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Soulnoise – Hold Me Down

With intricate guitar and pounding drums, the debut single from Soulnoise is a genre-blending trip. Comprised of Jonah McGowan, Lucas Messore, and Jamal Gaines, the trio linked up in Chicago (Gaines’ hometown, Messore is from Miami and McGowan from London), and their music has the combination of soulful introspection and rap edge that has helped the city’s music scene reach the national conversation over the past few years. “Hold Me Down” is an inspiring anthem, and a showcase of the group’s unique hybrid sound that is clearly a product of the members’ far-flung origins. Part story of adversity, part inspiring underdog triumph, McGowan and Gaines take turns trading tales over searing guitar from Messore and Jon Perkins.

Even the story of how “Hold Me Down” came together is one of serious dedication. “We basically could only record in the studio when it wasn’t booked with clients. which meant that we had to record like through the night and late as fuck on random days,” McGowan explained. “So we were all like taking the El late night to get to the studio, it was a hustle for sure.”

The track is the first off their Future EP, which drops August 22nd. If the single is any indication, expect more genre-defying, fist-pumping tunes from Soulnoise.

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