Figure It Out

Teddi Gold – Figure It Out

Teddi Gold seemed to bust out of the gate a few months back, a fully formed pop anomaly, boasting the delightfully saccharine single “Video Games.” Her undeniable knack for crafting dynamic tracks with phat beats and ear wormy melodies could certainly place her amongst contemporaries like Charlie XCX and Dua Lipa, but Teddi seems less interested in regurgitating tried-and-true fluff, preferring to adapt the Top 40 format to fit her empowering agenda.

Gold’s newest single, “Figure it Out,” is packed with gorgeous, self-reflective hooks which elicit a feeling of elation and catharsis. The subject matter here could be interpreted as a ‘get over him’ content, but is much more about taking responsibility for your life and becoming a spiritual warrior. Regarding the meaning of the track, Gold says, “Figure It Out’ is my reflection on walking away from a toxic relationship. The pain of letting someone go, but also the celebration of finding your self worth.”


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