Sunset In The Rearview’s Best Songs of 2014


We are only three days away from a brand new year. Crazy. How you spent your 2014 is on you, but I can tell you the music scene in 2014 was quite successful. This is by far my favorite post of the year and I’m glad I can share it with all of you. The writers over here at SITR were very high on some artists this year, and it shows in this playlist. Artists such as BANKS, Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper, Skizzy Mars, G-Eazy, Kevin Abstract, Milky Chance, Sam Smith, Zhu, and Young The Giant have multiple appearances while Skizzy Mars has the most. Safe to say 2015 is Skizzy’s for the taking? I know I’m most looking forward to him and Chance (he had a relatively quiet year) the most!

Here’s how we did the playlist this year:

  • There’s a Spotify and Sound Cloud playlist
  • Not all of the songs are on Sound Cloud
  • Not all of the songs are on Spotify
  • The following download links below are the tracks that aren’t on Spotify so you can upload them in your Spotify with ease
  • Part 1 contains tracks 1-34 while part 2 contains tracks 35-69
  • The Leftovers Track List: 1-26, 27-52, 53-69
  • Hit the jump for the playlists

The Leftovers Part 1 Download | The Leftovers Part 2 Download

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Best New Songs of October 2014


So it’s November 1st. Let us take a couple things into consideration here:

  1. Last night was Halloween. I hope you stayed safe, had fun, and had a great costume!
  2.  For those unaware, Halloween might be over, but it’s still Saturday. So repeat the above.
  3.  You’re probably hungover, so here’s some music to relax too
  4. In a parallel universe, there was a Halloween party with all of you, and all of us at Sunset, and we danced, and we cried, and we laughed, and had a really, really, really, good time.
  5. Playlist and download link below!

Download Best New Songs of October 2014

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Best of July 2014


Man, oh man was July a hot month for music! I’ve talked with several of our writers and we all agree: this was one hard month to pick songs for! Fortunately for you and me, we did it. 23 songs put together in a convenient playlist, ranging from a bunch of different genres. Happy August everyone!

Download Best of July 2014

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Best of June 2014


The U.S. might’ve lost against The Waffles yesterday, but that won’t stop us from celebrating our independence day this Friday! To those who have plans to get drunk and run wild, or to those who prefer to have a glass of wine and enjoy fireworks with your loved one (or do both at the same damn time), enjoy your weekend and freedom. Why? Because this is America and it is our duty as writers to serve you with an awesome playlist filled with June’s best music for your holiday weekend. God, I’m so emotional right now.

Download Best of June 2014

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Introducing Zola Blood With New Single Grace


Have you ever walked aimlessly throughout the night with no intention of going anywhere, just continuously walking, like your mind is running a million miles a minute, but yet your body is moving slow? No? I haven’t either, but I’d imagine this is what It would feel like. With haunting vocals and an ambient backdrop, Zola Blood releases his debut single to the world, Grace. The information we have on Zola Blood is limited. For example, he has 27 likes on his Facebook page, that he is signed to a label (Pond Life Songs), and details of his debut EP are on the way, but for now, this will do because this is good. Very good.

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Top 100 Songs of 2014 So Far


It’s already been six months into 2014, and that’s just weird. So weird that we had to tell you our top 100 songs from the last six months. All of them are compiled into one giant SoundCloud playlist with over 5 hours of tunes to fill your ears with. No particular order. Special shoutout to our writers for helping me put this together, and to our readers that are on this page checking out our picks. Y’all are awesome!

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YOUTH – Low (Fever Trails Remix)


If this isn’t one of the trippiest song you’ve heard in a while, then please hit me up on Twitter and show me trippier.

This is a YOUTH song, but the focus is on Fever Trails, a 24 year old South African electronic producer who creates ambient music that’s meant to be listened to with a careful ear as opposed to something on the dance floor. I can almost guarantee this will be on 2015′s 4/20 mixtape.

Again, please try to find something trippier. Juicy J doesn’t count.

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Check out ZHU’s EP + ODESZA Remix of Faded


ODESZA just gave ZHU’s Faded the remix treatment, and it’s craaaaaaazy. Definitely a 180 switch from ZHU’s original work. Both are great, and should be equally enjoyed. Below is the original, and the remix for comparison.

Below are the remaining tracks off of his stellar debut EP, Nightday.

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Lana Del Rey – West Coast (ZHU Remix)


Man, ZHU drops another banger remixing Lana Del Rey’s latest, West Coast. With his dark-ish style, ZHU gives it his own twist. At some point in the near future, I would like to go to a bar/club, and only have ZHU music be played because that’s what sounds like a good night. You know? A faded night.

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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

5 Best Dance

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.”
George Carlin

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Womp Womp Wednesday


The most jam-packed edition of Womp Womp Wednesday to date – From Nero, Diplo, Skrillex, and A-trak to Ayobi, Robot Dentist , Artec, Kasbo, and plenty more.. This 17-track feature has several names you may recognize and several names you will want to recognize! One thing I can guarantee you will recognize.. is THE WOMP. Cheers!

question, comments, feedback, or if you want a track considered for this weekly feature – contact me @br00d

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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week

5 Best Dance

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”
- Alan Watts

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