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Childish Gambino – Bonfire (Snippet)

Childish Gambino – Bonfire

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, a favorite here at SITR, has unfortunately pushed his upcoming album, “Camp,” back until November 2nd.  Now signed to Glassnote Records (Phoenix, Mumford & Sons), it’s safe to say that my expectations for this album are huge.

Hey debuted this album at the Bowery Ballroom the other day, but here’s a fuller, studio snippet.

Nonetheless, a little disappointed by this leaked snippet.  He definitely is still on point with the word play and double entendres, but it sounds like he’s trying to imitate Tyler with his rap voice to some extent. Just doesn’t land. I dunno, seems off to me.

November 2nd, though…I don’t think that will disappoint. Getting excited to see what he and his team come up with.

Download “Bonfire

Vodka for my ladies, whiskey for a grown man

Hangin in the islands looking for Earl like toe jam

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[Video] Childish Gambino – Break (All of the Lights)

So Childish Gambino is unreal. Period. Donald Glover? AKA Dong Lover?

Yeah. He runs shit. For some reason, we’ve posted this song twice. Now, my boy Sperry over at It’s The Bino releases a dope video of Donald performing his remake of Ye’s All of the Lights live in NYC, and Gambino absolutely kills it. Of course this is going to be posted–we love Gambino at SITR.


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Childish Gambino – Break (All of the Lights)

Break (AOTL) by Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino haters, are you hearing this? Still willing to say this kid can’t spit? Here’s a remix of Kanye West’s “All of the Lights.” Favorite line from the song: “I’m heading west like I’m fucking blowing Kanye.” Tell me it doesn’t take balls to say that in a song these days. Only other people I can imagine saying that are Lil B and Tyler, the Creator.

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Childish Gambino – The EP

Freaks and Geeks EP

Childish Gambino is here to stay. When I first listened to “Freaks and Geeks,” I was thinking to myself, ‘ugh, this guy’s voice is too much.’ It wasn’t long before I realized that his voice is actually rather enjoyable because he gives it all in his raps. I love it when you can hear the voice actually working. Childish Gambino does that, and another great example is Lupe Fiasco. When both of these guys rap, you can hear them straining their voices and taking deep breaths between lines. Anyway, that’s just a minor detail. What matters with Childish Gambino is that he can spit like a boss and he’s incredibly intelligent. I sometimes worry with EPs that since they’re a mini-release, they’ll just be a couple studio sessions thrown together and wont amount to much. Lately I’ve been proved wrong; first Gorilla Warfare Tactics released a killer EP and now Childish Gambino has blown me away. I have not one ounce of regret for choosing Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, as one of the three Sunset artists of the month.

“Lights Turned On” – Childish Gambino

Download Childish Gambino – The EP

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Artists on the Dashboard

As a music blogger, I feel that it is my duty to keep all of you aware of the up-and-coming artists in the industry. The list of rising stars, the up-at-bats, the talent on deck, if you will. So started the monthly feature on Sunset in the Rearview called Artists on the Dashboard, which shines light on three artists to keep on your radar for the month; artists who have shown the talent, the drive, and the willpower to be a star. Keep your eye out for these features, and next thing you know, your friend will be telling you about this amazing new artist, and you’ll be able to say, ‘Dude…I knew about them almost a year ago.’ No more worrying about taking the time to seem cool, we’ll do all of the work for you. Check back every month to see which three artists made the cut.

2011 has been churning out some killer artists. I’ve been posting a lot of hip hop music, because that genre is really throwing some curveballs my way. Two curveballs are included in this episode of Artists on the Dashboard. All together, this month I present to you Childish GambinoJ Roddy Walston and the Business, and Odd Future (aka OFWGKTA).

Continue reading for more information on the artists and free MP3 samples Continue reading “Artists on the Dashboard” »

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Childish Gambino [INTRODUCTION]

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino. Donald Glover. Comedian. Actor. Rapper. Singer. All of those words can be used interchangeably when describing this new presence in the indie hip hop world. Let’s stick to Childish Gambino for now. Anyway, I heard about this kid a little while back and was confused. Who was he? It didn’t get much clearer when I went to listen to his music. In some songs, he seemed to be a singer. Then “Freeks and Geeks” came along and BOOM. This dude is a rapper! And he’s not joking around! Seriously. Listen to what he has to say on “Freeks and Geeks” and tell me he’s not intelligent or able to rip you apart with a 26-letter-vault. I hereby introduce you to the lyrical murderer named…well, he’s named a lot of things, but like I said, we’ll call him Childish Gambino. Shout out to my friends Chris and Marc for the heads up on CG.

“Freeks and Geeks” – Childish Gambino

“These Girls” (ft. Garfunkel and Oates) – Childish Gambino

(To download the tracks, right click and save the linked file)

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