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[Festival Review] Outside Lands 2013

Outside Lands: That time when San Franciscans make their annual trek into the foggy depths of Golden Gate Park to tap into their inner rocker, raver or head bopper depending on the vibe they’re going for (and/or how many drinks they had the night before).

Show-stopping performances came from newcomers and veterans alike throughout the course of the weekend, but a few stood out to me as especially noteworthy. [Continue reading to get the skinny on all the best performances, songs and secrets from the weekend from guest writer Molly Murtaugh.]

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Austin City Limits 2012: Suggested Schedule

Austin City Limits Festival

As one of my favorite music festivals (if not my very favorite), ACL, rounds the corner, I sadly realized that this is the first year in three that I have not written for the festival. It’s a sad realization, but one that comes to no surprise of my own. Time is a precious thing these days, and sadly there isn’t much that I can devote to festivals. That said, I still it in me to find time to put together a suggested schedule for all my friends and readers who are lucky enough to go to Austin City Limits this year!

For me, festivals aren’t a time to get up super early and wait in line to get into the gates. I’d rather get my sleep and rest up for a full day of music and sun. Luckily, the best performers typically aren’t put on in the morning, with an exception this year. My new favorite band of the moment, Alt-J, is performing Sunday morning, and I would absolutely make the trek out early to see them perform. Other than that, here’s my suggested schedule with some sample MP3s for ACL 2012.


Friday October 12

Start your day off slow with Patrick Watson. You may need to ease into the ACL experience. You have a full weekend ahead. You wont have to pick up your pace too quickly with this schedule — Delta Spirit into Ben Howard and either a break or Tegan and Sara will ease you into the experience, but the energy will pick up with your arrival at Alabama Shakes. Then Florence + The Machine…if you haven’t seen her live yet, just wait. Your mind will be blown by the insanity of her vocal pipes. And you can’t really go wrong with M83 or The Black Keys. What a Friday.

Saturday, October 13
First reaction might be that it’s still looking like a bit of a slower day for music from these picks, but don’t be fooled; these picks are all chosen for their artistic skills. Many of them are up-and-coming bands or artists who you might never have seen or heard of before, but chances are you’ll walk away and be anxious to hear more and see these artists live once again. 


Sunday, October 14

Sunday is the day I’d be most excited for if I could attend ACL this year. The lineup is incredible. It starts with one of my favorite bands of 2012, Alt-J, and before closing with Red Hot Chili Peppers, you get to see gems like The Lumineers, The Avett Brothers, and Childish Gambino. Sadly I’ve never gotten to see them live, but I have never heard anything but absolute praise for The Avett Brothers’ live show. It’s supposed to be one of the best of our time. All of these sets should be ones that stick with you forever, so if you must do anything over the course of the weekend, please do yourself a favor and stay for the whole day on Sunday. Then go ahead and thank me later.

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