ODi – One in a Million

ODi on Sunset in the Rearview

One In A Million by ODi

I’ve never been a big fan of folk music, but I am now a big fan of Irish songstress ODi. At the start of the song, the drawl of the guitar and the stomping beat and clap sound like something right out of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. When ODi’s voice comes in, the song really starts having a cool feel to it.  She has a beautiful voice, and the lyrics are really powerful as well. “Found myself down by the water/ Found myself down by the sea/ Trying to feel what I ought to feel/ But nothing’s coming to me.”

A varied array of strings help compliment her voice and the guitar, and the violin and cello (I think cello?) add a very cool element to the song.  I’m not sure why I feel this way, but I think this is the kind of song that is featured in a movie when you find yourself thinking, “This song is perfect right now.” I was very impressed by ODi on this song, and think you will be just as big a fan of this song as I am. I’m excited to see where ODi’s career goes from this point, as she certainly has a whole lot of talent. As a Irishman by heritage, I’m glad to bring some Irish folk to Sunset!

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“Am I Wrong” – QuESt

I believe I was traveling when this song was released…to think I nearly missed the chance to post a song by one of my favorite hip hop artists of the past 2 years. This beat is downright spectacular, and as always, QuESt brings his all – his emotions, his mastery of rhyming, his story. He’s honest, he’s real, he’s personable…I love finding this in hip hop. He’s not rapping about the gold on his wrist or the shooting in front of his building. Listen carefully, he’s got a lot to say. Oh, and this kid is only 19 years old.

Download “Am I Wrong”

BONUS: Another new joint from QuESt: “Everybody Has A Story”

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