Emmit Fenn

Emmit Fenn ft. Nylo – Oceans

Emmit Fenn is back with “Oceans” featuring Nylo, which will be the last featured single before his debut Prologue EP drops in two weeks. This is a slightly different vibe than what we’re used to from Emmit because it features vocals other than himself, and is a little more upbeat. All that does is show the range that he’s capable of as an artist.

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Emmit Fenn – Woman

Emmit Fenn, and NoMBe, two of my favorite artists, link up for a hypnotizing effort that will seduce you. NoMBe provides the sexy guitar. Emmit continues to flex his genre-bending skills. Emmit has been steadily releasing new music at a good pace, so be sure to peep the older releases and stay tuned for the new ones.

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Emmit Fenn – Blinded

After an impressive debut with “Painting Greys,” which happens to be one of my top tracks of 2016, Emmit Fenn returns to release “Blinded.” Using only 15 words, Emmit takes you on an emotional roller-coaster by changing the production several times throughout. The intention is to provide different interpretations for the easy-to-relate-to message. Describing this as incredible feels like an insult. It’s that good.

“I don’t need this like I used to
Cause I feel blinded
blinded by you”


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Emmit Fenn – Painting Greys

Emmit Fenn is just a 20 year old from California that likes to keep things simple. “Painting Greys” is just that. Simple, yet elegant. Nothing crazy. Sometimes less is more. However, it’s hard for me to sit here and not tell you this sounds like Super Mario took a lot of drugs because he was upset that Bowser captured Princess Peach. I mean that as a compliment.

His songs capture abstract thoughts on past relationships and life experiences to draw the listener into a dreamland of deep thought and meaning. 

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