I don’t reblog many people’s posts on this site, but I caught this one today and Jimmy from Head Underwater is right, this is a classic. Everybody needs to be familiar with this song. Still standing by my thoughts that Lissie is a modern-day Stevie Nicks.


Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

One of the greatest make-out songs of all time.

Sometimes I gotta keep it real on this site. I need to educate the masses about the classics. Not those classics where you go “Hey listen to this old school jam!” and they play Missy Elliot. I’m talking before most of you (including myself) were born type classics. Even though recorded in 1977, I feel like this song is and still should be relevant. It’s been covered and covered again by acts like Ryan Adams, the Morning Benders, Tori Amos and Fleet Foxes.

It’s such a basic song if you think about it, but the layering of 4-5 parts with Stevie Nicks’ voice is the reason to why I made the claim I did starting this post off.

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“Dreams” – Passion Pit (The Cranberries Cover)

OMG. I don’t say that term. But this is deserving of a flat out OMG. The Cranberries were my FAVORITE band growing up. Put it this way-I didn’t listen to Raffi. I listened to The Cranberries. Passion Pit, who apparently have been covering this song at a ton of their concerts, decided to record this in a studio and feature it on their reissue of their album, Manners. It’s crazy that dudes can sing this song just about as well as Delores can! Now, I must say, it would have been crazy to have been at a Passion Pit concert and to be surprised by this cover, since I love this song so much, but meh…it’s cool. I’m just glad to have heard this. Thanks, Passion Pit, for bringing back some GREAT memories!

Download “Dreams”

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