mars // Listen to more from Gnash

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[Sunset Mixtape] I Woke Up This Morning

The concept for this playlist was built around the line in the opening track by Chance The Rapper that says “I woke up this morning / I woke up this morning / Gotta smile when I say that shit / I woke up this morning!”

I’ve been thinking a lot about that line since I first heard the song. I could go into a long monologue about ‘what a time it is to be alive,’ but honestly I don’t feel like sharing all of that today in my own words. I’ll share a few, but mostly I wanted to put together a playlist of songs old and new that sum up my feelings about the world.

It’s funny – I think I get a certain way at the end of every year as my team is putting together our Best Songs of the Year playlist; I think it makes me pause and think about what music really means to me. It’s weird to be able to connect so deeply to the words and art of people you don’t know at all. But when you do feel that sense of connection, it’s a really beautiful thing.

This is a collection of songs that I feel a connection to. It’s a mix of all-time favorites, recent favorites, and songs by some new artists I’m into. For one reason or another, each song gets me excited to wake up each morning. And I’m thankful to be reminded of what a gift that is.

Happy Holidays,


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gnash – fuck me up (prod. by AO Beats)

gnash is definitely on my radar now as one of this year’s breakout stars. The initial reason why I clicked play on this track is because I saw that it was produced by AO Beats, a member of the rising Moving Castle collective, which has been putting out straight fire as of late, but just seconds into the track, gnash stole my attention and his verses blew me away.

“fuck me up” pits one of dance music’s emerging, elite talents with one of the most promising voices in the West Coast. The Boston-based producer lays down a luscious bed of silky synths, polished piano chords, and smooth electronic textures, perfect for gnash’s lullaby-esque verses about the blurred line between love and lust.

With summer coming to a close faster than we can blink, “fuck me up” is an anthem for the gray days of fall – soothing, nostalgic, and just plain good.

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Best New Songs of July 2015

The #SunsetFam killed it this month (we kill it every month). When collaborating for these monthly playlists, we like to do what’s best for business, and you are what’s best for business. Different genres, different artists, different sounds. There’s something on here for everyone, or maybe you’re like us and everything on here is for you. Say goodbye to July, and welcome August with open arms.

Highlights this month:

RKCB makes their debut with “Ignite.” NoMBe shines with “Miss Mirage” as he takes you on a journey. Gnash drops his guard and lets you in with “I Hate U I Love U.” MIYNT channels dark-pop-magic with “Civil War.” Allday, who you may remember from working with Skizzy Mars, dropped a solid 7-track mixtape. Arjun told us we should worry about a guy named Allan Rayman. Last, but not least, Meek Mill called out Drake for being fake. Drake responded with not one, not two, not three, just kidding, two “diss” songs because I guess rappers still do that. You can find the second one on this playlist. Oh, and our fellow writer, Andy, became Twitter famous with his tweet about Meek Mill’s response track.

Hit the jump for the Soundcloud stream and download!

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Gnash – I Hate U I Love U (ft. Olivia O’Brien) [with lyrics]

New Gnash!

Writing a good song is not as daunting a task when you have the ability to be genuine. The trick is to be brave enough to be 100% genuine–or even 97% genuine. It is scary, and that is why there are really talented musicians who just cannot write a good song for the life of them.

The strength of Gnash‘s songwriting has always been his genuineness. The LA singer-producer uses his pen as a knife for the BS. When you listen to his verses, you are hearing feelings. And the feelings you are hearing are not superficial feelings; they are the feelings usually reserved for a diary or a regrettable text. Almost every one of his songs is about love, and I cannot fathom how happy and then miserable some girl made him to inspire all of this incredible writing.

“I Hate U I Love U” is a remix and collaboration of sorts. Olivia O’Brien is a Bay Area singer-songwriter who wrote the original track, which you can listen to here. She also covered Gnash’s song “Disposable,” and they were fans of each other through that. Recently, they met up in LA. Gnash reworked the beat and added a verse, and from what I hear, this is the first collaboration of many.

If I pulled a you on you, you wouldn’t like that shit

Follow along with the lyrics below. Every line is quotable.

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[Premiere + Interview] Gemineyes – EP

New Gemineyes!

Just a week after the release of their debut single “Drive,” which premiered on Sunset, Gemineyes has let us premiere their four-track, self-titled EP. The four songs from Gnash and Harry Hudson‘s side project harbor the instant gratification of your favorite pop songs but with lyrics so relatable they feel plagiarized from your daily life. Or more accurately, they say the things you want to say to the girl you’ve been talking to instead of like the 20th meme this morning. In their own words,

gemineyes ep is the soundtrack to a perfect day – with someone you love, someone who’s your best friend, someone you would take the neverending nap with, and at the bottom of everything, someone you want to drive home with.

Also, today is Gnash’s birthday, so everybody wish him happy birthday on Twitter.

Hit the jump to read our interview with the duo, and download each track below.

Download links:

1. Love

2. Knock Knock

3. Sleeping in the Sea

4. Drive
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[Premiere] Gemineyes – Drive

New Gemineyes!

It is always great when two up-and-coming indie artists collaborate on a side project. It is even better when they are both born in June 1993, have the same colored eyes, and their band name is Gemineyes. The duo is comprised of Gnash and Harry Hudson. You might remember Gnash from his song “Crash with Me” from this Tape Tuesday or his super popular rendition of “Coco” by O.T. Genesis. I recently discovered Harry Hudson from his recent work with the burgeoning 1234 Creations collective.

“Drive” is the first single from the duo’s upcoming self-titled EP. The song is a gentle plea to that girl you just want to smoke with and kiss. It is a musical drunk dial that is more heartfelt than embarrassing. Gnash described it to me as an “adult lullaby,” and that is exactly what it is. This is music you can play at some freakishly late hour on a Friday night when you are faded and alone.

The Gemineyes EP will be released in ONE WEEK on June 16, which is Gnash’s birthday, right here on Sunset in the Rearview.

Hit the jump to follow along with the lyrics of “Drive,” and download the track here.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Head Hunched Over Weeping to the Music

New Tape Tuesday!

The great artists suffer for their art. The great listeners suffer along with them. I think without truly intellectualizing it this Tape Tuesday is inspired by Na’kel‘s soul-crushing verse on “DNA” from Earl Sweatshirt‘s album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. For those of you who don’t know, Na’kel wrote and recorded his verse just after hearing that one of his close friends had died. And you can hear the pain in his voice, and he’s not a rapper (he’s a skateboarder) but he laid down a brutally poignant verse. He wrote his feelings on paper, and now whenever I listen to the song, I find myself feeling the anger and despair that Na’kel is trying to convey.

The sad thing is that in the vapid hype machine that is the music Internet verses like Na’kel’s could be overlooked. Hype is easy. I mean to dedicate my life to the creation of timeless art. When you’re honest and uncompromising, that’s when you become a step closer to creating art that is timeless.

And it’s okay to be emotional.

You used to say you like violins and your lifestyle depend on me

*SoundCloud mix is missing track 2 (“Mantra” by Earl Sweatshirt).


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