[Premiere + Interview] Gemineyes – EP

New Gemineyes!

Just a week after the release of their debut single “Drive,” which premiered on Sunset, Gemineyes has let us premiere their four-track, self-titled EP. The four songs from Gnash and Harry Hudson‘s side project harbor the instant gratification of your favorite pop songs but with lyrics so relatable they feel plagiarized from your daily life. Or more accurately, they say the things you want to say to the girl you’ve been talking to instead of like the 20th meme this morning. In their own words,

gemineyes ep is the soundtrack to a perfect day – with someone you love, someone who’s your best friend, someone you would take the neverending nap with, and at the bottom of everything, someone you want to drive home with.

Also, today is Gnash’s birthday, so everybody wish him happy birthday on Twitter.

Hit the jump to read our interview with the duo, and download each track below.

Download links:

1. Love

2. Knock Knock

3. Sleeping in the Sea

4. Drive
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[Premiere] Gemineyes – Drive

New Gemineyes!

It is always great when two up-and-coming indie artists collaborate on a side project. It is even better when they are both born in June 1993, have the same colored eyes, and their band name is Gemineyes. The duo is comprised of Gnash and Harry Hudson. You might remember Gnash from his song “Crash with Me” from this Tape Tuesday or his super popular rendition of “Coco” by O.T. Genesis. I recently discovered Harry Hudson from his recent work with the burgeoning 1234 Creations collective.

“Drive” is the first single from the duo’s upcoming self-titled EP. The song is a gentle plea to that girl you just want to smoke with and kiss. It is a musical drunk dial that is more heartfelt than embarrassing. Gnash described it to me as an “adult lullaby,” and that is exactly what it is. This is music you can play at some freakishly late hour on a Friday night when you are faded and alone.

The Gemineyes EP will be released in ONE WEEK on June 16, which is Gnash’s birthday, right here on Sunset in the Rearview.

Hit the jump to follow along with the lyrics of “Drive,” and download the track here.

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