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[Video] Fortune Family – Gravity ft. JohnieB

There was a time when I thought we had seen the last of Fortune Family. Family’s fall apart sometimes, but sometimes they come back even stronger. Fortune Family fell apart for over a year, but then they did just that; the music they’ve been working on recently is better than anything they’ve released, and this is our first taste of that. Hop’s production has reached a new level, and his and Reef’s lyricism is deeper and realer than ever before. On this track, Hop and Reef discuss their journeys, both as single artists and as a whole, and deliver a glimpse into what happened to the Fam and how they ended up coming back together. I am so glad they did. Watch the video below, and expect to hear a lot from the Fam in the coming weeks and months.

Welcome back, Reef and Hop. You’ve been missed.


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Fortune Family – Spring ft. Upper West and Melody Noel

Fortune Family is back at it with a new single off of their upcoming mixtape, set to drop early this summer. For this one, they’ve recruited Upper West for a verse and new-to-the-scene singer Melody Noel for a crazy hook.

Produced by B-Nich, Spring features Sarah Bareilles’ “Uncharted.” One of my favorite Reef verses to date.

Fortune Family – Spring ft. Upper West and Melody Noel


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Fortune Family – Fam-uh-la

Download “Fam-uh-la”

Fortune Family’s back with a new single, Fam-uh-la. The other week, Lydia had a great post the other week about samples used in songs, and this one has a lot of samples itself so I thought I’d take you through them.

First, let’s get to the music. Hop samples “Shadow of Lo” by Return to Forever.  Return to Forever is a jazz-fusion band from The Big Apple, led by well respected pianist Chick Corea. They made their mark during the 70’s, and came back just a few years ago to do some shows and record new music. Chick Corea is a pretty incredible dude — he played with The Legend Miles Dewey Davis III back in the 60’s — so his chops and credentials are mightily legitimate.

Now, the lyrics.  The female voice you hear is Lauryn Hill, sampled from the Fugees song “Ooh La La.”  As members of the Fugees, Hill, Wyclef Jean, and rapper Pras Michel were huge; they had a Grammy Winning record in 1996 with “The Score,” which went platinum 4 times over. Then, in 1997, the group went their separate ways, all managing to promote successful solo careers. Hill went on to record her magnum opus, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Clef went on to produce for such acts as Santana and Destiny’s Child, and Pras went on to record with hip-hop god Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Not too shabby all around, I’d say.

The sound clips, to me, add a lot to the song. The first is Bob Ross a painter. Kind of the Richard Simmons of his craft, truly a pleasure to watch.

You’ve also got a clip from Dumb and Dumber, and one from the Peep Show at the end. All in all, a whole lot of different sounds went into creating this song, and it’s cool to see how it all comes together.


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Reef of Fortune Fam and Dylan Owen – Dreams


Last night, Reef of Fortune Family and Dylan Owen released a video for their newest collaboration, entitled “Dreams.” With video production by the notorious Jon Kilmer and audio production by the relatively unknown, albeit really skilled, August Coupe, this is one of Fortune Family’s best releases to date, and Dylan Owen has gained a new level of respect in my mind as well. The track centers around insecurities and issues found in relationships, with both rappers speaking very honestly and openly about their experiences and feelings–something I unfortunately am seeing less and less with up and coming rappers. Grace Kelly, the singer on the hook, also provides an amazing hook, supplementing the sound of the rappers with her honeydipped vocal chords.

The video is also particularly impressive. While most rap videos these days center around landscape shots simply for the sake of being visually appealing, this video centers around a more conceptual theme, as is evident by watching it.

Perhaps I’m biased, but I think this track really cements both Reef and Dylan Owen as some of the most promising up and comers in the blogosphere.

Sound off in the comments if you agree/disagree.

I’ll never let her go, and she’ll never be forsaken/ If the dreams don’t pan out, fuck it I still tried/ Me and hip hop, forever you and I

Reef of Fortune Family and Dylan Owen – Dreams by sunsetintherearviewdprep


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Fortune Family – Living Dead

Fortune Family – Living Dead

Fortune Family dropped their newest single off earlier this evening, and it’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve heard from them recently.  Sampling the late, legendary J. Dilla, Hop puts a filthy little twist on the classic beat and adds a vintage Goosebumps style intro.

This might be my favorite verse from Reef to date.  Good to have the Fam back, expect a lot of new material from them coming up.  A video for Take Me Away, some live footage from Boston and NYC, and a new mixtape all in the works.

Download “Living Dead”

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[Video] Fortune Family – Young Hearts

Last night, Fortune Family released their lead single off of their upcoming mixtape, accompanied by visuals directed by Ryan Do.

Sampling Rod Stewart’s classic “Young Turks,” Hop Hobson puts a mean little twist on this sample and turns it into a really bumping, electronic influenced hip-hop beat.

Fortune Family had a brief hiatus the first half of this year as one of their rappers, Reef, was studying overseas.

Recently, though, Fortune Family has been jumping back into things with a lot of new releases–in the past two weeks alone, they’ve released a video of a live set in Philly, produced two songs for Hoodie Allen’s latest mixtape, Leap Year, released a remix of one of their songs off of “Paradox EP,” and now they are here to bring you “Young Hearts,” their new video and single. Enjoy.

Download “Young Hearts

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[Video] Fortune Family – Young Hearts Promo

Yesterday, Fortune Family released a new promotional video for their upcoming single, Young Hearts.

Fortune Family will be joining close SITR friend Hoodie Allen on tour in Boston, NYC, Westchester, etc. in the upcoming month, which should make for a great string of shows.

Last week they played in Brooklyn with DMC of Run DMC, Dean and Ravo, Kinetics & One Love and others, and this trailer includes footage from that show as well as a snippet of their new single, Young Hearts.


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[Video] Hop Hobson of Fortune Family – OE

Yesterday, Hop Hobson (the producing half of Fortune Family) released a video for a “O.E.” which is a track off of their latest mixtape, Paradox. First off, I love anything dedicated to one of my favorite malt beverages, the natural beauty that is Olde English.

Ryan Do of RVD Films directs the video, which portrays Hop as he avoids work to drink O.E. and smoke blunts–a man with his priorities truly well aligned in my opinion.

Anyways, this shows off Hop’s slick flow and Do’s crispy editing skills. Really great video.

Look out for a big summer from Fortune Family.

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Youth – Jesse James and Reef (of Fortune Family)

Youth – Jesse James and Reef (of Fortune Family)

Since the recent success of their mixtape “Paradox,” Fortune Family has been gaining some serious momentum. This feature is their first new material since “Paradox,” and the duo of Hop Hobson and Sherif Hamid have a lot of new projects, collaborations, features, and videos that will be coming out going into the summer.

This track is a collaboration with Jesse James, a very unique and talented artist out of Southern California. With really neat production, this track has a dreamy, chilled vibe. Trading verses, Jesse and Reef both go in, and Jesse’s voice on the hook really compliments the song as a whole.

With a carefree, laidback, and somewhat nostalgic feel, this song celebrates youthful exuberance; being young and having fun. A great song for the upcoming warm months, this one could become an anthem.

“They steal my thoughts/ But I caught the thief/ Fam on the mic write it down cause it’s Reef/ They just pissed I bridged the West and the East”

Jesse James || Facebook || Tumblr

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Best College Artists Mixtape

Presented by Sunset in the Rearview and Hold My Coat

Two months ago, Sunset in the Rearview and Hold My Coat decided to take submissions to a mixtape that we would call the “Best College Artists” mixtape. After a great number of submissions, the teams at SITR and HMC came together to vote and decide upon the artists we believe are worthy of being on this mixtape.

The other day, BroBible released their “College Rapper Database”, which included what they considered their top 100 college rappers in order from 1-100. I vehemently disagreed with their list, as did the majority of people who read it. This is not our response to their list; this is simply a list of artists both Sunset in the Rearview and Hold My Coat truly believe in. Our list bridges genres. These are not the Best College Rappers: these are the Best College Artists.

Winning Colleges:
NYU (2)
Syracuse (2)
Notre Dame
University of Michigan
College of Staten Island

Hit the jump for a full tracklisting, a description of each artists, and the download link.

Download “Best College Artists”

1. “Temptations” – Gorilla Warfare Tactics (NYU)

Out of New York University, this group came up very quickly on the blogs. “Temptations” hit a great number of blogs as soon as it was released, and the group immediately received a lot of hype. They really delivered on their latest EP, Premier, which was released by SITR and Pigeons & Planes. Pigset.

“Fellas with the beats whatchu cookin’ in the kitchen?/ Found hip hop and started losin’ my religion”

2. “Take Me Away” – Fortune Family (NYU)

Also out of NYU, Fortune Family’s “Take Me Away” is a catchy song that almost immediately gets stuck in your head. With great production, this duo shows consistent lyrical strength. Their latest EP, “Paradox,” was received almost unanimously as an extremely impressive project. This group shines in the diluted genre of “college” rap, and, as young as they are, they have a very bright future in front of them.

“Say he’s a cool cat/ Living on his ninth life/ Me I’m more like one of Vick’s dogs/ Living on my ninth fight”

3. “Top Shelf” – JuiceBoX (SUNY-Oneonta)

With some really cool production on this track, JuiceBoX comes with a unique flow that bumps throughout. JuiceBoX spits hard, as if he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. You can really see the emotion shine through in his music.

“I let the haters talk/ Let them do what they do/ Bitch I’m in it to win it/ There is no option to lose

4. “Video Game” – Mouth’s Cradle (Syracuse University)

Mouth’s Cradle has an extremely unique sound and a very cool vibe. I love the synths on this track, and the flow of the instrumental itself is really cool. Definitely an extremely talented group, these guys are serious, and you will hear more from them.

“I wish that love was like a videogame/ And that no matter how I played it, it would turn out the same”

5. “Strange Times (prod. Brenton Duvall)” – Young Prince (Guilford College)

Well, Brenton’s my boy and we at Sunset absolutely love everything he touches. So when he started producing original material for some rapper I had never heard of named Young Prince, I was extremely intrigued. This track has the Brenton feel to it for sure, which is always a good thing, and also some great flow and tight rhymes from YP. Young Prince has recently been invited to join “Lydia’s Band of Little Brothers.” That obviously means he has talent.

“See my music complements my purpose/ Cause what I’m hearin’ on the radio is soundin’ worthless”

6. “The Sky is Filled” – In Euphoric Company (Notre Dame)

I was immediately impressed by this group’s ability to create to create a full, multi-layered, potent sound. Similar on some level to Animal Collective, they really do create a “euphoric” sound.

“Won’t you feel it?”

7. “Waiting For The Sun – Oh Stereo (Vanderbilt)

Oh Stereo has a really great sound as a band, and this is a feel good track that is easy to listen to, with a mellow vibe. Great piano, great drums, great guitar, great singing…great band.

“Emotions cast a haze on the moon”

8. “Imperfect” – Bradford Hester (Syracuse University)

Bradford Hester is a great rapper and a solid singer. Creating a really slick song here, the opening lyrics of this song, below, really describe it well. Just a solid song to kick back to.

“This got that crusin’ down the highway, topdown, 70 degrees, clear skies, beautiful girl in the passenger seat feel”

9. “Rock My World (ft. Sam Kay)” – Josh Smith (University of Michigan)

This track gets you vibing to the beat even before Smith comes in to rap. With a really understated, synth and drum beat, Smith rocks a mellow flow over the top. Sam Kay comes in with a great hook and really adds another element. While I’m not at all a fan of this genre (pop/R&B), these two do it well.

“And it was wrong in the worst way/ Didn’t care, had me comin’ over to her place”

10.“It Was Never About Winning” – Stann Smith (College of Staten Island)

Stann Smith has a flow that reminds me a lot of Chris Webby. I don’t particularly enjoy Chris Webby’s music, but this submission really impressed me. Nothing special about the production on this one (besides, of course, the GLORIOUS Spongebob Squarepants sample), but Smith goes in with a flow that makes me excited to hear more from him in the future.

“Everything you hear’s real/ My music’s my reflection/ The consumer’s my objective/ Soothin tunes is my subjective”

What do you guys think of the list? Keep in mind some artists you might have wanted to see on here did not submit-who else do you think deserves to make the list?

Download “Best College Artists”

Download “Best College Artists”

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Big Z Remixes – Hasta La Vista (feat. Fortune Family and Oncue)

Two Big Z songs in less than 24 hours on Sunset? I love it. This one features a Sunset favorite, Fortune Family, it has a really mellow vibe to it, and Big Z made an interesting decision to switch up the order of the verses, dropping Oncue’s first, Hop’s verse 2nd, and then Reef’s verse. With a nice introductory piano riff followed by some bass and a great horn section, Big Z puts a really unique twist on this one and it sounds great.

This has gotta be up there with my ‘Slow Down’ and ‘We Major’ as my favorite Big Z Remixes remixes. Lydia says remixes are like PB&J sandwiches: I’ll make a different metaphor.

Remixes are like that moment when you were a little kid and had multitudes of ice cream flavors lined up in front of you along with a smorgasbord of toppings. You want some cookie dough? Toss that in there. Cookies and cream? Do it big. Chocolate sauce? Yup. Sprinkles? Yes. Rainbow sprinkles? Chocolate sprinkles? Hell, all of the sprinkles, toss ‘em on there. Now imagine that the acapella from the original is vanilla ice cream. Sure, tasty in its own right, absolutely. Well, this is a damn good ice cream sundae from Big Z. Enjoy. Be sure to like Big Z Remixes’ BRAND NEW FACEBOOK FANPAGE. Do it.

Download “Hasta La Vista”


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OCD: Moosh and Twist

So this weekend, Mac Miller shut it down at the The Take Over with Fortune Family and OCD: Moosh and Twist. Ryan Do was able to get some great footage of the show, which by all accounts was a blast.

OCD: Moosh and Twist also released a new song last night, “Black Forest Gummie Worms,” which is really dope. This group has some serious potential, and with over 9,000 fans on their facebook page, they are gaining serious momentum and are well on their way to blowing up. With great production from DK, BFGW showcases the duos always on point flow. Still in high school, to Moosh and Twist have serious potential would be a laughable understatement. Their new tape, “Up Before The World,” drops March 7th, and I am anxiously anticipating some serious dopeness from these two.

And I won’t even dumb it down/ Giving you the runaround/ Racing for that pinkslip/ You can put a hundred down/ This feeling’s irreplaceable/ I don’t know what to say to you/ She killin me, she thrillin me, I’m hopin I can make it through”

Download “Black Forest Gummie Worms”

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