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MIXTAPE: No Fly Zone – Shortman Score & Frank Ramz

Frank Ramz and Shortman Score, two rappers from the Bronx, have released their breakthrough 12-track project. The content ranges from slower, soulful songs to heavier hip hop. For true fans of hip hop, this will be your jam. Spread the word about the tape by following @FrankRamz and @ShortmanScore on Twitter and tweeting with a hashtag #NoFlyZone. By doing that, you’ll be in the running to win a free Pigeons and Planes t-shirt. Streaming is available via their Bandcamp page. Don’t sleep on this album!

Download “No Fly Zone” (via Pigeons and Planes)

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New Shortman Score & Frank Ramz

“Let’s Get It” – Shortman Score & Frank Ramz by Sunset in the Rearview

Frank Ramz…hm…where have I heard that name before? Sounds familiar…do I know somebody named Frank Ramz? Likely, if you read Pigeons and Planes, which I highly suggest you do, you know the name Frank Ramz. He is Confusion’s wingman, often blogging the newest hip hop and R&B to come to the scene. Well, he’s a man of many talents, because this is the exact same Frank Ramz rapping on this track. Some might think that I’m only posting this because I am friends with the team over at P&P, but I’m actually very stingy about only posting things I truly like and believe in. I would likely tell Ramz straight up if his music sucked, because I think that’s what makes artists better. But I really think he’s doing well for himself – I love this new track from him and Shortman Score.

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