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Eddy B & Tim Gunter – Tomorrow

Tomorrow Eddy B Tim Gunter

I’ve been waiting for Eddy B & Tim Gunter to release something like this for a while now. These guys started off remixing hit tracks, but over time they’ve been able to carve out their own sound, and today’s release is the best I’ve heard from them. My favorite parts are when it’s just the piano, a light beat, and Eddy’s singing harmonized to make a beautiful collection of noises. It’s also got the story that I’ve been hoping these guys would tell – listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear a lot about Eddy’s personal life rather than their stance in the industry, which many young players stick to these days. I appreciate you guys opening up to the world and letting us into your atmosphere. Playing this one on repeat!

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Eddy B & Tim Gunter – All Alone

all alone eddy b tim gunter

This track is the one that is making me think Eddy B & Tim Gunter can take it to the next level. Aside from a unique voice and pronunciations, Eddy B cuts a clear path for himself with his lyrics on this incredibly well-produced instrumental by Tim Gunter. Something about artists talking about how lonely it can be in the grind resonates with me. It’s disconcerting sometimes that chasing a dream can isolate you so much, but it’s evidence of the true passion when somebody drops everything they have to reach their goals. From what I see of Eddy B’s tweets and Facebook statuses, I can tell that this kid is constantly working. Do your thing, Eddy. You’re showing clear improvements on this track, and I’m excited to hear what’s next to come.

All Alone – Eddy B & Tim Gunter by Eddy B & Tim Gunter

Eddy B & Tim Gunter || Facebook | Eddy B Twitter | Tim Gunter Twitter

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Eddy B & Tim Gunter – Time Will Only Tell (ft. Young Prince)

Time Will Only Tell ft. Young Prince by tlgunter

Eddy B & Tim Gunter have dropped a new track with Young Prince. Do you know how happy this makes me? Something tells me I might have had something to do with this little collaboration. After hosting a poll where people were asked to vote if they’d rather see Eddy B & Tim Gunter or Young Prince as the first opening act for the latest Sunset in the Rearview concert, we surprised guests by bringing both onto the stage. Now, almost a month later, we’re seeing a song out of these three guys. And I might say, this is the best I’ve heard from Eddy B & Tim Gunter yet. They really just took it to a new level. Great back and forth on the verses from Eddy B and Young Prince.

Artwork credit: Kareena Detwiler

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Live: Hoodie Allen (100Bands Review #48)

What’s Left: 166 Days. 52 Bands.
Band #48: Hoodie Allen

When/Where: February 24th, Motorco Music Hall, Durham, NC
Expectations: [Like I said with Eddy B & Tim Gunter and Anthem, I put on this show, so of course I am biased and had high expectations. That being said, though, I’m going to give my best shot at an honest critique.]

Hoodie Allen has been a favorite at Sunset in the Rearview for quite a long time now. I’m a huge fan of his music and held incredibly high expectations for high energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Concert: After two strong openers in Eddy B & Tim Gunter and Anthem, Hoodie and his producer RJF took the stage and the crowd went wild. The venue is very big, so unfortunately the room wasn’t completely packed, but it seemed that everybody in the room was itching to get as close to the stage as possible. Hoodie seems to have die hards in all corners of the country; there were people in the audience singing along to every single word that came out of Hoodie’s mouth. The one time when these fans couldn’t sing along, of course, was when Hoodie broke out into a freestyle about Durham and the surrounding areas in North Carolina. The crowd seemed to love that.

Much to my surprise, “You Are Not A Robot” was not his closer. He did, though, seem to go through the majority of his songs, including his (at the time) latest single, “Dreams Up.” Hoodie did indeed bring energy and excitement, though I still believe there is room for him to grow and expand to really maintain a level of excitement for not only the die hards, but for the naysayers as well. I think it’ll come in the form of more unexpected things like impressive freestyles and a wider array of dance moves, but again…let’s just remember that Hoodie is only getting started. I truly believe that he’s got a long career ahead of him.

Concert Afterglow: I was singing Hoodie Allen songs for days. I had a ball, and I think Hoodie will continue to progress and I will soon be begging to see him live again.

Recommendation: Check out Hoodie Allen live. It is certainly a fun show. Something tells me his cult following hasn’t expanded into the South quite as much yet, so you might see a better show in the North, but I’m doing my best to change that!

Song: ”Dreams Up” – Hoodie Allen

Dreams Up by HoodieAllen

Written by Lydia

*Photography Credit: Ambrielle Moore

Did you know that Sunset in the Rearview writers are trying to see and review 100 live shows in 365 days? Read More about 100Bands and See Our Other Reviews.

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Live: Eddy B & Tim Gunter (100Bands Review #45)

What’s Left: 187 Days. 55 Bands.
Band #45: Eddy B & Tim Gunter

When/Where: February 24th, Motorco Music Hall, Durham, NC

Expectations: A young local hip hop group, but I expect them to rally their local fans with energy and popular songs remixed into hip hop songs.

Concert: Let me start with a disclaimer. I will add this on to every act that I saw on this night, to be fair. I put on this show, so of course I think the concert rocked. That being said, though, I’m going to give my best shot at honest critiquing. Eddy B & Tim Gunter did indeed bring out a local crowd. I’m not sure there are many concerts that start at 8 that see a wave of people come for the first opener and then leave, but these two guys were the cause of that on Thursday night. It’s easy to see that they’ve got a local following. They were both super excited for the show and anxious to get on the stage. After hearing the giddiness straight from their mouths, I wish they were able to rowdy up the crowd even a bit more than they did, but I’ll admit, it’s tough getting a crowd going at a hip hop show, particularly when you’re the first set and some people in the room don’t know your music. They were good, though. Eddy had people waving their arms around in the air, and I was actually incredibly impressed by Tim’s ability to get the crowd going despite being the guy behind the computer at the back of the stage. These two were fun to watch, and it was clear that the crowd liked them, as the second they stepped off stage people were chanting “Eddy B! Eddy B! Eddy B!”

Also of note: Eddy B & Tim Gunter asked me if they could bring a surprise guest on stage for the last song. I asked who it was, and when they said Young Prince, I immediately said yes. Aside from simply being a fan of YP’s music, I had seen footage of him performing and knew that it would be a sight to see. Sure enough, it was. Young Prince has the incredible talent of getting a crowd going by simply his demeanor and movements on stage. I loved seeing him perform, and his Ghostbusters sweater might have been one of the highlights of my night.

Concert Afterglow: I think these guys have room to improve, in that they can continue to release original music rather than simply remixes of popular songs, but that’s certainly a starting point, and as we hear more original tracks from them, I wouldn’t be surprised if their names made it beyond North Carolina.

Recommendation: Check out their song “Fall From A Cloud.”

Song: “Fall From A Cloud” – Eddy B & Tim Gunter

Written by Lydia

Did you know that Sunset in the Rearview writers are trying to see and review 100 live shows in 365 days? Read More about 100Bands and See Our Other Reviews.

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Hoodie Allen – You Are Not A Robot (Music Video)

In case you were unaware, Sunset in the Rearview is hosting a show in Durham NEXT THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH featuring this same Hoodie Allen (as well as openers Anthem and Eddy B & Tim Gunter). More info on the show and how to buy tickets here. It should be a blast and tickets are selling quickly, so be sure to get yours!

This music video for Hoodie Allen’s “You Are Not A Robot” is amusing. It’s a little different than I expected, because really with everything he does, Hoodie goes hard. He approaches music with a strong business point of view, and he really passionately gives it all he’s got. But with this video he seems to have taken the totally DIY route. I’m okay with that! I think that’s actually pretty admirable for a come-up artist. But I thought there might be a bit more of a storyline or plot in the video. But hey, like I said, it’s amusing, I respect DIY things, and I pretty much like all things Hoodie. Plus, this song will never get old for me. Oh and shout out to his producer, RJF, who made a cameo in the Santa hat.

Links. Important ones:

Buy tickets to the Hoodie Allen concert 2/24 in Durham
Download a free Hoodie Allen, Anthem, Eddy B & Tim Gunter Promo Mixtape
RSVP to Hoodie Concert on Facebook
Become a fan of Hoodie Allen on Facebook
Follow Hoodie Allen on Twitter

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Sunset in the Rearview Presents: Hoodie Allen, Anthem, Eddy B & Tim Gunter Promo Pack

Less than two weeks until Sunset in the Rearview’s second-ever concert featuring Hoodie Allen, Anthem, and Eddy B & Tim Gunter! To get everybody excited for the show, I’ve put together a little promo pack with 4 songs from each artist/group. I can go ahead and say right now that even if you can’t make it to the show, you’re going to want to download this little mixtape.

If you’re in North Carolina (heck, if you’re in the United States!), details for the show are as follows:

February 24th, 8:00 PM at Motorco Music Hall
723 Rigsbee Avenue
Durham, NC 27701
Tickets: $12 in advance, $15 at the door


Download Mixtape

Continue Reading for Tracklisting Continue reading “Sunset in the Rearview Presents: Hoodie Allen, Anthem, Eddy B & Tim Gunter Promo Pack” »

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