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[Video] Soldier’s Heart – New Housie

New Soldier's Heart!

I first heard “New Housie” around the time Soldier’s Heart‘s first single “African Fire” dropped. I actually spent like a week trying to download the song; it’s kind of embarrassing. I eventually succeeded and have the original mix in my iTunes. Listening to the new mix of the song, I understand why the band took their time polishing the record, because now we are left with a fully realized track with no holes or imperfections in it. The finished version sounds like Florence and the Machine meets Beach House (really, the background guitar melody reminds me of “10 Mile Stereo“–or even a sped up version of Childish Gambino’s “These Girls“). After touring extensively with the likes of Willis Earl Beal, Youth Lagoon, The Naked & The Famous, and Crystal Fighters, the Belgium band seems poised to make major moves in 2014.

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Mashup Monday | Week 142

Mashup Monday

Not feeling very well today, but thankful for time to rest, Monday Night Football, and mashups…getting me through today. Here are some top mashups for y’all. Highlight is #3 – pure perfection coming from Isonine.


1. Poetic Justice (ft. Clams Casino) Remix – Andrew Gentry


2. Say Goodbye (Krewella x Kesha x Felix Cartel x Madame Buttons x Martin Solveig) – Frank Carmine


3. Poetic (Anna Kendrick x Kendrick Lamar x Drake x Florence and the Machine) – Isonine


4. Untitled (Passion Pit x Daft Punk x LCD Soundsystem) – Kees


5. Fall The Time (Jeremih x Natasha Mosley x Lil Wayne x Rhye) – The Hood Internet

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MS MR – Fantasy

MS MR dropped the first single, “Fantasy,” off their debut album, which is slated to come out May 14. This track really solidifies their sexy, dangerous sound, especially following their last EP, but the driving beat underneath this track gives it a sort of Florence and the Machine feel, especially with the echoing background vocals. I have a feeling their debut album’s gonna be disgustingly good…how bout you guys?

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Florence + The Machine – Take Care (Drake Cover)

Florence + The Machine – Take Care (Drake Cover) || (Download)

Drake feat. Rihanna – Take Care

So this has been around for a couple of weeks, but an MP3 of the cover just surfaced so I figured now would be a good time to post.

Anyways, Florence. Girl kills me. First time I heard this it had a pretty powerful effect on me, and I was really taken aback by the power Florence has in her voice. Kind of just blows you away, ya know?

I gave Drake’s “Take Care” a controversially positive review, and while that’s up for debate, the fact that Florence + The Machine killed this cover is not.

Imagine a Florence/Drake collaboration! Damn.

I’ve embedded both Florence’s cover and Drake’s original–let me know which you like more in the comments! I’m curious. As great as this is, Drake’s still takes the cake for me; but, Florence’s is live and not superficially produced, so I gotta give my girl props for that.

Head over to Pigeons and Planes to see the video of Florence performing the cover live.


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