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[Mixtape] The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence

Rumors have been buzzing around lately. There were whispers claiming that we would get our hands on the final piece of The Weeknd‘s trilogy, Echoes of Silence, sometime this week. Earlier tonight, Abel Tesfaye confirmed this himself when he tweeted, “please stay tuned.” When he finally posted a link to his site, the servers quickly crashed. Thankfully, he tweeted out the Hulkshare link a few minutes later. I’ll post an update with some tracks when I run through the tape a couple times. Until then…


UPDATE: Holy fuck. I’ve only listened to the first track so far, but The Weeknd may have just cemented himself as the best Canadian crooner right now (sorry Drizzy, Bieber) with this cover of “Dirty Diana.” I’d say it’s pretty damn hard to sonically fill the King of Pop’s shoes, but this ode to the late great Michael Jackson is spot on.


UPDATE 2: After my first run through of the tape, here’s a couple standouts from EOS.

Well baby I’ve been alone for almost all my life, /
what makes you think that you could ever do me right? /
You’re the same old song

“Same Old Song”

“XO / The Host”

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