[Interview] Lostboycrow Releases New EP “Sigh For Me”

Lostboycrow has been on Sunset’s radar for a while now. He’s currently one of our favorites to lead us into the 2016 music year. With first making waves on Sunset back in April of 2015, the music in which he describes as happy, sad, sexy, and dance, began when he made Los Angeles his new home and was fortunate enough to record a few songs with his good pal, Dylan (Flor). From there on, Lostboycrow was born. One of the first things we asked him was why Lostboycrow? Is there any significance to the name?

“I wanted the name to reflect the sentiment behind all of the art I create, a banner I could hold above every song and feel good about. It’s about having a vision and telling a story; “Lostboycrow” comes from the legend of The Lost Boy told by the Crow Nation – a people whose culture is centered on both of those things. I feel close to them and they inspired me to create and dream with others.”

Hit the jump for the rest of the interview and EP!

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Check out ZHU’s EP + ODESZA Remix of Faded

ODESZA just gave ZHU’s Faded the remix treatment, and it’s craaaaaaazy. Definitely a 180 switch from ZHU’s original work. Both are great, and should be equally enjoyed. Below is the original, and the remix for comparison.

Below are the remaining tracks off of his stellar debut EP, Nightday.

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[Interview + EP] MisterWives – Reflections

Today, MisterWives released their debut EP Reflections. I was able to interview the lead singer, Mandy, about the EP and other fun tidbits. In a quick sum up, the EP is filled with different tunes for your listening pleasures that’ll have you moving and grooving. It’s a solid debut, and one that should gain some rotation in your iTunes/Spotify. Hit the jump to check out the interview and directly below that, the EP.

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[EP] River Tiber – The Star Falls

I just found out about this 23-year old Canadian singer and producer who goes by the name of River Tiber (real name is Tommy Paxton-Beesley) over on The Music NinjaI’m reminded right now a bit of the day that I first heard Oliver Tank’s music. There was the moment, very soon after pressing play, that I knew this was a real life moment that I’d remember for a while. The brain holds a lot of information, yall, but for you to actually be able to remember it, many times you have to associate it with emotion or sense. I’m not in a memorable place right now, but I feel this music. I’m going to remember this moment on a Friday, sitting at my desk, just like any other day, but for what I just stumbled upon.

It sounds as though River Tiber has quite the audience in his native Toronto who already know and love his music. But if it’s just beginning to seep outside the Canadian borders, let me be one to tell you that this young man is onto something really special. He’s creating electronic music that isn’t dependent on heavy synths, which currently feel overdone in the music market. He’s doing something more unique, more adventurous and exploratory, than what you often hear in the electronic music scene. It tends to be much softer than that. Even on “The City,” which starts with a drumkit baseline, it emerges into something that sounds so calm and natural. At times his vocals sound a bit reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’s, who is one of my favorite artists of all time. It’s truly beautiful, yall. I may have just found my newest crush.

What are you afraid of?

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[Download/Stream] House Fire – Days End EP

Usually I’m not the guy on the blog that brings some fresh music onto the scene, but the times they are a’changin’, I guess. House Fire first came up on my radar a few weeks ago when one of my friends told me something like, “Yeah man my friend’s in a band, they’re releasing an EP soon, you should blog about it.” Yeah, okay, whatever. But I checked them out because I was bored, and to say that I was pleasantly surprised is a severe understatement.

House Fire brings the chill, relaxing vibes that you’d expect from a band formed in SoCal but adds a little bit of throwback flare that you don’t find very often in today’s indie rock scene. Stream and download their Days End EP below, and make sure you check them out on Facebook and Twitter too.

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[EP] Magic Man – You Are Here

After the release of Paris & Every Day (which you can listen to below), Magic Man has released their latest EP and this is fan-freakin’-tastic. If you’re a fan of music in general, you should be checking out this EP. You Are Here contains 5 tracks for you to delve into, with each one being unique in it’s own way. Paris & Every Day are on constant rotation in my “Best of 2013” Spotify playlist. Peep it! And happy Friday!

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[EP Stream and Review] Sol – Eyes Open

I’ve had several times in my life when I’ve felt lost and looked for any reason to get away from the fast-paced world. One of these times came as I was starting college and realizing I was entering what was going to be the time of my life, but I didn’t want to lose sight of reality around the rest of the world. I wasn’t sure what kind of impact I could have, but I owed it to myself and to the world not to be ignorant. So I dedicated my college years to studying Human Rights and did my study abroad in Kenya. It was an experience that opened my eyes to bigger things in life than some of my other passions like technology and sports. I learned that when resources are scarce (which they always were, particularly in the rural areas I was living and studying in), the focus doesn’t need to be on what we don’t have, but making the most of what we do have. Things like human relationships, trust and care took on a whole new meaning for me. Today, six years later, I find myself working in technology sales, but I never lose sight of what I learned, and truth be told, I often find myself feeling lost and itching to get away again.

Seattle hip-hop artist Sol had a similar revelation a bit over a year ago when he put music on hold for a chance to travel around the world and learn more about himself and life. While it was likely upsetting to his fans to see him drop music like it was nothing, I got it. And though part of me wondered if he’d be able to pick up rapping again after seeing reality in countries like Ethiopia, Uganda, Haiti and India, I believed deep down that he would use the experience to tell a better story in his music. And that’s exactly what happened.

Sol didn’t always impress me with his storytelling skills in the past, but today’s release of Sol’s Open Eyes EP is a whole new story. Songs like “Old Him” are a genuine representation of what Sol learned and provide a refreshing perspective on the rest of the world, not just the extravagant one we tend to hear about through hip-hop today. Sol raps: “My belly’s empty, and not because it’s Ramadan/ I simply lost my appetite seeing children starve/ And that’s what’s really hard/ Not your silly bars/ Not your grill, not your cars, not the pills you pop.” Suddenly Sol has a story to tell that’s so real, and it may not quite resonate with everybody right off the bat, but to me it’s an opportunity for Sol to enlighten his listeners on bigger things in life. This EP is Sol’s first step, and he’s got an open lane ahead of him that not enough artists are riding in right now.

There are still songs on the EP like “Jump In,” which still show a bit of the old Sol; it’s poppy, it doesn’t carry too deep a message with it, but it’s still fun to listen to. It’s one of those tracks I turn on every time I want to bounce around a little, and frankly, I appreciate that Sol included a track like that (and bonus track “Dope”) on the collection, because it helps him appear more human than if had he only included serious tracks with preachy messages that might be distant for some of his fanbase or potential fans.

Altogether, I think Sol has taken a leap forward in his career. It goes to show that taking time off, slowing down, and getting one’s bearings doesn’t have to be seen as a pause or a step backward…if done well, it can be a huge step forward. It has helped me tremendously in life, and I think this EP is proof that it has absolutely helped Sol. It helped him craft a new sound, deliver a new message, and gain perspective on life. Sol describes it best in a letter that went out to his fans and promoters today. Hit the jump for the full EP stream and to read the letter from Sol.

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[EP Stream and Review] Until The Ribbon Breaks – A Taste of Silver

After hearing the single “Pressure,” I knew Until The Ribbon Breaks was onto something special. Until The Ribbon Breaks is the moniker for the UK-based R&B-meets-electronic singer and producer Pete Lawrie Winfield. It’s hard to find artists to compare him to, but if I was forced to, I would pick names like James Blake, Jamie Woon, or Fryars. While originally sucked in by the breathy, stark, often-layered vocals of Winfield, I’ve since fallen hard for the complete spectrum of Winfield’s talents, which includes a strong mastery of production.

Today marks the release of the debut EP for Winfield as Until The Ribbon Breaks; A Taste of Silver is a 5-track EP containing tracks called “2025,” “Perspective (ft. Homeboy Sandman),” “Romeo,” “Pressure,” and “Back To The Stars.” After a handful of full listens, “Pressure” remains the highlight for me of the artist’s debut EP, but the compilation as a whole is breathtaking. Another standout track for me was third track “Romeo.” A quiet song that starts with some highly-produced clips of vocals and instrumentals and then funnels into Until The Ribbon Breaks’s whispery and dual-toned vocals, the song maintains an element of intrigue throughout. UTRB mastered the mysterious storytelling vibe and alluring vocal patterns in a way I hear few others doing today. Somehow if my mind wandered in an attempt to relate Winfield’s stories to my own world, the focal point remains Winfield’s music when he sings “You see I would have killed Romeo/ And saved Juliet/ But I don’t write stories/ That time wont forget/ So wont you pass me the kerosene/ Let’s burn to the ground/ You’ve been looking for meaning/ Did you like what you found?” I’m hooked on those words.

A major drawing point for me is that Until The Ribbon Breaks has a way of taking a song from one sound and turning it into something completely different unexpectedly. It’s a beautiful act that you can hear best in the first minute of “Pressure.” In the same song, UTRB takes a heavy bass and drum machine patterns to the track, and also slides into a sweet sound of semi-muted piano paired with his hushed vocals singing “maybe in another life/ maybe in another life/ if we get another life/ maybe in that life/ I could learn to love you.” The change-ups are both shocking and comforting, particularly when you come full circle to the softer sections.

Throughout this EP, Until The Ribbon Breaks manages to flex both his vocal and production muscles, but while I first paid most attention to the sexy vocals of Until The Ribbon Breaks until this point, it’s worth paying close attention to the genius behind Winfield’s music production. Listen closely on tracks like “Romeo” and “Pressure” — there is a stunning blend of electronic noises, raw drum builds, and simple piano melodies that marry the vocals perfectly. The one downfall for me, and where my attention wandered the most during my listens, was on the second track, “Perspective.” To me, this track didn’t fit in with the rest of the collection. I appreciated that Homeboy Sandman was featured on the track, particularly as it seems the two artists have strong opinions on the cultural state of the world and have expressed them through their music, but the sonic qualities of “Perspective” just didn’t fall in line with the beauty of the rest of the EP for me.

And what’s most, for me, is the path the short EP takes. It starts with “2025,” which is a dark track focusing on societal misfortunes, opening with the lyrics “I was born with my back to the stars,” but shedding light on human pretension, loneliness as the new normal, and even online dating. It winds through Winfield’s mind and stories, and ends with “Back To The Stars” which also starts with the lyrics “I was born with my back to the stars,” but this time around Winfield tells of another who has touched him so, by singing “and you, what have you done for me?/ you’ve opened up my eyes/ you’ve opened up my eyes.” Without knowing much of a backstory, it leads me to imagine that it’s an uplifting tale of a man at his lows who finds love in a dark place. In an age where it’s hard to listen to a compilation from front to back and feel any sort of completeness or satisfaction, Until The Ribbon Breaks has brought back a mysterious storytelling component to not just songwriting, but album-writing (or in this instance, EP-writing). Something tells me this is just the beginning of a long and healthy career for Winfield as Until The Ribbon Breaks. With an incredible release of A Taste of Silver and tour dates with rising star Lorde, the future is bright for this artist.


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[MP3] Carousel – Close My Eyes

Yet another track off of Carousel’s forthcoming EP, Palms, due out August 7th.

It’s fun, it’s synthy, it’s dreamy, it’s fresh, it’s cool. It’s what the cool kids are doing. This reminds me of an 80’s movie montage of some fella and his girl having special moments together. Then when it’s all over, and your eyes open, you realize you want to go back to that moment again, so you close your eyes and hit replay(or vice versa if you’re not as talented). You can, and should preorder their EP on iTunes here.

Isn’t it fun when your favorite artists keep releasing great music?

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Sam Lachow & Raz – 5 Good Reasons [EP]

Hopefully this is a bit redundant for you guys. Sammy and his good buddy Raz dropped this more than a week ago, and being the awful blogger that I am I proceeded to not post it until now. The project is classic Lachow: Sam handled the production himself, using his signature horns and guitars and all-around awesome sounds, and the rhymes are there. Raz and Sam both add their unique personalities to the project, and as usual their friends (Magik, Ariana DeBoo, and B Skeez) kill the features. Make sure you follow both Sam and Raz on the Twitter-machine, and download the jawn right here (no f*cked up Dat Piff ID3 tags!!!!).

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[EP] Left Boy – Guns Bitches And Weed

Sans a few loosies here and there, Austrian-songster Left Boy has remained relatively quiet in the past few months. Maybe I haven’t been in the loop enough, but it completely surprised me tonight to find that he just dropped a whole slew of songs packaged together on a new EP, Guns Bitches And Weed. I’m down, though.

For those not yet familiar with Ferdinand Sarnitz, better known as Left Boy, use this EP as your point of reference. Thus far, his style hasn’t respected many boundaries, which is one of his defining and refreshing qualities.

Much of GB&W’s soundscape is sprinkled with genre-blending elements of blipping electro and thumping hip-hop (oh yeah, and a fucking Vanessa Carlton sample) all driven by a flow by Mr. Sarnitz that’s not quite rap and not quite singing. It’s something in between and much weirder. Again, I’m down though.

Download the full EP via leftboy.com and peep a couple highlights that I’ve picked below.

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[EP] Sex Ray Vision – Relax

I think it’s fair enough to say that Sex Ray Vision has made quite a name for themselves, super quick. Besides that, they’ve also become one of my favorite groups. I can hear a song and immediately know if its SRV. It’s come to that point. From their own original material, to their mashups (even remixes), it’s hard not to put one fist in the air, and constantly jump around.

This is their debut EP entitled Relax. When they say Relax, they mean “get ready to rage, Sex Ray Vision style!” – Actual statement from the group.

9 new eargasmic instrumental tracks, and 6 of them have been unheard until now! Grab this EP, turn up the music (just turn it up, louder!), grab your friends, grab some drinks (need to stay hydrated) and have a blast!

Download Relax: SoundCloud Mediafire

Check out their social networks: Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Youtube, Website

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