[Download MP3] Galimatias & Joppe ft. GoldLink – One Step Back

GoldLink has really been on my radar recently, and this is a good reason why. Danish producers, Galimatias & Joppe create an original instrumental for GoldLink as he lays down two verses that are silky smooth. GoldLink has potential…

GoldLink’s upcoming project is slated to drop in early spring.

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Songs of the Week: August 12 – August 18

It’s been another wonderful week of tunes, here are some of the highlights in case you missed anything!

1. Big Sean – Control (ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica)

(Posted by Arjun)

Nothing better than a song that gets people talking, right? All week long people have been feeling some sort of feelings towards Kendrick Lamar’s verse in particular, so you know it did what it had to do. Whether you like this track or not, you’ll probably be hearing about it for awhile. You just can’t put out this kind of fire folks.


2. Galimatias – Dream (ft. Flowzart)

(Posted by Arjun)

This Galimatias track is fresh as hell, to say the least. It’s hip hop but with it’s own twist. It’s chill but the textures of “Dream” are something to marvel at. Will these artists from the UK ever put out bad music? I’m starting to think it’s impossible with what’s been coming out of there the last few years. We thank you, either way.



3. Running in the Fog – Desire

(Posted by Alicia)

Did this track come out of nowhere and sweep us off our feet? I’m going to say yes. It’s a fusion of many genres from r&b to electronic to indie, so there’s a touch of everything for everyone. It’s soothing, catchy and just fabulous in all the right ways.


4. Smallpools – Dreaming (Magic Man Remix)

(Posted by Lydia)

This Smallpools remix is one that makes you want to drive around and not care about anything ever again, really though. To quote Lydia “I feel invincible right now, yall.” FOR REAL THOUGH.  It’s fun, indie pop heaven. Nothing to complain about with this kind of music in our lives. Magic Man did the job with this perfect remix of “Dreaming”.


5. Chet Faker – Melt ft. Kilo Kish

(Posted by Alicia)

Two amazing artists doing their thing together, what more could you ask for? Smooth as can be, a blend of Chet Faker’s soul and Kilo’s edge. It’s what we like to call a match made in heaven. “Melt” will truthfully make you dissolve into your seat because it’s that good. Hey awesome artists, keep making music together because we LOVE it.

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[Download MP3] Galimatias – Dream (ft. Flowzart)

New Galimatias!

I haven’t heard anything quite like “Dream” by Denmark’s Galimatias featuring UK rapper Flowzart. That is not something I can say often or am proud of. This genre-bending track is rooted in hip-hop and is melodic and enchanting with a lush piano backdrop that is almost juxtaposed with a tropical, bass percussion, which elevates it to another realm. Flowzart’s matter-of-fact delivery only helps the track develop into a low-key party jam. Check it out and download below.

I had a dream that my whole team was wearing everything designer riding clean.

[via Hilly Dilly]

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