Songs of the Week: July 17-23

This evening I bring to you the second installation of Sunset’s Songs of the Week, a weekly post covering our favorite songs of the week. If you ever fall behind, count on this post to get you up to date on the best releases of the past seven days.

1. Mikky Ekko – Kids

So there’s about a 100% chance that you already know Mikky Ekko from his incredibly overplayed (yet somehow still infectious) song “Stay” with Rihanna. This one is just him, and is produced by certified hitmakers Benny Blanco and John Hill. A carefree, laidback tune perfect for the summer. (Posted by Arjun)

2. José González – Crosses (Dinner Date Remix)

This is an incredibly beautiful remix of one of my favorite artists, Jose Gonzales. A light, sleep inducing, almost transient remix by Dinner Date, this one is perfect for a daydream. Lie in a field somehow, get lost, and enjoy. Thank you to Chuck from The Chuckness for bringing this to our attention via the first edition of Sunset’s “Overlooked” feature.

3. Akono Miles – Gotta Be Loved

Akono Miles recently came into the blogosphere, and his jazz infused hip hop is extremely unique. His flow and sing songy hook is both infectious and calming, and he is certainly a name to keep your eyes on going forward–the kid has some serious talent. (Posted by Arjun)

4. Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know

The Arctic Monkeys have been my jam for years. I just saw them recently at Free Press Festival (I was backstage woohoo) and they played this one live. Alex Turner and the crew always kill it, but their sound has, in some ways, transitioned from being whimsical and fun to driving and serious. One of the best contemporary rock bands in my opinion, I’m looking forward to their upcoming album. (Posted by Arjun)

5. Fjords – Observer Drift

Shouts out to Arjun for always finding music and artists that I love and have never heard of until he brings them into my world via this beautiful little thing we have here called Sunset in the Rearview. This song is a super catchy blend of folk and hip hop influenced instrumentals–definitely a must download. (Posted by Arjun)

6. Migos – Versace feat. Drake

7. Drake – Jodeci Freestyle


8. Drake – The Motion feat. Sampha


9. Party Next Door – Over Here feat. Drake

Drake kind of went ham this week, releasing a ton of new material and a couple different teasers. You can stream all 4 new tracks above–the standouts to me were Versace and the Jodeci Freestyle. Look out for Nothing Was the Same dropping September 17th. BIG year for hip hop. (Posted by Jordan)


Dream Big

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A$AP Rocky – A Day in the Life

So my buddy Cameron posted this on my facebook wall, and it’s easily one of the dopest A$AP videos I’ve seen to date. I’m not sure where it’s from, but it was shot when Yung Rakim was in the dirty dirty ATL for a concert. Full of interviews, freestyles, and other tidbits of the hip hop life, this 10 minute video is worth watching in full.

Rocky, as I’ve stressed before, is one of the very few rappers who still truly freestyles–spitting off the dome, not just regurgitating previously written raps.

He and other members of the A$AP mob kill it in their freestyles, especially the last one. Truly impressive shit yo.



Dream Big

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ASAP Rocky – Public Service Announcement Freestyle

So I’m sure you guys know this, but rappers who release “freestyles” or “go off the dome” on radio stations very rarely are actually, truly freestyling.

ASAP Rocky is one of the few popular rappers out there today who stays true to the freestyle form–truly improvising on the spot.

It makes for some rough patches, for sure, but there are moments of glory in there too, and more power to him for staying true in his freestyles.

Not an incredible freestyle, but I love That Pretty Mutha Fucka, and this song is Hova’s best in my opinion, so I had to post.

Shouts to Just Blaze, shouts to lil Rakim’s mother. 

Download ASAP Rocky Public Service Announcement Freestyle

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Wale – The Motto (feat. Meek Mill)

Maybach Music homeboys Wale and Meek Mill hop on Drake’s jerkin’ jam. Woulda been cooler as a Drake diss track. Common where ya at?

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Wale – No One Be Like You (Freestyle)

Mr. #NoDaysOff, Mr. Ralph Folarin, or as most of you know him, Wale, is back with his latest freestyle. Seriously, this dude never takes a day off. Wale hops on P-Squares joint “No One Be Like You.” Sophomore album “Ambition” coming soon!

I included the Youtube video for two reasons. 1. I uploaded it on Youtube. 2. So you subscribe to Sunset on Youtube!

DownloadWale – No One Be Like You

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Chiddy Bang Freestyle on Windows Phone

The other night, the fair gentleman over at Bro Bible teamed up with the Windows Phone to throw ‘From Austin With Love’ with Chiddy Bang, Hoodie Allen, and RJD2. People could tweet at Chiddy with the hashtag #WP to tell him what to say in his freestyle. Kind of a cool idea. Chiddy freestyles at all of his shoes, and him and Xaphoon Jones, aka Noah Beresin, always get words to say from the crowd. Chiddy always kills these freestyles, and it’s always over the same beat, Tinie Tempah’s “Pass Out.” I have footage from Lollapalooza that has been delayed for a looooong time but will be released on Sunset in the near future.

My only issue with this freestyle is the extremely annoying bleep out. Really unnecessary and totally kills his flow. Best part is the breakdown at the end.

Hold up hold up hold up, I’m done with the shit/ Cause when it comes to rap I spit that sick shit off the dome/ And it don’t really matter/ You know I stay flossin/ Catch me South by Southwest, what up Austin?



Dream Big

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“Lift the Game” (from ‘30 Minute Layover’) – XV

XV just dropped this off his “30 Minute Layover” which consists of 10 freestyles in 30 minutes. It’s a pretty hot sound. He sounds a bit like Weezy rocking in the hook, but better. Like, in my opinion, way better. I’m not into that Weezy trying to rock nonsense. But yes, XV should be dropping a mixtape very soon. Stay tuned for the update.

Download “Lift the Game”

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Lupe Fiasco – Say Something (Freestyle)

“Say Something (Freestyle)”-Lupe Fiasco

Lupe jumps on the Timbaland (ft. Drake) beat and reminds me why he’s my favorite rapper of all time. Complicated rhyme schemes that flow smoothly and have some real content. This is the Lupe I love…not the Japanese Cartoon/rocker Lu.

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K’Naan freestyle on Peter Parker radio

K’Naan freestyle on Peter Parker radio.

Yeaaaaah (!!) it’s been a long minute since I’ve seen some K’Naan material. I’ve been missing his stuff. This is some hard freestyling from my man K’Naan-enjoy.

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