Contest: Make A Caption, Win A Koozie

Contest: Make A Caption, Win A Koozie

Here’s the skinny: I captured this picture while at Austin City Limits, thinking to myself, brilliant. A “Titties” koozie, a recycling bag, and The National on stage. I thought of some reasons why I think it’s funny, but then figured I’d see what other people could come up with. So you have until noon on Tuesday to comment on this post or tweet me (@SunsetRearview) with your caption. The one that I find to be the funniest/best/wittiest will be selected as a winner, and that person will be contacted and given a free Titties koozie. Or a “Balls” koozie (pictured below). Please, if you leave a comment, leave your name and email address. Ready, set, go!

If your caption is not selected, but you desperately want a koozie, you can find them for sale here.

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SunsetCast # 3 – Waiting For Lightning To Strike

New SunsetCast posted!

SunsetCast # 3 – Waiting For Lightning To Strike

Full of indie-flavor and autumnal auras, this session is perfect for a Sunday afternoon. It is also great music to turn on while you’re at work. Pull out your winter socks, get cozy, and listen to SunsetCast # 3- Waiting for Lightning To Strike. [LINK]

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“Knock Knock” – Mac Miller


“Knock Knock” – Mac Miller

There wasn’t a Friday at Five today, and we apologize for that, but in its absence, here is a spectacular song for the weekend by the one and only, Mac Miller. Yet again we find ourselves faced with the white kid who’s a talented rapper. White kids all coming, knocking on the door of fame, finding their way in from being good at poetry. No but it’s so much more than that. You can be an incredible poet and not have a damn clue how to be a hip hop artist. Well, Mac Miller is knock knock-ing on the door with this one, and I’m absolutely letting him in on my weekend. (Lame, I know. But it’s time to go out.) Happy birthday this week to my dear friends Jacky and Kaitlin.

Download “Knock Knock”

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Mochi Beats – Song Leak from Upcoming EP!

Mochi Beats – Song Leak from Upcoming EP!

Imagine a G6 (Glee + Beatles + David Guetta + Far East Movement + The Cataracs) by mochi beats

Mochi Beats has created another masterpiece. This one is coming off his upcoming EP called “Goodnight.” Don’t forget that there’s an Album Artwork Contest (hosted by Sunset in the Rearview and Bridging the Verse) for this EP – the artwork is due a week from today, October 20th.

Rules for the contest:

1. The artwork must include the logos of Sunset in the Rearview and Bridging The Verse.

2. The title of the EP (“Goodnight EP”) and Mochi Beats’s name

3. Size: 500 x 500 pixels

A winner will be chosen from all submissions. The winner will get to pick one track (a song or artist of their choice) to include in one of the mashups on the EP. They will also be given credit for the album artwork on both SITR and BTV when the EP is released.

Please email completed artwork to lydia@sunsetintherearview[dot]com and kris.g@bridgingtheverse[dot]com.

Best of luck, and please leave a comment with your email address if you have any questions. All are welcome and encouraged to submit artwork!

[Download Sunset in the Rearview Logo (UPDATED)]

[Download Bridging The Verse Logo]

[Download the Mochi Beats Icon (optional)]


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“Keep On Walking” – Deep Sea Arcade


“Keep On Walking” – Deep Sea Arcade

Deep Sea Arcade. Sounds a bit like Arcade Fire. Not a bad choice of band name right now! If only I could dance a bit like Michael Jackson, I’d put a hooded jacket on, headphones, and dance down the street to this song, being sure to push everybody else out of my way.

Download “Keep On Walking”

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“Love Out Loud” – Justin Morrell


“Love Out Loud” – Justin Morrell

Justin Morrell "Love Out Loud" | Sunset in the Rearview

If you, like me, are in need of some sunshine-infused pop music that you’ve been missing from Jason Mraz, another JM has the answer for you. This time it’s a Long Islander by the name of Justin Morrell. This song makes me feel like I’m holding hands with some friends and dancing around a May Pole. And since I’m born on May Day, I guess that means this track makes me feel like it’s my birthday!

My one complaint though, is the little noise he makes in the beginning, which has a bit of a “rollerblading with my hands clasped behind my back down the block” feel to it. Not digging that. But otherwise, digging it.

Birthday? Good. Cheesy 90’s rollerblader? Bad.

One last note, which is pretty impressive if you ask me! Justin has been recording with producer Mikal Blue, who has worked with none other than the aforementioned Jason Mraz, and also Colbie Caillat and One Republic. Seems like Justin is well on his way to fame!

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“Fall Through Atlantis” – Cyne


“Fall Through Atlantis” – Cyne

Cyne | Sunset in the Rearview

Cyne is a hip hop group out of Gainesville, FL (shout out to Falade) and they’re making songs that are socio-politically aware and fun to listen to at the same time. I love music like that. I’m tired of arrogance, I want the truth. I’m tired of the days of chains, pants barely clinging to peak of robustness in asses. Tired of entourages, guns, and gangs. This might only be a phase though. Either way, Cyne is working for me right now. Press play and let it work for you, too.

Download “Fall Through Atlantis” [Released through Hometapes Records]

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“That’s All” -Brenton Duvall (Falade’s Favorite Song)


Brenton Duvall has stunned me in the past with his remixes. And he hasn’t put his foot on the brakes yet. He’s created a sound a bit similar to Big Z Remixes here, taking a Gucci Mane instrumental and putting it on top of his own original piece that’s not only enjoyable, it’s incredible. I have had this song in my iTunes for about ten minutes and it’s been on repeat the entire time. Needless to say, this kid’s musical talents really excite me. BURR.

Download “That’s All”

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Live: Titus Andronicus (100Bands Review #13)

What’s Left: 336 Days. 87 Bands.
Band #13: Titus Andronicus

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Vitale

When/Where: September 21, Duke Coffeehouse, Durham, NC

Expectations: I’m not as familiar with their music as I should be, but I imagine that the energy of this concert will be out the roof.

Concert: After Free Energy opened the night with a bang, Titus Andronicus lost none of the steam. The band of five took the stage and immediately the crowd’s ears perked up. They sure do seem to have a cult following. Singer Patrick Stickles was still able to woo the crowd with his voice, despite having a cough that could potentially be described as whooping. The highlight of the night for me was likely the fact that I was positioned directly in front of TOTAL rockstar, guitar and violin player Amy Klein. My God this girl can ROCK! Sure, the entire band had boundless amounts of energy, but Amy somehow topped that for the entire show. Consistently rocking back and forth, banging her head a bit, and even at times doing one of those rockstar jumps into the air while jamming on her guitar, Amy absolutely blew me away. And to be the only girl in the band alongside four males, well heck, that makes her even cooler.

Concert Afterglow: The energy was incredible. Amy Klein is the shit. Patrick Stickles is a God to the hipster crowd. Rawk on.

Recommendation: If you don’t mind hipsters, go get your jam on with Titus Andronicus. Chances are, they’ll blow your mind. And keep your eye on that Amy girl, she’s crazy.

Song: “Four Score Part One” – Titus Andronicus | Download

Read More about 100Bands and See Our Other Reviews


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Mashup Monday! “Miracles”


“Miracles” (Bruno Mars vs. Michael Jackson vs. Gnarls Barkley vs. B.o.B vs. Survivor + more) – Norwegian Recycling

Mashup Monday!

This week’s Mashup Monday brings the return of one of my all-time favorite mashup artists: Norwegian Recycling. He’s done a bit of the Earworm style with this one, blending tons of different songs into one. Included in this mashup:

1. “Just The Way You Are” – Bruno Mars

2. “Nothing On You” – B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars

3. “Crazy” – Gnarls Barkley

4. “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time” – Britney Spears

5. “In My Head” – Jason Derulo

6. “My Love” – Justin Timberlake

7. “Just Dance” – Lady Gaga

8. “Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis

9. “So Sick” – Ne-Yo

10. “Black or White” – Michael Jackson

11. “Sexual Eruption” – Snoop Dogg

12. “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor

13. “Fifteen” – Taylor Swift

14. “Fearless” – Taylor Swift

15. “The Animal Song” – Savage Garden

16. “Signs” – Snoop Dogg ft. Justin Timberlake

Now, if you think of this as a typical mashup, you might be overwhelmed. I think the way you have to frame it is that Norwegian Recycling is making up a whole new story line by piecing together lines from different song. It’s almost like making a collage.

But what might be the most impressive part of the whole thing is the video he put together for it.

Enjoy, and Happy Monday!

Download “Miracles”

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“On A Lonely Start” – Jon Solo & The Incomparable Shakespeare


“On A Lonely Start” – Jon Solo & The Incomparable Shakespeare

The Incomparable Shakespeare | Sunset in the Rearview

I love finding hidden gems in my email inbox that I’m so far behind on. Today’s gem comes from a rapper named The Incomparable Shakespeare.

With similarities to Theophilus London, The Incomparable Shakespeare has won me over. His style of rapping fits perfectly with the singing by Jon Solo on this track. This is a beautiful little track that sounds terrific on loud speakers.

Download “On A Lonely Start”

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Got another giveaway for yall! This is for the local folks! Tobacco is coming to Local 506 next Thursday, September 30th. If you’re not aware of this guy’s music, he might remind you a bit of Panda Bear when you see him live. He’s one guy behind a laptop creating crazy electronic music and remixes with a background set of rather bizarre visuals. But it’s apparently a great time live. I’ll be there.

So we’re giving away TWO FREE TICKETS to the show next Thursday.

To be eligible to win, leave a comment on this post with your name and email address and your favorite thing about Sunset in the Rearview.

A winner will be chosen on the evening of Wednesday, September 29th.

Audio Sample: “Fresh Hex” (ft. Beck) – Tobacco  |  Download

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