Hear a song written for Boston Marathon victim, Jeff Bauman Jr. [MP3 + Lyrics]

Folk singer Gambles wrote this song for Jeff Bauman Jr., one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Bauman tragically suffered the loss of both of his legs in the horrific scene at the marathon. While the media tends to cover the story first in the ways it affects the victims, it then tends to move toward focusing on the investigative aspect and also the heroic acts at the scene. While I think all three angles are arguably essential, it’s equally important to not lose sight of the fact that while new stories roll in and our attention is captured elsewhere, the victims do not get the luxury of moving on so quickly. For that, I think it’s so important and moving that Gambles wrote a song for Jeff Bauman Jr. We haven’t forgotten, Jeff. Stay strong.

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Listen While You Work: 2.0

Listen While You Work 1.0 started with me saying I was trying to keep my head above water at my job. I came out yesterday in a pretty personal post saying that I wasn’t going to live that way anymore. That said, I still spend many hours at work, and it’s always important to have good music to listen to at work. And so comes Episode 2 of Listen While You Work. For the most part, it’s a little more upbeat this time; you gotta keep you head up while ya work, right? This version features music from the following artists:

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