With You. – Ghost (ft. Vince Staples)

With You. Vince Staples

With You. is a brand new supergroup that is breaking down barriers and bringing together house music with hip-hop. Rick Trainor, Noah Schy, Jeff Penalva, Daouda Leonard, and Dave Taylor, of Switch fame as a co-founder of Major Lazer, has over twenty years of music experience between them, but they’re putting that all aside to come together as With You. – and they’re changing the electronic music landscape while they’re at it.

While hip-hop and house music have never been at odds, the two genres are rarely successfully brought together, but With You. has found a way to marry the emotion of hip-hop with the groove of house. Their single, “Ghost,” features one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, Vince Staples, as he intricately weaves his verse around a dark, booming bass line, glitchy synth arrangements, and subtle bass accents.

There are some serious dark undertones on this track and Staples’ verse only drives it deeper into the underground. “Ghost” has an undeniable eeriness to it, so be careful where you are when you listen to it, because you might just get so damn high, you see a ghost.

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Sir Sly – Ghost

Not much is known about the LA-based outfit Sir Sly, but their sound is uncanny. Melding together electronic grooves and dark, spacious pop melodies, Sir Sly taps into a similar vein as fellow SoCal band The Neighbourhood.

Check out their first single “Ghost” and the two other jams from their debut EP below.

BONUS: Two other tracks from their EP of the same title, Ghost.

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