Eliza and the Bear

Introducing: Eliza & The Bear

There’s some irony with this bands name. Eliza & The Bear is an all male band, and none of them are actually bears. This London band makes happy music. Music that you can’t help, but be happy about when you’re listening. That’s the beauty of music, and how it can affect your mood. Eliza & The Bear will make you happy, and you will like it. Now enjoy their latest single, Friends, because it’s in my top  5 for Best of June (dropping in two days). Maybe you should listen with your friends?

There other music is good too, so check out their SoundCloud.



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Tape Tuesday: Lay Me Down

I always find it funny when people say, “Time goes fast when you’re having fun.” Well, no, time always goes the same speed–even when Destiny’s Child has a reunion during halftime of a Super Bowl (learned that the hard way). Time is one of the few constants in our lives. That’s probably why we despise it so much, and while it is always pushing forward, people don’t necessarily have to. I think it’s healthy to occasionally remove yourself from the equation and take a look back at the past. That’s what I think ‘Lay Me Down’ means (aside from being the title of Sam Smith’s legendary debut single). It’s directed at everything that’s constantly moving around us, saying let me go for one hour to listen to this mix and then another hour to listen to it again. Now, if that didn’t make sense to you, you can go suck a dick but download this mix first and hey maybe it’ll be a good soundtrack for your dick sucking.

Every night I ask myself, ‘Am I giving enough?’

  1. KOTA – Masters of the Sun
  2. Tel Aviv – Thriller
  3. Theme Park – Tonight
  4. American Authors – Believer
  5. Go Beach – Lord Knows We Tried (I Know)
  6. Heyrocco – Elsewhere
  7. Beatenberg – In B Flat
  8. Sam Smith – Lay Me Down
  9. Fyfe – Solace
  10. Local Natives – Colombia
  11. Polytype – Devils Out
  12. Radial – Holdin’ On Together (Phoenix Cover)*
  13. CYMBALS – The Natural World
  14. Eliza and the Bear – Upon the North
  15. The Lawlands – Youth
  16. Coasts – Oceans
  17. Jim James – A New Life



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Now Playing: Eliza and the Bear, Tel Aviv, and Pale

Over the past few days, I’ve been compiling songs for the next Tape Tuesday. Yesterday, I visited SoundCloud, which turned out to be both a good and bad idea–good, because there I discovered the three talents below, and bad, because it reminded me just how much music is out there. I mean, that’s the crux of what music blogging is: the attempt at finding diamonds in the rough and exposing them to people who tend to like your diamonds. Sometimes it’s just frustrating knowing that there are so many diamonds and so much rough. That probably sounds weird, but it’s true. As for the tunes below, I was honestly just way too excited to share them with you to wait until TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2013.

Hit the jump to listen… Continue reading “Now Playing: Eliza and the Bear, Tel Aviv, and Pale” »

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