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Tape Tuesday: All The Songs That You Hate

I have always been fascinated with music that sounds happy but contains sad lyrics, so I wanted that to be a theme of this mixtape. I also wanted this to be a good hangover tape after NYE, so enjoy.

P.S. Andrew Joslyn from track 14 is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s violin player.

P.P.S. “Stay Close” by Flume is the official Tape Tuesday theme song.

I made a mixtape with all the songs that you hate

  1. San Cisco – Beach
  2. Urban Cone – Kings & Queens
  3. The Airplanes – A Summer Daydream, Part I
  4. Boy Kid Cloud – I Would Die for You (Prince Cover)
  5. Ray Bradbury – The Last Night of the World Interlude (Read by RM)
  6. Jack Magma – Cat Gotcha Tongue?!?
  7. Loon Lake – Cherry Lips
  8. Set Sail – Kids
  9. Kwes. – Rollerblades
  10. Leapling – Seventeen
  11. Carousel – Stay Awake
  12. Thief Urban – Closer
  13. Sebastian Lind – Never Let Go
  14. Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn – All My People
  15. Khushi – Seven Years Old
  16. Freelance Whales – Aeolus
  17. Brolin – Another Year
  18. Conner Youngblood – I Gotta Feeling
  19. Flume – Stay Close
  20. Bondax – Gold

‘Cause gold is not enough, she’s a diamond, I’m the rough


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Freelance Whales – Locked Out

Freelance Whales

One of my favorite concerts that I ever went to was the Freelance Whales show that I went to see in Chapel Hill. The chemistry amongst the band players, and the creativity of these singers and musicians to seemingly turn anything they see into an instrument was alluring and inspirational. I hadn’t heard any new music from Freelance Whales since, I don’t know, maybe 2010? So when I saw that this song had been released, needless to say, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It’s taken me a bit of time to actually put it up on Sunset, because that seems to be the way of blogging for me these days (sad, I know), but lo and behold, here I am. Giving yall a free tune from Freelance Whales. Beautiful as always.

MP3: “Locked Out” – Freelance Whales

[via LBYB]

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“New Piano Song” – Jonsi

Jonsi Go Live Album

Jonsi, of Sigur Ros, gave me one of my favorite albums of the year when he released Go. I’ve got it on vinyl and it spends more time spinning than it does cuddling up in its case. Now I hear that Jonsi has released Go Live, a, wouldn’t you know, live version of this album that includes a DVD, and I can already feel my toes a’tinglin. I got a chance to see him live at Coachella, and it was spectacular. Now I get the whole experience recorded and on my iTunes? He’s spoiled me rotten, that silly winged Icelandic man.

Oh, and yeah. Just had a brilliant idea. Jonsi needs to meet up with Freelance Whales. Both have this incredible ability to play instruments in a way that they aren’t often played. The crackling, tapping, and light drum beating here might be what reminded me of Freelance Whales, but really…if someday you see a collaboration between those artists, come back to Sunset in the Rearview and give me your money. I’ll be standing there with my arms crossed, attitude in my eyes, saying, “Yep, told you so.”

Go - Jónsi Purchase Go

Credit to Pigeons and Planes for the track

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100 Band Review: Freelance Whales

What’s Left: 294 Days. 74 Bands.
Band #26: Freelance Whales

When/Where: November 7th, 2010, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

Expectations: One of my favorite bands of the past two years. Couldn’t have higher expectations.

Concert: After having our engines revved a bit by the main singer of Miniature Tiger, the audience seemed a little more energized and ready to go for Freelance Whales. It was obvious to tell that the majority of the crowd was there for Freelance Whales, because as soon as they started, people began singing along to every word and visually melting inside a bit when the soft plucking and hypnotic voices of Freelance Whales began.

It seemed to take a song or two for lead singer Judah Dadone’s voice to warm up, but soon enough he was able to sound just as raw and whispery as he sounds on their latest album, Weathervanes. This is an incredible band to see live, if only because it’s a spectacle to see how many instruments they play. Central to their unique sound is the glockenspiel, which it seems all of them like to play. The only band member who remained in one spot for the entire performance was the drummer, and that doesn’t seem too far from ordinary. Everybody else was constantly switching positions, switching instruments, and also singing along to every song.

Aside from the glockenspiel, other instruments present were guitars (acoustic, electric and bass), drums, a harmonium, a banjo, an electric mandolin, a synthesizer, and perhaps most interesting, a harmonium. Oh, and how could I forget…at times they were banging against a watering pot for plants. They’re always tagged as a band that makes music with anything they can find, but until you see them live, you may not know just how true this statement is.

I enjoyed the concert so much that I found it hard not to close my eyes and float away into a land free of harm, pain, and fright. The music, despite its oft-haunting lyrics, has the ability to soothe my soul and remind me that life is a gift. I was hesitant to let myself drift off into this harmonious world because it was so entertaining to watch the band and their incredible musical abilities. Their set list was full and long, and they even debuted one song, “Footprints,” that they said they had only once before.

Concert Afterglow: I have zero regrets for calling this band one of my favorites of the past couple of years. Other than creating beautiful music, the band members are polite and kind, which is an added bonus to a band’s appeal.

Recommendation: Do yourself a favor and go see Freelance Whales live. You may want to catch them before their tickets get expensive. But I doubt their personas will ever seem less than extremely humble and grateful.

Song: “Enzymes” – Freelance Whales

Read More about 100Bands and See Our Other Reviews

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MUSIC VIDEO: “1st Floor” (ft. Freelance Whales) – Gilbere Forte


MUSIC VIDEO: “1st Floor” (ft. Freelance Whales) – Gilbere Forte

I remember when this song came out, I nearly drooled all over myself. Or something like that. A rapper going over Freelance Whales? Yes. That’s the stuff. My life in a nutshell – diverse combination of hip hop and indie. But then Gilbere Forte put this video together, which is a basically an advertisement for the city of LA, and I once again found myself drooling. If this can’t convince anyone to want to move to Los Angeles, I’m not sure what can. Looks like everybody is a free spirit there. Beaches, palm trees, sunsets (in your rearview), sidewalk artists…somebody take me to LA!

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MUSIC VIDEO: “Hannah” – Freelance Whales

MUSIC VIDEO: “Hannah” – Freelance Whales

The music video for “Hannah” has just surfaced. This is off of what I consider one of the best albums in my record collection, Weathervanes, released via Frenchkiss and Mom + Pop. Pretty trippy music video. Is Hannah a ghost? The effect they’ve put over her face reminds me of the way your hands look when you put them under those new super high-powered air dryers in public restrooms. Perhaps that takes away from the mood, but it’s what I saw. Video directed by Issac Ravishankara and Ariel Danzinger.

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Was my favorite song of the past year really just sampled by a hip hop artist?

Yes. Wow. Seriously, I quiver with bliss every time I hear “Generator: First Floor” by Freelance Whales. And now it’s been remixed by a new hip hop artist? This is like breakfast in bed at a 5 star hotel. You’ve already got it good, and then it just gets better. This hip hop + indie tunes fad is really going to make me melt. I can’t get enough of it. 

So here’s the scoop. Gilbere Forte (pronounced Jil-bear), new hip hop artist hailing from Philly, has won me over by sampling “Generator: First Floor” by Freelance Whales. To add to that, the track was produced a member of Passion Pit, Aislyn.

Wham, bam, thank you very much, my man!

“First Floor” – Gilbere Forte (prod. by Aislyn of Passion Pit)

Credit to Pretty Much Amazing

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