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Womp Womp Wednesday


The Mid-October Edition of Womp Womp Wednesday is here, and we got some absolute heat for your ears.


Hotlíne Blíng – Charlíe Puth x Kehlaní (DATHAN Flip) –  Starting this week with an incredible flip of a “Hotline Bling” cover by DATHAN.

Genevieve – Colors (PLS&TY Remix)  – PLS&TY remix of “Colors” is catchy. Staying consistent with the feeling given from the previous check, you are going to hear a lot more tracks with this style.

Louis The Child – It’s Strange (Ft. K.Flay) – Two names in the electronic scene that have been popping up over and over again in recent months; Louis The Child and K.Flay. Teaming up to give a wonderfully unique. Soft lyrics and a catchy drop.

Porter Robinson – Divinity feat. Amy Millan (ODESZA Remix) (Free Download) – Another amazing track by ODESZA, this time remixing Divinity by Porter Robinson.

Milk N Cooks – Kiiara – Tennessee (Milk N Cooks Remix) – Chicago natives Milk N Cooks put out a very chill back remix with their version of “Tennessee”

Keys N Krates – Save Me (Naderi Remix) (Ft. Katy B) – The Aussie take over is real. Naderi is another artist coming out with club bangers

graves & FELMAX – Zebras In America – Possibly the heaviest hitting track on this list.

Adventure Club – Limitless Feat. Delaney Jane (Free Download) – Adventure Club? Check. Free Download? Check. Amazing track? Check.

Hermitude – The Buzz (Alison Wonderland Remix feat. Hodgy Beats) – What do you get when you combine Hermitude and Alison Wonderland? You guessed it, a heavy hitting club anthem.


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The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (The Golden Pony Remix)

New Yorks finest are back with a bang. The Golden Pony are known for their driving beats and mind melting catchy-ness; this jam is sure to light up clubs all summer long. iPod feeling a bit dry? Grab the free download – I can’t speak enough about how much I appreciate artists putting their hard work up for free, when literally hours of work goes into it – these guys are consistent on that front, as well. Make sure you check out their library of rad tunes! I might just be a fan-boy, but I can’t express how down I am with this tune.

What’s better is the boys’ note at the bottom of their Soundcloud upload – I love little personal details like this:

“We met the Chainsmokers 3 years ago when they Dj’d a warehouse party we threw in Brooklyn. They played for $500, which at the time was about half their normal rate….. I imagine now that wouldn’t buy us an autograph! (just kidding) We really loved their latest song “Let You Go”, so we reached out for the acapella to do a remix, and here it is!”

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Memoryy – Young Oblivion

New in my inbox this morning was an interesting piece by young NYC native Shaun Hettinger aka Memoryy – multi instrumentalist and pop aficionado with another epic indie/ectronic hybrid of a jam for fans of Promise Ring, Teen Daze, etc. I’ve got a lot of love for this rising artist.

I’m actually surprised that this young man hasn’t been signed to Arbutus Records or anything. Maybe he should just move to Montreal and get it over with. Let this jam uplift your soul as we move toward a bright and sunny springtime festival season!

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Wasko – Songbird

Wasko | Sunset in the Rearview

A deep house groover here to warm you up for festival season – turn the volume up loud and hopefully you have a subwoofer, cause this one brings heat. All the way from the east coast, Nick Iwaskow aka Wasko is at it again with another blend of his deep and psychedelic bass sounds. Having dabbled in many different genres and forms of artistic expression including live AV / installation work, the man is a jack-knife of interesting culture and stimuli.

Check out his latest, titled Songbird, available now for free download via Soundcloud:

You will also be pleasantly surprised to find that his eclectic array of musical personas include melancholic indie / RnB anthem style electronic tunes such as this, which happens to feature Montreal resident Jenna Deagle-Potter:

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Will Smith – Men In Black (PINEO & LOEB Remix)

Pineo & Loeb | Sunset Rearview

Today funk is on the agenda – good vibes, loud bass and spring is in the air…almost. The east coast groove-duo PINEO & LOEB return with another throwback jam session of a remix; laden with the enthusiastic live guitar stylings of Helical – we couldn’t be more excited to bring this FREE DOWNLOAD to the table! Tonight we’re gonna cruise the streets with the sunset in our rearview, and rinse this tune on repeat.

If you’re a fan of this one, you should probably head over to their Soundcloud and cop one of the many electro feel-good jams that they have to offer! Namely their recent remix of the Gorillaz – Dirty Harry: see below.


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[Album Stream/Download] Death Grips – Fashion Week

How does one even describe Death Grips anymore? Yes, their tumultuous history is a great place to start, which includes several unannounced album leaks, intentionally missing shows for artistic expression, and a breakup mere weeks before a massive opening slot on Nine Inch Nails’ summer 2014 tour. For now though, let’s just ask the question on most fans’ minds: does it even matter if Death Grips says they’re active or not? Between their half-released double album and this surprise set of instrumentals released at midnight, MC Ride, Zach Hill, and producer Andy Morin are releasing as much “in death” as when Death Grips was “active”. Whether this is a prelude to Jenny Death, their true farewell, or just a continuation of the most enigmatic groups in hip hop, Fashion Week is a solid mix of familiar and completely unexplored terrain for fans of their industrial-leaning production. I’d love to hear what Ride would do on tracks like “Runway H” (yes, both of them), but I guess we just have to accept what we’re given here since this might be the last thing they do. Probably not though.

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E-Dubble – Palm Trees

E-Dubble Freestyle Friday

e-dubble – Palm Trees by edubble

I’ve started to feel a little jittery on Thursdays these days. Anxious for Friday, ready for some weekend debauchery. To add to the excitement, E-Dubble has gotten me excited every Thursday to find out which song he sampled for that week’s Freestyle Friday. Well, this week he dug into the older records and pulled out a Billy Joel sample. He sliced it up and turned it into a fun hip hop ditty that might become my theme song for the weekend. I’m honored to be the one to officially release the song.

Once again, E-Dub shows off his freestyle rhyming that makes you turn up the music and listen closely so you can catch every word he says. Ever the impressive track, this week is the 45th consecutive jam from E-Dubble. I’m starting to feel we’re a little spoiled, but E-Dubble seems to think we could keep using a little more. Every week he takes it a step further…‘cuz in the end we all wanna see some Palm Trees.

Hope yall enjoy this one as much as I do. E-Dubble has made me enjoy the piano in “Only The Good Die Young” by Billy Joel even more than I thought I could.

Oh and by the way, go Texans!

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Authentic – Nothing (ft. JFlow)

“Nothing” (ft. JFlow) – Authentic

Authentic on Sunset in the Rearview

Nothing ft Jflow by Authentic

Sometimes the music suggestions I find in my inbox just disappoint me. Not the case on this one here from Authentic and JFlow. In all seriousness, I was a little blown away by the fact that I had never heard of these guys. Besides going over a really cool, simple beat with excellent flow, these guys are real lyricists.  “I told you I’d be something/ but you thought that I was bluffin/ You like me cause I am/ But you didn’t like me when I wasn’t.” Coming out of Leominster, Massachusetts, it certainly seems like white rappers out of the East Coast are starting a trend. You’ve heard of Sam Adams, you’ve probably heard of Chris Webby and Cam Meekins, but, like me, you might not have heard of Authentic.

Well, that’s a shame. Authentic is a name that deserves to be known, and so is JFlow. This is a song that makes you pay attention to the lyrics, and that’s something I always respect in hip-hop music. Not only is it a strong lyrical song, but it sounds great, and definitely kept my head bobbing throughout my first listen. Each verse is song, and the hook is already stuck in my head. Don’t sleep on Authentic and JFlow-trust me, this won’t be the last time you hear their names.

“And she said JFlow/ One day you’ll thank me and mean it.” Thank you for sending in this suggestion, and we here at Sunset in the Rearview wish you all the best.

Authentic on Facebook

Download “Nothing”

Dream Big

D Prep

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Yelawolf – Billy Crystal


“Billy Crystal” – Yelawolf

Yelawolf Sunset in the Rearview

Yelawolf is one of the rising success stories of underground hip hop. Born Michael Wayne Atha in Gadsden, Alabama, he’s a white rapper with Native American roots that tie into the name Yelawolf. He has said that “Yela” is for the sun, the king, the light, and “wolf” represents how he is a leader of a pack and how he has had to survive in the wilderness. Having moved around from state to state during his childhood and enduring a stint of homelessness, I would say that Yelawolf is a fitting name as it represents strength and survival. There isn’t a hint of vulnerability in Yelawolf’s music, either. Take this song, “Billy Crystal,” for example.

In it, Yelawolf tells the story of a rural crystal meth dealer name Billy, and he neither mystifies the story nor puffs it up. He is merely telling a story in verse and making it sound like it could be just anyone: “and when the wind blew, and the cradle fell / down come baby Billy, and up come an able male / Mama stayed at work, Daddy stayed in jail / hey that’s a full deck, but you gotta play with what you’re dealt.

One of the most intriguing things about Yelawolf is, without a doubt, his voice. He’s definitely representing Southern hip hop, but really I can’t think of anybody else in the game who sounds much like him. Where some who do not enjoy hip hop may find it incredibly annoying, those of us who bask in the glory of the underground goods may feel as though we’ve struck gold.

After being signed to Interscope and releasing this record, Trunk Muzik 0-60, just last week, Yelawolf’s career will be an interesting one to follow. I wish him the best of success. Hopefully yall enjoy his music as much as I do.

Download “Billy Crystal”

Purchase Album on iTunes:

Trunk Muzik 0-60 - YelaWolf

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Caution: Not Appropriate To View At Work

Music Video: “When Can I See You” – New Kingdom

I am intentionally posting this on the weekend, because it isn’t appropriate to view at work. But man, this ish is funny! New rock band out of LA called New Kingdom. They’re made up of 4 guys: Noah King, Joe Rausch, Evan Turner, Oren Yoel. Yoel is also a producer and produced a lot of songs on Asher Roth’s latest album. And a little pop culture knowledge: the main singer (and the star of the video), Noah King, has a brother named Adam who starred on MTV’s The Real World: Paris. Sorry dude, your brother was a tool on the show. You seem cool/funny though. 

Click here to download their EP, Naked Time, for free

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Sky Ferreira – Happy Dre


“Happy Dre” – Sky Ferreira

Check out this girl’s singing over a beat by Dre. Dope. And I like how she doesn’t sound over-produced, particularly at the end of the song, where you can tell it’s her voice…none of the autotuning/correcting stuff that happens all too often in studios these days.

Happiness is a warm gun

Download “Happy Dre” (right click and save)

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Rich Hil – The Limoprint Mixtape

Rich Hil fans out there? I’ve featured him a good number of times. He dropped a mixtape that I haven’t gotten to check out yet (I don’t do this often…post without listening, but I hear good things). Apparently he doesn’t use any beats from Jay-Z’s BP3, but uses beats that were sent in to Jay-Z to be on the album by Alex Goose but were not featured.

Download Rich Hil’s “The Limoprint” here

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