Dvsn – Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye Cover)

The OVO Sound signed duo seem to be on fire these days. They released their sensual r&b debut album SEPT. 5TH merely a week ago and they aren’t stopping there. Although that album alone could keep Dvsn fans satisfied for a while, they’ve still taken their turn at creating covers of some of the classic rhythm and blues tracks of our time. Last week it was Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” and this time, it’s Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” (possibly the most classic you can get with r&b music). Dvsn’s rendition has that vibe we’ve come to love from the duo, smooth and mysterious, but it still has that shining bit of Marvin Gaye to keep things respectful. Check out the sexy cover of one of the sexiest classics below.

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[Sunset Mixtape] Candy Hearts and Sounds : Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day usually has the following effects on people: you’re ready to shower your significant other with lovin’, you’re drowning yourself in the finest wines and chocolates, or this day simply doesn’t exist in your mind (sorry, Hallmark). Whatever category you may be in, there’s simply no saying no to a good dose of heartfelt music. This Valentine’s Day Edition mixtape has a dose of sexy, sweet, and just about anything to make you feel those love butterflies for someone else (or your own fabulous self). Whether you’re into being serenaded by the r&b smoothness of Miguel or just need a hip-hop love declaration from Mick Jenkins, this mix will give it all to you. Listen to all the love-filled sounds below and give your Valentine’s Day weekend those extra feels.

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