Draper – Break Over You (ft. Prides)

​The last Draper song we covered was “Home,” a soulful, melancholy record about seeking belonging bolstered by meticulous production.

His latest, “Break Over You,” is equally impressive, but it operates on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum. This new track is built around massive, sugary synths and booming, ’80s-inspired percussion.

“‘Break Over You’ is about going all in, no holds barred,” Draper said of the track. “I’ve pushed myself to be more bold with my writing and I’m at my most confident point creatively.”

“Going all in” is certainly the right way to describe the new single, which is reminiscent of maximalist electronic artists like Passion Pit or M83. Singer Prides only adds that sense of commitment and freedom with his passionate vocals.

“Break Over You” is another testament to Draper’s ability to craft songs, and between this and “Home” it’s clear he’s a versatile talent capable of capturing many moods.

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Draper – Home (ft. Abi Ocia)

The beauty of music’s SoundCloud age is that behind-the-scenes talent doesn’t have to exist in anonymity. British producer Draper has carved out a stellar career working with the likes of Iggy Azalea, Lapsley, and Rita Ora, but his instrumentals are so lush and fine-tuned that he’s smartly bringing them into the spotlight with his solo career.

“Home” is his second single in the last few months, and it brilliantly uses space and vocal chops to cultivate a sense of moody placelessness. Singer Abi Ocia may not have the name recognition of Draper’s previous collaborators, but her delicate, yearning voice is a perfect compliment to his production.

While some electronic producers coast if they’re working in more traditional song structure, Draper packs every bar of “Home” with new and exciting quirks: a synth blip here, a distant vocal run there.

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