The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”

– Voltaire

Do yourself a favor and make it to the end of this playlist. The Hood Internet’s meld of Baauer and Schoolboy Q is a MUST listen. Keep on dancing my friends.

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Zedd – Clarity ft Foxes (Aylen Remix)

So big man Dusty already included this as one of the “Five Best Dance Songs of the Week,” but I wanted to highlight it a little more because I like Aylen‘s work and this song is too dope to go unnoticed.

This little diddy is a remix of one of my favorite Zedd songs, “Clarity.” I love the combination of the grimy bass Aylen uses and the high pitched vocals of Foxes. This is a straight up jam with enough accessibility to be a party song and enough filth to be a rave song.

Aylen kills it per usual, really complementing the original by giving it a slightly different pace and a very different feel.


Throw it down this weekend with Aylen’s help.


Dream Big

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Foxes – Let Go for Tonight

New Foxes!

Louisa Rose Allen, also known as Foxes, released one of the most under-appreciated tracks of last year. I have compared her sound to that of Florence and the Machine. And guess what? Foxes is now working with frequent Florence collaborator Kid Harpoon (co-wrote “Shake It Out,” “Never Let Me Go,” and “Leave My Body” from the new album). The demo below was co-written by Harpoon and is simply explosive.

MP3: “Let Go for Tonight” – Foxes

Foxes’ debut Warrior EP will be released on July 3rd.

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Friday at Five [Weekend Music]

New Friday at Five!

Yoooo! This weekend, America will be in full form as most of the nation’s eye will be fixed on Super Bowl XLVI, which is absolutely proven to provide high-throttle sports action backed by gluttonous consumption of food, drink and expensive advertising.

For anybody else that holds marketing dear to their heart like me (I studied journalism and strategic communication in college,) this weekend is like free porn on cable TV. To tie things into music, it’ll be interesting to see what bands and artists are gonna be featured as the soundtrack to this weekend’s big-budget commercials. For more on this, peep the write up on song placements in commercials by our good friend and fellow blogger Confusion over at Pigeons and Planes.

What are some of your traditions for Super Bowl weekend? Giants or Patriots? Do you love American football? Do you hate American football? What artists would you love to see back a Super Bowl ad?

BONUS: A lot of companies have been previewing their big ads for the weekend on YouTube to get a viral bang for their buck. Here’s my favorite so far, featuring Matthew Broderick parodying his own classic flick, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. The soundtrack also reprises itself from the original movie–“Oh Yeah” by Yello.

1. “Levels (TheFatRat Remix)” – Aviici

2. “Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)” – Foxes


3. “Nightchain (Wale X Kavinsky)” – The Hood Internet


4. “¡Holy Guacamole!” – Super Mash Bros


5. “Pictures (GZUS Remix)” – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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Foxes – Youth

New Foxes!

Loui Rose Allen, better known as Foxes, is about to become very famous. The production on her first single, “Youth,” is reminiscent of something Beyoncé or Adele would belt off of–until the percussion kicks in. Then, it becomes a song from Florence + the Machine’s Ceremonials–until the track explodes into a club banger behind a cool wave of synths. Then, it’s a song from Ellie Goulding’s debut album Lights. Still, there is something different about Foxes that I can’t figure out. Somehow, she is just unique enough to separate herself from the (fox?) pack of the very talented female vocalists of today. Huh.

Check her out.

P.S.: I could not find a large enough picture of her on the Internet, so this cool picture of LASERBEARS french fries is going to have to suffice.

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