SPOTLIGHT: Wet Paint [Future Funk/Electro Soul]

Wet Paint Future Funk

What’s up guys?

This jam showed up in my feed today, and I’ve gotta say – I’m hooked. The thirsty thursday blues has been quenched. PLUS it’s almost Friday and I’m pretty stoked to have another jam to add to my weekend collection! For fans of Griz, Odesza, Pretty Lights, etc.!

Aside from this, they’ve got quite the awesome collection of bangers that I’m sure won’t be getting tired of the sound anytime soon.  Of course, I also love how they offer up their collection for free download, as well!

Check out their new website, and enjoy the jams:

“Wet Paint is a vibrant electro/funk duo that have been tearing shit up since day one. Conceived in the summer of 2012 in Montreal, Wet Paint have evolved their sound turning over many hit remixes including Frank Ocean, Purity Ring, the Black Keys, and more.

After a season of sharing the stage with some of their favourite acts including Gramatik, Lunice, Torro Torro and Viceroy, they’re in the studio preparing their next release.

Smooth grooves and layered bass are first on the agenda at their live shows; with the recent addition of a live drums AND guitar to spice up the mix, it’s only a matter of time before they’re on the road to promote their newest releases set to drop in April, 2015. ”



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Win Free Vinyl Records!

Win Free Record Bon Iver, Reptar, Oliver Tank

It’s been a little bit since we’ve done a giveaway on the site, so I’m here to announce a giveaway that we’re actually running through Facebook! Details below!

Enter to Win:

One of three free vinyl records. Winners will be selected at random.

  1. Bon IverFor Emma, Forever Ago
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Dates of Eligibility:

Today – May 22, 2012


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Mike Posner – Single and Drunk


“Single and Drunk” – Mike Posner

Mike Posner Sunset in the Rearview

Mike Posner is out with a new track, “Single and Drunk.” It’s become a bit of a pattern here for me to pour out my most honest thoughts of Mike Posner’s music, since I’ve been following him since 2006. So here goes.

After reading the rumors that Mike Posner is dating Miley Cyrus, I’m glad to hear a song where it seems that Mike is speaking to a crowd a bit closer to his age. Well, I hope anyway. After building such a young fanbase, maybe this isn’t the best idea. Promoting random hookups after drinking? Meh, whatever, everybody does it, right? Hm, I guess.

Mike Posner’s a model? Who knew?

Anybody figure out what Lil Jon’s role on this song is? Wait, did Lil Jon ever have a role in life? Other than having an energy drink called CRUNK!!! and starring on the 2011 NBC show, The Celebrity Apprentice? Lil Jon, as usual, is a bit of a random asset on this track.

Well, we got ourselves a club smasher out of this song, but perhaps not the most memorable of Mike Posner’s songs. But what’s memorable anyway when you’re…single and drunk?

Download “Single and Drunk”

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Invigilators ft. Sonny Shotz & Prizz – Rise Above

Sonny Shotz, Prizz, and Invigilators are giving us a great party track today…just in time for…Tuesday? Damn straight. Sunset’s first live event is tonight, it’s going to be a party. I’ll likely only be listening to Jon Lindsay, Bright Young Things, and Wesley Wolfe today, but trust me, as soon as tomorrow rolls around, I’ll be listening to this one on repeat. Sonny Shotz sounds a bit like XV here, no? Beat sounds a little bit David Guetta-ish! This is niceeee!

Rise Above (ft. Sonny Shotz & Prizz) by Invigilators

To download, click the downward pointing arrow on the right side of the player.

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Anthem – Lookin Down

Yall remember Anthem? Duke grad who abandoned Wall Street to pursue a career in hip hop? Well, he’s been working hard on a mixtape called Manhattan Music that’ll be hosted by DJ WHOO KID and the first single has just been released.

I was stuck wondering for a little while what it was about Anthem’s music that didn’t always catch my ear. If I listened carefully, I was super impressed with his lyricism, but for some reason it didn’t jump out at me. But he’s totally turned things around on this track, likely due to the fact that he’s slowed it down a bit, repeated lyrics, and made it harmonic. I’ve already listened to this song about 5 times in the amount of time it’s taken to simply upload it and post this…only expecting to play it about 50 more times tonight. I love this. Can’t wait to hear the whole mixtape they’re putting out. Expect more tracks from Anthem here on Sunset in the Rearview in the near future!

“Lookin Down” – Anthem by Sunset in the Rearview

Alternate Download Link

Related: “Dear Duke” – Anthem

On The iPod Featuring Anthem

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e-dubble #FreestyleFriday “Taking My Time”

e-dubble tweeted earlier today that the Freestyle Friday would take a little longer than usual to come out today. Ironically, he stated, the song would be called “Taking My Time.” Well, I never really know what to expect from e-dubble each Friday, because frankly his style seems to be a toss up every week. Sometimes he shows off his faster flow, other times he’s more about complementing the sample that he’s remastered. I think this week it’s about showing off his producing skills with this sample by Boston, but also about how he can make a song sound good pretty much no matter what. His style is just fun to listen to. And like I think I said before…I like how he totally sticks to his white guy persona. He’s not trying to be something that he’s not. It’s organic, and I like it. I’m just fine with you taking your time. I’m on your side, e-dubble.

e-dubble – Taking My Time by edubble

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New Shortman Score & Frank Ramz

“Let’s Get It” – Shortman Score & Frank Ramz by Sunset in the Rearview

Frank Ramz…hm…where have I heard that name before? Sounds familiar…do I know somebody named Frank Ramz? Likely, if you read Pigeons and Planes, which I highly suggest you do, you know the name Frank Ramz. He is Confusion’s wingman, often blogging the newest hip hop and R&B to come to the scene. Well, he’s a man of many talents, because this is the exact same Frank Ramz rapping on this track. Some might think that I’m only posting this because I am friends with the team over at P&P, but I’m actually very stingy about only posting things I truly like and believe in. I would likely tell Ramz straight up if his music sucked, because I think that’s what makes artists better. But I really think he’s doing well for himself – I love this new track from him and Shortman Score.

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“Dizzy” – Outasight (prod. by Cook Classics)


“Dizzy” – Outasight (prod. by Cook Classics)

Textbook case of an email submission getting lost in the mix. I’m really trying to find a solution to the amount of emails I get, but while I have a full-time job and am a one-man team for the most part, I’m just not sure it’s possible to listen to every single email in a timely manner. But, the good part is,  here is proof that I do eventually get around to listening to the songs! This was emailed to me a couple months ago by artist Outasight, whose music I’ve been a fan of for a long time, and I’m just now getting around to hearing it, but I’m okay with that. Because it’s still just as cool to me. And hopefully this slipped by some of you, too, so you can join me in the excitement of a new-sounding, fun Outasight tune!

Turn this song on, and if you’re not dancing (or some variation of that) immediately, get back to me. We might have to schedule you an appointment at the doctor. This shiz is funnnnn. I’m getting dizzy.

Download “Dizzy”

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“Ready for the World” – How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well

Yesterday, there was a little uproar in the blogging world because one blogger put up a post in anticipation of all of the end-of-the-year lists that will soon be surfacing, and he called it “2010 Bands You Can Ignore.” Immediately following, there was uproar. People saying that he was just trying to produce tabloid-like material to increase his traffic, but that his opinions were unjustified and untrue. The reason I bring this up is because one of the artists on the list was How To Dress Well, a moniker for artist Tom Krell, who is a research fellow by day, singer and producer of lo-fi ambient music by night. If you recognize this song, it’s likely because of two reasons. The first is that How To Dress Well has seen incredible success in 2010. The second could be because the infamous Lil B sampled this in his song, “Why They Wanna Kill Me.”

Download “Ready for the World” – How To Dress Well

BONUS: “Ready for the World” (Twin Sister Remix) – How To Dress Well

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“I’m On It” – J. Cole (prod. by Syience)


“I’m On It” – J. Cole (prod. by Syience)

J. Cole Rapper

I never was a very good dancer. I tend to think I am when I’m in the act, because usually it happens when I’m out and all confidence levels are soaring. But truth be told, I’m a pretty pathetic dancer. Sucks, for someone who likes music so much! But I don’t let it bother me. And this J. Cole song right here is exactly why I can’t let it bother me. Because when I hear a song like this, I just have visions in my mind of these absolutely incredible dance moves that I’m doing on stage. I. Am. A. Baller. …thanks to J. Cole.

Download “I’m On It”

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“Good Life” – Von Pea


“Good Life” – Von Pea

I always like seeing the names of hip hop artists when it’s something unexpected. Like Von Pea. Where the hell did that come from? Pea? Really? In a genre that’s typically trying to be as hard as they can to gain street cred? Yeah, well that’s what I like about Von Pea. Just a dude, doing his thing, making some nice sounding hip hop. Doesn’t need his name to have a Mane, -eezy, or heck, Killa! AND, to add to that, he’s one part of the hip hop group Tanya Morgan. Another example of the same case. I like it. And I like his music. Keep it up, Pea.

Download “Good Life”

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Live: Beach House (100Bands Review #20)

What’s Left: 316 Days. 80 Bands.
Band #20: Beach House

When/Where: October 17th, Raleigh Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC

Expectations: Tonight’s show will be my 2nd time seeing Beach House.  Stoked for some soaring dream pop.

Concert: I arrived on time at 7:33, and the show had already begun—I walked in halfway through their recent, undeniable hit, “Walk in the Park.” Lead singer Victoria Legrand’s seductive vocals hit me in the face, reminiscent of Nico. The lead guitar, drenched in reverb, echoed brilliantly about the amphitheatre. The band’s stage setup was beautiful and dark; they performed in front of an interactive backdrop of cascading stars on black skies, lighting up in conjunction with the swells in the music.

Beach House sounded huge. Most notably, the band had added a fourth member onstage (previously there were three), alternating between bass, keyboards and singing backup.  As a result, the harmonies were thicker, the ambience was heavier, more convincing, and the band rocked harder. Guitarist Alex Scally, who usually sits down throughout the show to play bass pedals with his feet, stood up for the first few songs while the new sideman played the bass. Victoria Legrand was sexy and French, and she tossed her hair wildly as she pounded on her organ.

The show was fantastic. Not much banter, not any mistakes. Not much variety. They have a drone-y, haunting sound. Their drummer gave the music some legs, which let the crowd dance in place. As Beach House evolves, gaining popularity everywhere, they employ the best tactic in pop music: always leave the audience wanting more.

Concert Afterglow: The show felt too short, and about a quarter of the crowd definitely thought that Beach House should have been headlining. As their live show widens in scope, their imaginations reach further. I look forward to their next album, and their next tour.

Recommendation: If you like sexy lead singers, and drone-y, haunting songs, look no further than Beach House.  Their live show is only getting better, so the sooner you catch them, the less of an impact it will have on your pocketbook.

Song: “Walk In The Park” -Beach House


Written by Patrick  ||  WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

Read More about 100Bands and See Our Other Reviews



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